United In Diversity Job Vacancy: Learning Facilitator - Jakarta, Indonesian

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if our society placed more value on collective wellbeing rather than personal wealth? Or if we measured progress not by GDP growth but by happiness? How might we redesign our education system to value creativity as much as academic performance? Is there an alternative social and economic system that would produce an entirely different outcome than the path we are on at the moment? If these are the sort of questions that keep you up at night, or if you ever wished you were more personally involved in addressing these challenges, you may belong with us at UID!
United in Diversity (UID) is a nonprofit foundation based in Jakarta and founded in 2003 by Universitas Indonesia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Gajah Tunggal Group-Sinar Harapan. Our vision is to build trust for our common future, more specifically by promoting engagement and collaboration among Indonesia’s public, private, and civil society leaders. To achieve this vision, we believe education is a critical leverage point to transform our way of doing and being as a society, and that leadership quality is a key variable to put our attention to in order to realize a better future scenario. Therefore a key part of our strategy is to create learning programs that provide society leaders with a safe space that encourages and enables creativity, innovation, and profound transformation.
With the growing awareness for the need for sustainable changes globally and in Indonesia, we are seeing more demands for our services and more importantly, growing opportunities to make greater impact for societal transformation.  Therefore, we are currently seeking the right person to join our team to facilitate the learning journey of Indonesia’s future leaders.
As a Learning Facilitator, you are UID’s spearhead in our engagement with partners, clients, and learners. The objective of your role in the organization is to support UID’s vision by delivering a learning journey that provides profound and impactful experience, thus enabling the transformation of Self (participants), organization, and ultimately, society.
Position Role
Reporting to: Director of Education.
Working with: Senior & Junior Learning Facilitators, Program Officer, Learning Secretariat Support.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Design and deliver learning programs, not limited to:
    • Capture the needs and wants of clients and partners to be translated into relevant program design and strong proposal.
    • Work with the Learning Division Team to deliver high quality learning experience for the participants, not limited to:
      • Facilitate participants learning both during and in-between the workshop sessions.
      • Monitor the progress of learners by doing competence-based assessment practices.
      • Work with Program Officer and/or Junior Facilitator to ensure the timely production of high-quality post-workshop documents such as reports and learning albums.
      • Coordinate with Learning Secretariat support personnel to ensure timely delivery of programs’ logistics needs.
  • Support the management and administration of Learning Division activities, not limited to:
    • Communicate with Learning Division Manager on the progress of each program.
    • Develop and deploy participants’ learning assessments.
    • Develop and deploy quality assessments of Learning Division’s programs and facilitators.
    • Support the knowledge management of Learning Division by co-creating, producing, and updating a database of learning resources and materials.
    • Provide specified support to the marketing of Learning Division’s programs.
  • Is responsible for self-improvement of personal intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capacity, and developing the Head-Heart-Hands intelligence as a Learning Facilitator, not limited to:
    • The continued practice of the principles and philosophies embodied in UID’s Learning Programs.
    • Keeping current on national and global social, political, economic, and environmental issues.
    • Continued learning to understand various leadership and organizational change philosophies.
Educational Background
Bachelor's or Master’s Degree in Business Management, HR & Organizational Development/Psychology, or other relevant fields, complemented with significant personal or professional experience (see below).
Areas of Experiences & Interests
3-5 years working and social experience, preferably in project- or team-leading capacity, in Business, Government, or Civil Society sector. A keen interest in our most pressing societal, economic, and environmental issues is a must.
Possessing these skills gives you an advantage for thriving in the facilitator’s role at UID:
  • Capacity for deep listening.
  • Critical and analytical thinking, balanced by the ability to suspend judgment and cynicism.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Keen storytelling skill to communicate key messages in engaging way.
  • Ability to articulate abstract thinking and concepts clearly, both spoken and in writing.
  • Is comfortable in public engagement role.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Excellent managerial skill to ensure the quality of overall team performance.
  • Computer, Internet, and social media literacy.
  • Coordination and communication skills to work well as a team.
  • Discipline to self-motivate and accomplish goals with minimum supervision.
  • Creative visual design skills, or strong research and writing skills, is a plus.
Attitude & Character
Having listed the above, we are fully aware that your attitude and character are just as important as your skills, as these will allow you to grow and learn with UID's needs. In alignment with our values and organizational culture, we seek and celebrate individuals who possess the following qualities:
  • High integrity and strives for excellence.
  • Demonstrates growth mindset:
    • Loves challenges,
    • Eager to learn,
    • Open to feedback & criticism,
    • Learns and bounces back from mistakes.
  • Driven by a sense of service, passion, and purpose for a larger cause.
  • Strong intellectual and philosophical curiosity.
  • Warm, open, and authentic.
  • Respects and embraces diversity.
  • Non-transactional attitude.
  • Innovative and resourceful; open to and embraces change.

Salary and application:
Salary is commensurate with experience. To start with, we offer a 12-month contract with excellent benefits. To apply, simply send your CV and cover letter to BOTH of these addresses: sri.muliati@unitedindiversity.org and cokorda.dewi@unitedindiversity.org before 30 November 2016. Please include “Fulltime Learning Facilitator” in the subject line. We will contact only those candidates whose profile meet our needs. 

-Shobi Lawalata
Learning Division Manager
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Jakarta 10220
Phone : +62 21 570 1208
Fax   : +62 21 570 9030 
(please call to confirm after sending a facsimile)