AIP Rural Job Vacancy: Field Researcher Papua & West Papua - Indonesian


The Government of Indonesia partners with the Government of Australia on an initiative to boost smallholder farmers’ incomes: The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Rural Economic Development (AIP-Rural).

AIP-Rural is a suite of programs that improves smallholder farmers’ access to new markets, better inputs, know-how, technology, irrigation, and small loans. Its goal is to achieve a sustainable 30% increase in the net incomes of 1,000,000 male and female smallholder farmers in Eastern Indonesia by 2022. AIP-Rural operates in East Java, West and East of Nusa Tenggara, Papua and West Papua.

The program focuses on agricultural sectors that display strong growth potential and are the main source of income for many smallholder farmers. All of this is done via co-investing in new business models with local, regional, national and international market players to create business models that improve the agriculture sector’s competitiveness, especially for smallholder farmers.

AIP-Rural’s four programs are:
  • Promoting Rural Income through Support for Markets in Agriculture (PRISMA)
  • A program dedicated to supporting the Government of Indonesia’s mid-term development strategy to eradicate rural poverty. The program aims to improve agriculture competitiveness – productivity, profit, access to new or better markets, and innovation – for rural farmers. PRISMA aims to achieve a 30% increase in the net incomes of 300,000 male and female smallholder farmers in Eastern Indonesia by the program’s completion.
Tertiary Irrigation Technical Assistance (TIRTA)
  • TIRTA is a program that aims to improve smallholder farmers’ access to irrigation. It supports the creation of tertiary irrigation schemes that are managed by HIPPA (water user associations) and local investors (lead farmers or local entrepreneurs). The program’s goal is to increase the net income of 10,000 farmers by 60% through improvements to the efficiency, technical and economic viability of at least 35 tertiary irrigation projects.
Strengthening Agriculture Finance in Rural Areas (SAFIRA)
  • This is a program that improves smallholder farmers’ access to essential financial services, such as business and investment capital loans. The program facilitates a financial service model that can answer to farmers’ specific needs through a partnership between formal and informal financial institutions in rural areas. The program will also expand smallholder farmers’ financial access through key market stakeholders (including but not limited to input retailers, collectors, traders and manufacturing companies) in the value chain.
Applied Research and Innovation System in Agriculture (ARISA)
  • ARISA is a partnership between Indonesia’s Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) and Australia’s science and technology think tank, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), that aims to disseminate applied and adaptive research in agriculture that will have practical and significant impacts on the incomes of farmers. Its goal is to support innovations that can increase the incomes of 10,000 small farmers in Eastern Indonesia by the end of 2018.
Read the full details and how to apply here: Palladium-Field Researcher

Application close on 31st February 2018.
Indonesian nationals and female candidates are encouraged to apply.

The purpose of this position is to support the PRISMA vegetable sector team in Papua and West Papua to conduct activities related to the intervention in Papua and West Papua.

Under the direction of the Vegetable Sector Team Papua and West Papua, the Field Staff will be responsible for delivering the following tasks:
  • Conduct surveys on seed availability and sales from Dealer and Retailers in Papua and West Papua including brand variety and trends.
  • Conduct survey on opportunities of new crop type to be promoted.
  • Conduct market survey on inter-island trade of high value vegetable crop.
  • Conduct interview and find hard-copy evidence of farmers access from Govt Extension Officers..
  • Conduct surveys on vegetable nursery and willingness of farmers to buy seedling from Nursery.
  • Other duties as required.

Preferred Qualification:
  • Bachelor degree in any discipline, degree in agriculture is preferable.
  • Home Based in Papua or West Papua.
  • Has an excellent understanding on business and agriculture.
  • Proven strong communication skills with multiple stakeholders.
  • Strong analytical and reporting skills.
  • This position reports to PRISMA Vegetables sector team Papua and West Papua.

This position reports to PRISMA Vegetables sector team Papua and West Papua.