DAI International Job Vacancy: Software Engineer - Jakarta, Indonesian

Software Engineer

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DAI, an international consulting firm based in the United States, is currently accepting applications from candidates for a Climate and Weather Information Specialist position in Jakarta to support the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim dan Ketangguhan Project in Indonesia (APIK).  APIK will support the Government of Indonesia to strengthen climate and disaster resilience, working in an integrated manner from the national level down to the community level. APIK will help to mainstream climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction into national and sub-national governance frameworks, build the capacity of local communities and the private sector to address climate change and weather-related natural hazards, and support the use of information for climate and disaster risk management among key stakeholders.

Task 3 focuses on the collection, packaging, and dissemination of climate and weather information (CWI) services. Better climate and weather information systems are fundamental to fostering place-based resilience across the archipelago, saving lives in the near term (i.e. disaster risk reduction) while supporting better planning and public investment in the medium to long term (i.e. climate change adaptation).

Based on 2016’s APIK’s CWIS Assessment Report, many BMKG product aren’t deliver in specific geographical level & specific user perspective. For example, the farmers need to access the monthly seasonal rainfall prediction, for his/her village/sub-district context. In Sulawesi and Maluku, the climate information in details was produced in the Bulletin form (hardcopy) or in PDF format (softcopy). The dissemination methodology is conducted by circulating the printed version to several government agencies, with the expectations that local governments will spread it again to the community. During our assessment, we found out that this method is less run optimally. Currently through Climate Field School Program and several Socialization program, we try to encourage the beneficiaries (farmers, fisherfolks, community members, etc.) to access the information directly by mobile application, websites, WhatsApp group, etc. However, the climate information that available in the existing BMKG website (bmkg.go.id), are presented in national level with low resolution. Some BMKG stations (e.g. Karangploso/Malang Climatological Station or Juanda/Surabaya Meteorological Station) have taken the initiative to create their own website. This is needed to facilitate public access to climate or weather information. However, not all stations have same budget and capacity to build the website (e.g. Sulawesi Tenggara and Maluku).

Meanwhile, BMKG Head Office planned to standardize the website for each of Provincial Level. So every station has to combine its website (if any) to become one website at coordinator’s level (provincial level). The platform shall be hosted and under BMKG main website and use the same standard.

Therefore, APIK planned to support BMKG to develop template of Provincial Level Website of BMKG that focusses on specific information for each province region.

Objectives and Duties:

  • To develop BMKG website at provincial level to produce more focus and specific Meteorological, Climatological & Geophysical information for its province.
  • To produce more specific information for farmers & fisherman (agricultural & maritime information) for each province down to sub-district/village level.

  • Front-end BMKG website at provincial level with following specifications:
    • Home pages (through CMS)
    • Provincial news (through CMS)
    • Weather Information (specific Province & cities/district) (through CMS & webservices)
    • Maritime Weather(through CMS & webservices)
    • Climate Information (through CMS or webservices if any) until sub-district (kecamatan)/village level (kelurahan/desa)
    • Specific web-services to feed information board
  • Back-end data Entry (specification is confidential)
  • Database Structure (specification is confidential)

  • Min. Bachelor Degree (Preferred in ICT/science), others are welcome if have strong knowledge or experience below.
  • 1-7 year(s) experienced in website & system development
  • Experienced with:
    • Classic asp programming
    • Php or python, html, javascript, xml
    • CMS (e.g. drupal, wordpress)
    • MySQL/MariDb Database
    • Microsoft Windows IIS
  • Base of Operations:
    • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Reporting:
    • The Software Engineer will report to Climate Information Services Advisor
  • Application Send:
    • Interested applicants are invited to send their CV to APIK_Recruitment@dai.com. Please send applications no later than 12 May 2017. Applicants are instructed to write “Software Engineer – NAME” as the Subject line of their email. We regret that we are unable to acknowledge receipt of all applications and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.