Panthera Job Vacancy: Conservation Security Apprenticeship at Panthera Tiger Recovery Site - North East India

Panthera is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated young professionals to take part in their Conservation Security Apprenticeship Program. This program has been designed for developing young professionals who have an interest in conservation and the protection of wildlife and are looking for a path to full time employment at a conservation field site.

Apprentices will gain hands on experience in field craft, patrol strategy, technological aids, data analysis and site management while being mentored by Panthera’s expert staff. Successful apprentices could be offered a full time field position upon completion of the program and may be sent to field sites across South and Southeast Asia. Applicants should be keen to learn new and innovative techniques that combine biological practices with cutting edge law enforcement methodology to develop and maintain comprehensive security strategies.

Duration: The program duration is 6 months, after which successful apprentices could be offered F/T contract employment

Start Dates: Apprentices will be accepted for start dates in June 2018 or October 2018

Compensation: The apprenticeship is unpaid but travel to sites, insurance, room and board will be paid for by Panthera

Location: North East India

Selected individuals will start their apprenticeship within North East India at one of Panthera’s tiger recovery sites under the guidance of a Panthera mentor and site partners to learn and understand the systems in place and key job responsibilities. Responsibilities may include designing data-driven law enforcement patrols, analyzing patterns of offender behavior, overseeing technical assets such as surveillance cameras, and other duties.

Panthera is seeking to develop individuals who are dedicated to this style of conservation and will seek to hire apprentices that demonstrate a strong understanding of key biological and law enforcement concepts and strategies, are eager to learn and develop into innovative and multi-disciplinary conservation practitioners and have the charisma and character necessary to galvanize species conservation efforts at the site level. Evaluation will be conducted informally throughout the program and include feedback from both the Panthera mentor and site partners.

Individuals that demonstrate the above can be transitioned to F/T , paid, contract employees in other tiger recovery field sites across South and South East Asia, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.


  • Bachelor’s degree (a background in biological studies or law enforcement will be an advantage to candidates but not a necessity)
  • Must be 25+ years old
  • Strong management, communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to be comfortable and excel in remote environments which are challenging by nature
  • The candidate must be willing to spend extended periods of time working in remote environments
  • Ability to work within multi-cultural teams and be sensitive to the local culture and religion
  • Local language skills are advantageous
  • Interest in long term employment within a conservation field site

Applicants must submit the following:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Responses to 2 critical thinking questions, available online CLICK HERE.
  • Preferred start date (either June 2018 or October 2018)