Frankfurt Zoological Society Job Consultant for Developing Standard Operating Procedures, Jambi - Indonesian

Expression of Interest (CONSULTANT OPPORTUNITY)

FRANKFURT ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY (FZS) is an international conservation organization based in Frankfurt, Germany. Founded by Prof. Bernhard Grzimek, FZS is committed to preserving wildlands and biological diversity in the last remaining wilderness areas on the planet. FZS leads and supports about 40 projects in 19 countries. In Indonesia, FZS has been working directly or through local partners since 2001, and FZS is officially working through a local foundation named YAYASAN KONSERVASI EKOSISTEM HUTAN SUMATERA (KEHUS) since it was founded in March 2014.

Position Title: Consultant for Developing Standard Operating Procedures

Location: Jambi, Indonesia

Period of assignment: A total of 3 weeks working period (Maximum 2 weeks drafting, and 1 week finalization).

Consultancy rate: Based on experience and planning. Please state the lump sum amount of fee*

*Flight ticket and accommodation will be arranged by FZS

The Objective is to develop written Standard Operating Procedures for all Operations, including Finance, Accounting, Procurement, Human Resources and Field Administration of FZS Indonesia (YAYASAN KEHUS) in order to improve the quality and standard of work.

Scope of Work and Expected Outputs:
  • Collect, review and analyze all necessary information and documents to fully understand activities, business process and administrative framework of FZS (Yayasan KEHUS) in Indonesia.
  • Documentation and analysis of current practice, advise necessary improvement in accordance with international standard operations and Indonesian necessary regulations.
  • Received Inputs from FZS management and related staffs.
  • Based on the process mentioned and in consultation with FZS Management, prepare a comprehensive lists of contents to be included in the SOP to ensure that all required contents are included.
  • Draft specific, detailed and practical steps of procedures and policies for FZS in Indonesia (YAYASAN KEHUS).
  • Produce a well-written and comprehensive SOP for FZS In Indonesia (YAYASAN KEHUS).

Expected Outputs and Deliverables:
  • Written Standard Operating Procedure for Finance, Accounting and Administration
  • Written Standard Operating Procedure for Procurement
  • Written Standard Operating Procedure for Human Resources
  • General Office Manual (If necessary)
Required Expertise and qualifications:
  • Having expertise of international standard operations and knowledge of Indonesian regulations.
  • Previous experience related to Finance, Accounting and Administration of Non Profit Organization will be an asset.
  • Previous experience as consultant for developing the Standard Operating Procedure will be an asset.
  • Previous experience of working with a financial or management consulting firm will be an asset.
  • Availability and willingness to travel to Jambi city, in Sumatera, Indonesia (for a minimum of 5 working days in Sumatera Office).
  • Individual or a small team may apply. However the transportation & accommodation cost will be covered for maximum of 2 persons.
Payment will be made in two installments of the following :
  • 30% upon signature of the contract;
  • 70% Final payment upon submission of the final outputs.
Application package:
  • A Proposal: A Letter of Interest stating he/she/team considers himself suitable for the assignment.
  • Adjusted schedule (timeline) taking into consideration time for transportation and for SOP Finalization.
  • Consultancy fee (lump sum fee).
  • Personal CV highlighting past experiences in similar tasks and/or relevant achievements.
Interested candidates should send their application package to:

Closing date: 10 January 2017.