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ChildFund is an international child focused development agency working in 33 countries to create lasting and meaningful change in the lives of more than 10.5 million vulnerable, deprived and excluded children, families and communities, regardless of race, creed, gender or national origin. In Indonesia ChildFund has been operating for 34 years since 1973, in areas where the need is the greatest and currently reaches out to 900,000 children and family members in partnership with 50 local NGOs spread across 8 provinces.

ChildFund Indonesia is currently seeking Consultant For Develop Online Career Guidance Center

As it is known that the issues related to the unemployment rate in Indonesia always adorn our every conversation. Media also discussing a lot issue of unemployment in Indonesia. Starting from the problem of limited employment, the quality gap of people who will work with market needs to the mentality of young people who will enter the world after school work. The latter issue becomes an important point that requires the best and the right solution.

The main causes of the high percentage of youth unemployment was due to a big gap between supply and demand which indicated by the limited employment opportunities particularly in agricultural sector and the mismatch between job seekers’s skills and industry’s skills demand. The limited employment opportunities are mainly due to declining of employment in agricultural sector which was not accompanied by a significant high employment growth in non-agricultural sector particularly in industry sector. The shift in employment to services sector has generated two significant consequences in Indonesia labour market. Firstly, it has altered the skill demand of economy since specific and higher skills are necessary to support the expansion of the services sector. Secondly, it has narrowed the gender gaps in labour market due to rapid employment growth among women.

The mismatch was mainly due to increasing skills demand of services sector which is also worsened by low quality of education and training graduates. The vocational school’s curriculum particularly which designed a decade ago was mainly aimed to meet industry sector. With the shifted economic sector, 58% of school graduates youth having difficulty in finding appropriate job. The attempt to meet the skills gap by transition training program has been thwarted by the lack of resources and lack of demand driven training approach. The education sector as whole, including higher education, cannot be solely responsible for providing all the skills necessary for a successful transition to the labour market.

Some discussions with young people, there are several reasons why they find it difficult to get decent work especially in the formal sector. One is the lack of information and relationships between job seekers and employers. They are never connected effectively and systematically. Special exchanges that exist in vocational school not all have certification to distribute graduation to the workplace.

See the gap and mismatch above, young people need to increase their capacity and also close access to jobs or start a business. Career Guidance Center (CGC) is one alternative approach that can be accessed by young people in getting their needs to find a job and also start a business. The CGC willprovide an inventory of vocational training institutes to suit their interests, job/business information, motivation and mentoring session, will provide CV’s from youth to upload in the database and as a media discussion and sharing. In addition, the CGC will also provide vocational training courses on computer skills, financial literacy, life skillsCGC will be built in the form of a web base and also android applications that will make it easier for young people to access it, CGC center on the other hand, willprovide information, facilitate support networks, and implement trainings on enterprise development.Information related to finances, business planning and management will also be provided at this center.Through participation in these 2 corners, it is anticipated that youth will be able to build the capabilities they need to pursue careers that best suit their skills, interests and qualifications.

The objective in the develop of CGC is to become a place that can provide easy access to young people with the work place and market place through a web platform and also applications on the android system. Integrated e-learning modules and skills-enhancing support facilities are aimed at improving the capacity of young people around the CGC. In addition, this integrated CGC also aims to contribute in cross-sectoral coordination among young people, private sector, and business sector and also villages.

Scope of Work
  • Web Platform and application for android design; this include
    • Design of the information/document/content management structure, including storing/retrieving system’s mechanisms and the system possibilities of producing pre-defined reports.
    • Design of the database for youth profile, private sector, business sector management showing the internal relationships and functions that better fit the CGC’s needs. 
    • Report and present to the supervisors the architecture of the system before the actual implementation.
  • Implementation of the System: 
    • Programming the system as agreed in step a. The system will be hosted and run through a web-interface to allow access to its functions in intranet and to selected partners. 
    • Testing and evaluate the system in all its components and functions.
  • Delivery and Training:
    • Train ChildFund’s Local Partner staff in the use and maintenance of the system.
    • Develop a series of written guidelines/training package to be handed over to ChildFund
The external Consultant is expected to work closely with Youth Development Specialist, Program Officer,  Zonal Manager and ChildFund’s local partner.

The propose timeframe for proposed collaboration is from 28 August 2017 – 31 January 2018. The piloting will be place in Semarang and Yogyakarta.

Interested consultants should submit a 1-page expression of interest, curriculum vitae, proposed general work plan, and proposed budget to carry out the assignment and will submitted to:,  not later than August 18, 2017.