Engineers Without Border Job Vacancy: Major Relationships Lead - Melbourne, Australia

  • Take up a senior leadership role in an innovative, inclusive, dynamic not-for-profit
  • Generate true social & financial impact in a new role & team of strategic importance
  • Build meaningful partnerships to collectively catalyse the humanitarian engineering movement

About EWB
At EWB, we strongly believe that every engineer can be a change agent for a socially just and sustainable world. This belief drives EWB to lead a movement of like-minded individuals and companies working together to increase the social impact created by Australian and international engineers and their projects.

EWB’s way of working is different. We are fun, flat and flexible! EWB empowers our staff to make important strategic decisions, wear multiple hats across our core work areas, and play to their strengths whilst working within agile teams. If you are a self-driven high performer who wants to join an organisation that values innovation and people development, we’d love to hear from you.

About your role
The Major Relationships Lead is critical to EWB at an exciting stage of our growth and is core to strengthening EWB’s financial sustainability.

Applying your strong partnership brokering skills, fundraising experience, and action orientation; you’ll hit the ground running to build and deepen our major relationships; articulate EWB’s value proposition to these; and operationalise shared value, financially viable models as a result. Your strong relationships enable you to be strategic, yet pragmatic, about channelling funds into EWB. You have proven results in securing large-scale funds across multiple sectors and building shared value models that benefit all stakeholders involved.

In partnership with key staff, you’ll oversee how we shape our donor strategies and communications narrative, pinpointing our key audiences and ensuring our narratives to them are aligned to EWB’s vision, program strategies and sustainability principles.

You’ll coach a team who produce EWB’s communications content, coordinate fundraising campaigns and manage corporate partnerships. You’ll proactively engage EWB’s Board, leveraging their networks and expertise to deepen EWB’s corporate, philanthropic and major donor relationships impact. You’ll use your collaborative approach to integrate thoughtful business development opportunities and models into EWB’s program strategies.

In representing EWB at an external senior-level, you’ll compellingly articulate how we generate long-term collective impact with our partners.

You hold excellent philanthropic, corporate or major donor brokering experience and truly understand how an insightful communication strategy can extend our influence. You bring practical know-how of community sector fundraising; skillfully navigate across multiple sectors; have successfully curated new partnership opportunities from start to finish; and manage your people and partners with drive, sensitivity and pragmatism. Your engineering or related technical knowledge is a bonus, but not mandatory.

Your main responsibilities
Major relationships strategy development and donor stewardship (75%)

  • Scope, design and deliver EWB’s major donor and philanthropic engagement strategy, in close collaboration with EWB’s Board, staff and key stakeholders
  • Lead EWB’s achievement of its untied fundraising income target of $750 000 per year – via high-value major donors, philanthropic, corporates, trusts, foundations, high net worth individuals and PAFs
  • Act as EWB’s senior representative for major donor, corporate and philanthropic initiatives, building EWB’s visibility by skilfully profiling the impact of EWB’s work
  • In partnership with key staff, develop a tailored communications narrative that compellingly articulates EWB’s value proposition to new and existing major donors, corporate partners, philanthropic organisations and high net worth individuals
  • Prioritise and deepen new and existing strategic partnerships across EWB’s corporate, philanthropic and major donor networks that a) build our social and financial capital; b) work to our strengths; and c) advance EWB’s interests in creating shared value to achieve our collective objectives
  • With key staff, curate grant opportunities in EWB’s major donor, corporate and philanthropic relationships, supporting submissions as needed
  • Introduce robust thought leadership and critical analysis to EWB about newer funding, donor partnership and brokering opportunities, so EWB positions itself as an insightful innovator.
Philanthropic, corporate and major donor leadership across EWB’s people (25%)
  • Guide the strategic direction of EWB’s relationships team, a cross-functional group that steers funding opportunities aligned to programs, and manages key external relationships
  • Alongside EWB’s Board and CEO, capacity-build 2 direct reports to strengthen their partnership brokering, grant-writing and strategic communications skills, building a team learning culture
  • Partner with EWB’s program leads to deeply understand their work and thoughtfully integrate EWB’s corporate, major donor and philanthropic priorities into program sustainability plans
  • Collaboratively coach EWB staff to articulate EWB’s unique value proposition and build EWB’s brand profile within new or existing partnerships relevant to each program’s work
  • Partner with EWB’s Finance team and program leads to ensure robust business analysis (e.g. costing models and collective impact models) are built into their strategic plans
  • Use Salesforce to record and report data on the growth and development of our major donor, philanthropic organisational and corporate relationships.
Qualifications/ essential skills
  • Masters degree in business administration, marketing or business development

– OR –

  • A Bachelors degree in a discipline specific to EWB’s program work, combined with five or more years’ major donor, corporate or philanthropic partnership management experience in a senior role.
  • 5 or more years experience in:
    • Securing high-value donations from start to finish, with a focus on sustainable giving models
    • Writing and leading a high-impact major donors, philanthropic, corporate and/ or high net worth partnership strategy – with proven cut-through to implementing tangible outcomes
    • Creating and articulating a compelling, targetted brand and communications strategy
    • Successfully brokering and strengthening major donor, philanthropic and/ or high net worth partnerships in a client-facing capacity, prioritising long-term and sustainable outcomes
  • Successfully building, coaching and/ or mentoring a high-performing team
  • Knowledge of innovative community development, private sector, and/ or government initiatives and trends relevant to EWB’s future direction
  • A strong understanding of EWB’s values, mission and work; OR; a curious and proactive approach to learning about EWB’s strategies, programs and values
  • Coordinating multiple projects simultaneously and working well under pressure
  • Willing to travel outside business hours for event attendance and opportunity development

EWB capabilities you’ll embody

  • Embody EWB’s values: You’ll be truly passionate about and advocate for EWB. EWB is a ‘small giant’ – an innovative organisation at the nexus of engineering education, business and community development, with a demonstrated focus on strengths-based, sustainable and community-led outcomes.
  • Lead yourself: Leading your own decision-making truly motivates you. You know when and how to escalate important decisions, and successfully drive your own work and professional development goals.
  • Envision strategy: The strategies you develop will clearly articulate EWB’s direction and inspire action to achieve our organisational aims. You’ll leverage the outcomes from EWB’s programs, people, and network expertise to influence our key stakeholders and accelerate the EWB global movement.
  • Enable others: You’ll capably inspire, lead, mentor and manage your people within EWB’s movement.
  • Communicate purposefully: You communicate clearly, powerfully and with strategic intent.
  • Build financial sustainability: You’ll ensure EWB’s programs have a sound business model underpinning them. You’ll build support across the organisation and with key stakeholders, for impactful, collectively-owned, financially sustainable initiatives.
  • Strengthen relationships: You’ll ensure EWB’s relationships are purposefully developed, leveraged and catalysed towards collectively beneficial and longer-term outcomes.
  • Influence systems: You’ll influence EWB’s networks to enact fundamental systemic change in the school, university, business, government, community, philanthropy, impact investment and media sectors we are a part of.
More details can be found in the Position Description HERE.

Please submit a two page "pitch" explaining how your values, knowledge, skills and experiences make you the perfect person for the role and how these will support EWB's next phase of development.

Include your CV (maximum 3 pages) with the contact details of 2 referees.

Send these two documents to:

Applications close at midnight AEST on Friday 21 March 2017.

EWB is keen to fill this role as soon as possible, so applications will be regularly reviewed before this date.

Please note: only applications from Australian and/ or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents will be accepted.