WWF Indonesian Job Vacancy: Upper Mahakam Landscape Project Leader, West Kutai - Kalimantan

If you care about the environment and want to contribute to conservation efforts in Indonesia, this is the opportunity for you to join the largest national conservation organization in Indonesia. WWF-Indonesia, an independent national conservation organization, is part of a global network of WWF. WWF-ID is currently seeking for the best candidate for the position of Upper Mahakam Landscape Project Leader. This position will be based in Kutai Barat and report to East & North Kalimantan, Program Manager.

The job holder will be identify, design and lead the implementation of WWF-Indonesia (SDM & Financial) program and resource management, coordinate and monitor all process related to Upper Mahakam Landscape (Kutai Barat & Mahakam Ulu) Upper area development, which includes Spatial Planning Development, Landscape Ecosystem Management, Sustainable Forest Management, Sustainable Palm Oil, Watershed & Freshwater Management, Renewable Energy, Forest & Climate, Flagship Species, Conservation Management, Social Development and ensuring all program implementation, area management, policy submission to regulators, and communications with all parties running well so as to maximize the development of the Kutai Barat landscape.

Requirements for This Position are: 
  • At least hold Bachelor Degree (S1) with  Biology/Social/Economy/Forestry science major 
  • At least 5 years experience in management of natural resources, conservation areas, or community empowerment and 3 years experience as project leader.
Interested applicants should send their CV and Cover Letter to vacancy@wwf.id with the subject of Upper Mahakam Landscape Project Leader - Kutai Barat

The deadline for this vacancy is 20 days after this advertisement is published (23th Februari of 2018). only selected candidates would be contacted.