Independent Doctors Association Job Vacancy: Logistics Officer - Gaziantep, Turkey

Independent Doctors Association (IDA) is an independent, non-profit and humanitarian organization, working to provide healthcare and medical services to affected populations in conflict areas, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. Attaining a standard level of health and social well being for the war affected Syrian population, linking relief activities with the subsequent rehabilitation and development in attempt to build, improve and rehabilitate an integrated healthcare system to ensure essential medical assistance and healthcare aid are delivered to for both resident and IDP individuals.

About the position:
IDA is looking to hire a motivated and capable incumbent to assist the organization in the implementation of the projects inside Syria and will be overseeing the logistical operations within the projects cycle based on the internal rules and regulations of the organization and with accordance to the donor’s requirements and guidelines.

Main duties and responsibilities:
The incumbent will assist the organization and programs department on the project management and implementation of the of the contracted activities and interventions with respected donors and partners through conducting the essential tasks of the position, through:


  • Implementing the organization internal policies and procedure in processing the procurement of the projects as per the general requirements of the other departments and co-workers with the organization.
  • Assuring transparent procurement process through market surveys, collecting a proper quotation, analysis and qualified selections of the suppliers based on the higher criteria for the interests of the organization.
  • Assuring a standard and clear deliveries of the procured items based on the required specification and quality to avoid any delay or compromising the final results of the programs.
  • Internally preparing a supplier lists, tracking sheets and records for the procurement in the pipelines of the projects
  • Continuous Coordination with the organization management, finance and programs teams on the procurement process for the project’s needs in consideration for the budget tracking and programs time frame.
Inventory and Assets:

  • Maintaining and updated list of assets and equipment with full information related to the organization and to be periodically shared with the other departments
  • Monitoring and controlling all in/out shipment to the warehouse through a proper methodology and documentation system with accordance to the internal policies and procedures of the organizations
  • Conducting periodical stock take and inventory update in the warehouses and furnish the management with Inventory and Assets reports based on the structural requirements.
  • Applying the standard procedure and policies of the warehousing process in the organization locations and assuring the safety and security policies are in place for both warehouse staff and the commodities
  • Applying the storage methodologies in the warehouses for the commodities based on the standardized terms and conditions of the commodity’s storage requirements and types.
Fleet Management:

  • Assuring that all movement and transportation requirement of the organization are in place based on the type and needs.
  • Continuous tracking on the vehicles conditions and conducting the required maintenance, if any, and furnishing the Logistics department on the maintenance reports.
  • Managing the team of the drivers in the organization and observing the general performance in implementing the internal policies of the fleet management.
  • Collecting and reporting on the vehicle movement records through the log books of each vehicle and assuring an appropriate fleet services are provided to the programs.
Energy and Generators:

  • Assuring the all facilities and locations having a sufficient power supplies and energy to run the programs inside Syria.
  • Monitoring and controlling the log books of the generators and providing a monthly reporting method on the conditions, performance and consumption of the generators in the projects.
  • Following up with periodically maintenance requirement of the generators based on the needs and types and reporting accordingly on these processes to Logistics departments.
Essential competences:

  • Academic degree in Business Management, Logistics or any other relevant education certificates
  • Fluent in English and Arabic language essential through writing, reading and speaking, Turkish language would be plus.
  • High Computer skills and commands, particularly, MS office suite.
  • Ability to enter Syria in regular bases to train and assist the stuff inside.
  • Ability to provide communication between Logistics in Turkey and Syria.
  • Ability to manage a team of Logistics components (Assistants, Drivers, Warehouse workers ...etc.)
The interested candidate should send their CV and Cover Letter detailing their experiences to: and write Title Code: LO 00010417 in the subject field.

Closing Date: 13 April 2017