Good World Solutions Job Vacancy: Laborlink Trainer - Peneng, Johor or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Good World Solutions is an award-winning social enterprise recognized by the Gratitude Network, Tech Awards, Global Social Benefit Institute, GSMA Global Mobile Awards and Ethical Corporation’s Responsible Business Awards. Our mission is to use data to create safe and respectful workplaces. Our vision is a world where every worker is heard and where worker well-being is integral to business success.

Good World Solutions' main product is Laborlink. Laborlink translates worker voices into actionable analytics that enable socially responsible supply chains. Surveys are designed to improve workers’ lives by giving workers an anonymous feedback channel on working conditions, job satisfaction and worker needs, and by tracking the effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. In a few short years, Laborlink has reached over one million workers in 16 countries, including Brazil, China and India, giving respondents an anonymous reporting channel and giving companies real-time data from their supply chains.

We are searching for a passionate, part-time consultant to contribute to the rapid growth of Laborlink. You will liaise with partners and technology providers to build buy-in, train users and ensure effective service implementation. A fast-paced organization with a small staff, we are looking for a self-starter who can hit the ground running.

Survey Implementation: Visit Laborlink survey sites (e.g. factories, farms, etc.) to ensure successful implementation through these activities:

  • Build buy-in with management at survey sites
  • Train users (i.e. workers/farmers) on survey purpose and functionality
  • Identify and address any barriers to higher response rates
  • Deliver incentives to selected survey respondents
  • Conduct post-survey evaluation in person and by phone
Relationship Management:

  • Liaise with strategic partners to maximize Laborlink penetration through their networks
  • Liaise with technology partners providing SMS and IVR platforms to identify new opportunities for Laborlink and customize the technology appropriately
  • Identify high-quality, low-cost providers of essential services, especially translation, printing and voice recording
Materials Production:

  • Produce locally appropriate instructional material for Laborlink users
  • Develop, translate, print and distribute marketing materials to Laborlink survey sites
Replication & Scalability:

  • Make recommendations to enhance survey methodology, data analysis methodologies, and incentive structures
  • Contribute content for social media
  • Other responsibilities TBD and based on your interest

  • B.A. degree completed or in progress
  • Demonstrated experience in the electronics sector, factory environments and liaising with both factory workers and factory management
  • Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English; other languages a plus (i.e. Bengali, Nepali, Hindi, Tamil)
  • Prior knowledge of factory auditing, corporate social responsibility (CSR), impact investment, ICT4D and/or global supply chain management also a plus
TIME COMMITMENT: May be arranged as part-time or as-needed basis

LOCATION: Kuala Lumpur, Johor or Penang areas preferred; open to other locations in Malaysia

COMPENSATION: Commensurate with experience, education and qualifications; plus travel/costs expense reimbursement


  • Send a CV and cover letter to
  • Please include “Laborlink Trainer—Malaysia” as the email subject.
  • Only select candidates will be contacted and interviewed.
  • Closing Date: 06 April 2017