ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights Job Consultant: Tax and Legal Position, Indonesian

Job Description 
ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) is membership-based organisation of like-minded parliamentarians and ‘influential persons’ that represents regional responses, innovative means, and alternative solutions to address human rights concerns. Established in June 2013, APHR’s missions are to:
  • Respond to human rights issues in the region.
  • Oversee the compliance of states’ accountability, including its human rights institutions, to their human rights obligations.
  • Engage key actors including civil society and victims of human rights, and relevant bodies on human rights at the national, regional, and international level by holding an effective regular dialogue, and expanding influences with other parliamentarian members in ASEAN and beyond.
  • Strengthen the institutional capacity of APHR and its members.
APHR is based in Jakarta with satellite office in Bangkok. APHR currently employ five employees (3 staffs based in Jakarta and all of them are Indonesia citizen and 2 staffs based in Bangkok, 1 staff is British citizen and 1 staff is USA citizen). 

APHR intends to hire services of a Tax Consultant/ Advisor. The basic objective of this consultancy is to help APHR, compliance with the tax and legal requirements/obligations and amicable settlements of all Tax matters/disputes and accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles/ Practices (GAAP).

APHR offers a competitive consultancy fee and the consultant shall be reimbursed for all reasonable travelling and other business expenses actually and properly incurred by him/her in performing this consultancy

Job Requirements
The consultant should be an Indonesian citizen and familiar with tax policy in Indonesia and international tax policy and also GAAP and fluent in written and spoken English

The consultancy is expected to provide the following:
  • Tax consulting & calculation: 
    • Registering APHR Tax ID;
    • Dealing with relevant Tax Authorities if and when required;
    • Calculation of tax liability, ensuring compliance is completed speedily and efficiently, and submitting tax and associated documents by the appropriate deadlines;
    • Recording tax in the financial statements;
    • Calculation of net salaries for staffs based on the gross salaries;
    • Calculation of taxes and contributions for staffs in accordance with local laws;
    • Communicate with employees to explain tax issues and tax impact to their income;
    • Regulation of the registration and length of service with the local Invalid & Pension Insurance Fund authorities;
    • Regulation of the registration and health book validity with the local Health Insurance authorities;
    • Suggest ways that APHR can improve our tax procedures;
    • To extend related help/expert services to APHR not specifically stated above;
    • Others issues as and when arises out.
  • Legal advising: 
    • Legal assistance in the drawing up of employment contracts in accordance with local law and specific conditions of employment in relation to eventual discrepancies;
    • All other requests by the local authorities coming out of changing legislation and concerning the taxation, registration and social contributions of the employees;
    • Advising on current taxation regulations and employment legislation;
    • Advising and assistance in legal matters in arising conflicts except pleads in court cases;
    • Advising and assistance in work permit matters for non-Indonesian citizen employees.
How to Apply
Deadline for applications: 28th October 2016. We will be reviewing applications as they come in and may consider selecting a shortlist before the deadline, so we welcome early applications. Send your CV/resume and cover letter and portfolio to and cc with the subject heading “Application: Tax and Legal Consultancy Position”