Islamic Development Bank Job Consultants: Project Completion Report - Indonesian

Islamic Development Bank is looking for 2 (two) Short Term Consultants for Project Completion Report

Location: Indonesia
Duration: 15 days
Starting Date: 19 February 2017
Mission Days: 06 March 2017

  • The Education Division of the Human Development Department of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is seeking the services of two individual local consultants to assist IsDB to conduct a Project Completion Report (PCR) for the Quality Improvement of Padjadjaran University and Development and Quality Improvement of Semarang State University projects.
  • The service shall be performed within a period of (15) calendar days starting from the first day of the field mission to Indonesia on 19 February 2017 - where he/she will pursue the assignment until 06 March 2017, inclusive, or any other period as may be subsequently agreed by both parties in writing.
Objective(s) of the Assignment
  • Project Completion Reports (PCRs) is an essential form of self-assessment and constitutes the link between project management and evaluation. The PCR is a vital document that provides basic information on project implementation and draws lessons to be learnt by the Bank and the beneficiary in order to improve the design and performance of future projects. It constitutes the first step of the post evaluation exercise, a self-evaluation instrument that provides basic data against which the Bank may assess its progress over time and benchmark its performance against other financing institutions.  By and large, the PCR mainly aims at both showing concrete results to the IDB Management, Board and shareholders and at the same time accumulating knowledge within the Bank Group.
Duties: For each project, the consultant will:
  • Examine the following topics: Historical Background objectives and development of the project, Implementation performance (Contractors, consultants, supervision by both EA and IDB), Cost and related Financing Plan (as per original contract and actual), Performance rating (Overall, Project Objectives and Framework Dimensions, cost variation, adherence to time schedule, Institutional Performance , Output and Outcome Performance,  Sustainability and Preliminary Impacts,  Final Project outlook, Reporting and Deliverables during implementation, Follow-up of mid-term project reviews, Outstanding issues from the project, if any, and suggest on how to finalize them, Lessons of experience and Recommendations, Provision of photos of the completed project.
  • Collect from the Executing Agency (EA) all project-related quantitative data including those on results achieved with a view to shaping the completion review in close consultation with the EA and framing the conclusions within the broader strategic context.
  • Summarize the project log frame.  If a log frame does not exist, the consultant should design a table indicating the overall project development objective, the major components of the project and the main activities of each component and their expected outputs, outcomes, and indicators for measuring the achievement of outcomes.
  • The consultant will prepare a comprehensive project completion report.
Qualification Requirements

The applicant should have:
  • University degree in Education, Economics, Civil Engineer, Construction Management or related field.
  • Sound knowledge of the region and its education systems
  • At least 7 years’ experience in a related field and project works
  • Knowledge of English language is required.
Reporting Requirements and Time Schedule for Deliverables
  • The consultant will submit a comprehensive report (soft copies in both MS-Word and PDF formats) which will include the preparation findings.
  • The Consultant will have performed a desk review of the education sector documentation and other relevant and readily available documents/reports and data.
  • Provide an interim report for IDB’s review and comments.
  • Final report within 1 week of receiving the IsDB comments on the Draft Report. The Consultant shall incorporate IDB’s comments in the final version of the document.
For those who are interested and would like to receive the complete TOR, please send an email with your contact detail to: Deni Ahmad Fauzi ( & Abdi Moalin Abdullahi ( The deadline for the submission is Friday, 27 January 2017, COB.