SNV Netherlands Job Consultant: Analysis Of Land Suitability For Agroforestry - Province of Aceh

Term of Reference Analysis of land suitability for agroforestry development and  carbon sequestration areas in the province of Aceh
SNV Netherlands Development Organization

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Support to Aceh's Climate Change Response Project 

SNV, in collaboration with GIZ and AHT, is working on an EU funded project of Support to Aceh's Climate Change Response. The overall project objective is: "Aceh achieves its climate change response objectives in the LULUCF (Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry) sector through low carbon, resource efficiency, biodiversity and livelihoods optimal development planning and implementation". Activities are focused on building the capacity of the Government of Aceh (GoA) in its effort towards low-carbon/low-emission economic development. The project promotes sharing of lessons learned among other provinces, with experience on REDD+ and climate change mitigation strategies. At central level the project supports capacity building within the Directorate General of Climate Change Control (DGCC) at the MOEF as well as its "deconcentrated" regional office (Balai PPI) in Palembang, covering the whole of Sumatra, among other provinces, with experience on REDD+ and
Climate change mitigation strategies. 

The key strategy of this project is to generate best practices on optimal land use that enables Government of Aceh to achieve its GHG emission reduction targets and low carbon development. In the context of achieving its third result in promoting new investments and economic development initiatives compatible with low-carbon, biodiversity and livelihood concerns, it is strategically important to engage relevant actors to invest and develop viable economic activities linked to enhanced land use, sustainable land management and forest conservation. To that regard, dissemination of information on degraded lands suitability for plantation and agroforestry development in Aceh is needed.

The project will conduct analysis on land suitability for agroforestry commodities, including the recommendation of carbon sequestration areas for future investment and development. The indicative map for potential areas will also be provided.

Scope of works
To implement the project, SNV is recruiting for the position of Senior Consultant to conduct the advisory services that will carry out the following activities and deliver the below services and products to the team:
  • Develop approach and methods in consultation with the TA team and project partners 
  • Conduct collection and validation of spatial data through various source, technique, and method, such as Government (Central and Regional), visual and digital interpretation of satellite imagery, field survey
  • Conduct spatial analysis to identify suitability of potential location for agroforestry
  • Conduct spatial analysis to identify land suitability, potential areas for agroforestry development and their carbon sequestration potential
  • Conduct discussions with the Aceh Provincial government including BAPPEDA, Provincial Forestry Service, Agriculture Service, Land Agency to retrieve information and to share initial findings from the analysis
  • Conduct documentation and analysis of the results and produce draft report
  • Formulating recommendations to contribute to the implementation of Provincial REDD+ strategy as well as determining possible inputs for the future medium term development planning
  • Dissemination of findings and discussion with the project partners as agreed with the TA team
  • Finalise the report based on comments received and conduct final briefing.
The advisor is expected to submit a report covering:
  • Analysis of land suitability for agroforestry system
  • Carbon sequestration recommend areas for future investment and development
  • Indicative map for potential areas mentioned above
  • Recommendations for project partners connected to implementation of the REDD+ strategies and provincial spatial planning.
Timeframe The consultant's assignment will commence after 1st of October 2016, and ends before 15th December 2016, with a maximum number of up to 40 (forty) working days. The consultant will have 10 days for preparation/reading documents (home based), 20 working days in Aceh and 10 working days in Jakarta. 

The advisor will directly report to the Project Team Leader 

Candidate profile
  • University degree in one of the following fields: geography, natural resources management, forestry or any other related areas with GIS and land suitability analysis skill.
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in the field of GIS and land suitability analysis.
  • At least 5 years' research experience leading and managing review and evaluation processes in the context of International Development Cooperation preferably with different international donors.
  • Excellent coordination, management, data-analysis skills and track record of quality reporting in English.
  • In-depth understanding on REDD+, Indonesian forestry sector, local government structures and integrated local-level development planning is preferred.
  • Willingness to travel to Aceh to meet the project partners and beneficiaries.

How to apply?
Please send application letter directly addressing the candidate profile and CV (in English) to by 28 September 2016 at the latest with subject: "Consultant for Analysis of land suitability"