Coptic Orphans Job Vacancy: Donor Relations Director, Washington, D.C. - USA

Donor Relations Director, Washington, D.C.

Purpose of the Position:
The Donor Relations Director is a fundraising and development expert who maintains superb relationships with existing Coptic Orphans donors and effectively cultivates new donors and partners.  The primary goal of the position is to strategically plan and direct Coptic Orphans' development and fundraising work over the long and short terms; design and implement initiatives and activities in the U.S. headquarters; and coordinate development and donor relations strategies across all Coptic Orphans offices.

The Donor Relations Director oversees donor relations plans for the organization overall, in coordination with the country directors. He/she is directly responsible for managing the U.S. donor relations staff, ensuring that they effectively communicate the mission and work of Coptic Orphans as they build close relationships with current stakeholders and cultivate future supporters.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Create comprehensive strategic plan for fund development efforts, including new and innovative development and fundraising strategies that target all levels and types of long- and short-term fundraising, in order to ensure sustainable funding streams for programs’ continuity and expansion.
  • Propose new initiatives using all new and existing ideas, and make recommendations for long-range planning and strategic directions based on analysis, research, and studies to expand and improve how Coptic Orphans currently raises funds.
  • Network with donors, partners, and other organizations to promote Coptic Orphans' cause and mission.
  • Set, monitor, and ensure achievement of annual fundraising goals and long-range development targets in close collaboration with the Communications Director.
  • Identify and cultivate potential donors and stakeholders to engage and involve them, positioning the organization for continued sustainable funding streams.
  • Effectively manage donor relations staff and functions in the U.S. headquarters and provide guidance to donor relations staff in all country offices.
  • Collaborate with country office directors to assist with strategies for reaching the organization’s global fundraising goals.
  • Plan, design, organize, and manage fundraising activities, such as events, dinners, presentations, outreach campaigns, and other means of development and fundraising to reach set goals and targets.
  • Coordinate and facilitate fundraising and development events across country offices.
  • Research and ensure that "matching gift" and similar programs boost Coptic Orphans' funding.
  • Direct processes associated with fundraising and sponsorship; coordinate and promote the sponsorship program for all offices, including housing appeals. Establish, document, and implement relevant policies and procedures to ensure consistent application across all offices.
  • Facilitate the implementation of sponsorship processes in Egypt. Oversee sponsorship correspondence and the maintenance and updating of the sponsor manual and welcome packet; oversee the coordination of U.S. sponsor visits.
  • Oversee all relevant database files for donors and children (including address and gift entries updates, child gifts, special requests, credit card and direct debit donation changes and updates) to ensure records contain accurate and up-to-date information.  Manage donors’ requests and inquiries. 
Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Supervise, direct, and manage the Donor Relations Manager(s) and Associates in the United States, and oversee donor relations functions in all country offices.
  • Ensure conducive, productive, and healthy work environment for subordinates, and collaborative, cooperative, and effective interactions with other departments and country offices.
Required Education, Experience, Knowledge and Skills

  • BA or MA with focus in public relations, human development, marketing, or other closely related field with 10 years of professional experience to include 5 years in development, fundraising, and/or marketing.
  • Ability to eloquently and effectively communicate in verbal and written forms to reach multiple audiences.  Outstanding communication skills, including public speaking and presentation skills, a must.
  • Fluency and mastery of the Arabic and English languages is a must.
  • Ability to work effectively with various ranks in the Church hierarchy and with diaspora members.
  • Effective and dynamic managerial and supervisory skills.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills: energetic, dynamic, pleasantly outspoken,  and charismatic personality to engage diverse audiences.
  • Ability to communicate passion for Coptic Orphans' mission to the world.
Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Develop, monitor, and manage department budgets.
  • Communicate with finance, operations, and IS departments regarding financial goals, donation receipts, donors’ bank activities, credit card processes, and other fiscal matters.
  • Exhibit fiscal responsibility and thorough examination of expenses related to donor relations.
Extent of Public Contact (within and outside the organization)

  • Very extensive public contact with external stakeholders including donors and sponsors, various ranks of clergy and Coptic community leaders, government officials, and other organizations.
Physical Demands (walking, lifting, carrying, etc.)

  • Limited to typical office environment work; walking, standing, sitting, typing, answering phone, and occasional lifting of boxes and luggage.
Working Conditions and Environment

  • Required to work long hours, weekends, and off-schedule as necessary to reach target audiences when they are available.
  • Extensive domestic travel, and some international travel.
Job email Id: khadley(at)
Closing Date: 07 January 2017