Farsight Services Limited Job Vacancy: Research Coordinator - Myanmar

A full-time position coordinating and reporting on fieldwork research projects in Myanmar. This is most suitable for someone with at least 3 years of experience combining fieldwork data collection, analysis and report-writing for international audiences. You will be based in Myanmar and play a key role developing our mission to deliver social impact in the country.
– Application deadline: 29 November 2016 –
Job description
We have been implementing projects in Myanmar for the past two years. We are recruiting a Research Coordinator to anchor our program development in Myanmar by providing insights and evidence to guide us and our donors. We are expanding in Myanmar and intend this role to develop with us as we do so.
The ideal candidate will be motivated by achieving social impact. You will combine Farsight’s comparative advantages with needs in Myanmar. This means working with our Program Managers to develop research projects, executing these and producing publications suitable for external stakeholders. Beneficiaries of your work include international organizations, national governments and civil society. You will be capable of delivering finished products for these stakeholders with minimal quality control interventions from your colleagues.
Your primary responsibilities are to:
  • Work with our Program Managers to design research projects, contributing your expertise and liaising with international and local stakeholders to define purposes and methods.
  • Develop research plans and budgets.
  • Recruit and support personnel to assist research project implementation.
  • Lead development of data collection tools, such as survey questionnaires.
  • Lead writing of analytical reports.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations of findings, for example via our website, through publications or in person.