KARINA Yogyakarta - CARITAS Job Vacancy: Advocacy Officer, Sikka - NTT, Indonesian

Term of Reference – KARINA Yogyakarta “Advocacy Officer” 

Position Title: Advocacy Officer
Department: KARINA Yogyakarta
Location: Sikka, NTT with possibe travel to Yogyakarta and Jakarta
Period: February – December 2017 with possibility of extension
Reports to/Line Manager KARINA Yogyakarta National Advocacy Specialist

KARINA (Caritas Indonesia) is the humanitarian arm of the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia based in East Jakarta and is officially considered as a member of the Caritas Internationalis confederation. Established in mid-2006, it recently completed its first strategic planning in early 2008. One of the results of the strategic planning is the identification of 3 (three) main divisions: Programs Division, Support Division and Total Quality Management Division. KARINA (Caritas Indonesia) acts as a coordinating and facilitating body for all the 37 Dioceses incorporated under the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia.

The Netherlands Red Cross, CARE Netherlands, Cordaid, Wetlands International and Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre have formed a global alliance to reduce the impact of hazards on vulnerable communities. We call ourselves the Partners for Resilience (PfR) and aim to support 750.000 to 1.000.000 people in 9 countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Uganda, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Indonesia, the Philippines and India. The five-partner organizations will collaborate on the intersection of Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystem Management and Restoration, through three strategic intervention areas: strengthening community resilience, civil society capacity building and policy dialogue at all levels. In Indonesia, the Partners for Resilience include: Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Netherlands Red Cross, CARE International Indonesia, Wetlands International Indonesia Programme (WIIP), KARINA, and The Red Cross Crescent Climate Centre. PfR in Indonesia (2011-2015) worked with 38 villages in Nusa Tenggara Timur.

In 2016, a program called Strategic Partnership is launched in Netherlands to follow up the achievement gained by Partner for Resilience program worldwide with the main agenda for Lobbying and Advocacy at all levels (District, Province and National). In line with the agenda of Strategic Partnership, in 2016 KARINA Yogyakarta seeks to increase policy influence emphasizing on: 

  • Promoting the integration of watershed management through landscape approach into village and district development plans, including district spatial plan in Nusa Tenggara Timur. This will be evidence brought to National level for wider influence on national development agenda, especially related to integrated risk management and building community resilience.
  • Focusing the national advocacy on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, especially for Goal 6, 11, and 13, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and resilient city and village. It will also promote best practices of those implementations at district/city level through channeling to local development planning and monitoring.
Position Scope of Work
Advocacy Officer will work to support the lobbying and advocacy activities conducted by partners in NTT and will report directly to KARINA Yogyakarta National Advocacy Specialist. He/She will work closely with National Advocacy Specialist and KARINA Yogyakarta Program Manager. He/She must also facilitates communication, positive influencing and fostering linkages between project supported interventions and District government’s plan and program.

Main Responsibilities

  • Support KARINA Yogyakarta project and its partners in planning and implementing advocacy and lobby strategies with local government and other actors
  • Maintain strong and positive relations with district (and provincial when needed) and other key actors, assure excellent understanding of local policy context and ensure recognition of opportunities are well communicated within the KARINA Yogyakarta team
Specific Functions

  • Identify advocacy and lobby opportunities, assess capacities, gaps, challenges at local level to provide KARINA Yogyakarta an advocacy and lobbying strategy during the implementation of the Strategic Partnership project
  • Assisting partners in preparing advocacy materials, communicating those with local governments, and together with partners conducting various advocacy activities to propose the project agenda into government policies
  • Document best practices and results of supporting communities and CSO to strengthen communication and engagement with local government and other actors on integrated risk management and impact on targeted policies and programs
  • Strategically building and maintaining relevant advocacy and lobby networks at local level, and channeling with partners to more effectively advocating the project agenda
  • Represent KARINA Yogyakarta and build good relations with local authorities and relevant organizations
  • Assist KARINA Yogyakarta partners to organize, implement, and facilitate workshops and events related to capacity building and advocacy activities at local level
  • Participate in KARINA Yogyakarta team coordination meetings 
  • Submit regular updates to the KARINA Yogyakarta Program Manager indicating updates, emerging results and challenges faced
  • Document project outputs in-line with Planning-Monitoring-Evaluation system and innovations, lessons and practices at local level to support advocacy and lobby efforts, and at project level as a basis of project development
Technical Qualification Required for “Advocacy Officer”

  • Experience of advocacy and lobby in the field of Integrated Risk Management with proven experience in working with communities, Civil Society Organizations, local and municipal government, and other key actors to facilitate effective communication as a basis of policy influencing
  • Knowledge and understanding of policy process, development planning procedure, and legislative procedure at local level
  • Have experience and show understanding of Integrated Risk Management (planning, budgeting and legislative process)
  • Good communication, documentation and writing skills, e.g. preparing policy briefs / articles and presentations
  • Experience working within and contributing to an M&E framework and the identification of innovation and opportunities

  • Deus Caritas Est, especially second part, about organized charity action.
  • Based on KARINA and Caritas Internationalis guiding values and principles.
  • Working in a team, internally with program staffs and working team from other institution.
  • Good planning and good implementation.
  • Participatory and communicative.
  • Efficient, accurate, supportive and responsible.
  • No corruption.
  • Accountable and transparent (have to appropriate with what had been spent and had been accepted, also show supportive evidence).
This position is Short Term Technical Consultant and will be based in Maumere, Sikka, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia with frequent travel to Yogyakarta and Jakarta. The contract period will be from February, 2017 to April 30, 2017 with a possible extension up to 31st December 2017 based on the performance. We offer you a competitive remuneration for this post.

Application, CV and contact details for 3 references should be submitted by e-mail to: karinajogja@yahoo.com at the latest January 31st 2017.