KEMITRAAN Partnership Job Vacancy: Encroachment Mitigation and Forest Conservation Specialist, Indonesian

Encroachment Mitigation and Forest Conservation Specialist (Component 3 Leader)

Kemitraan and USAID’s BIJAK (Bangun Indonesia untuk Jaga Alam Demi Keberlanjutan) project have been working collaboratively for years and we are strengthening the relationship further by working closely in designing and managing a work plan aimed at reinforcing management capacity, collaboration and coordination to reduce conservation area encroachment and protecting essential ecosystem.  Under this collaboration, we would like to hire Encroachment Mitigation and Forest Conservation Specialist.

The overarching objective of USAID’s BIJAK project is to address the constellation of market forces, financial incentives, policy levers, social norms and values driving deforestation and biodiversity loss in order to promote enduring changes in individual and organizational behavior which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve valuable marine and terrestrial biodiversity. To realize this objective, BIJAK will work through national instruments and systems to impact the following:
  • Number of national level laws, policies, regulations, decrees, procedures, or fiscal and budgetary practices reformed, revised, adopted and/or applied aiming to reduce GHG emissions, reduce wildlife trafficking, and conserve valuable terrestrial and marine biodiversity with USG assistance.
  • Improved capacity and willingness of Indonesian institutions and organizations to address biodiversity conservation, especially wildlife trafficking, and climate change as a result of USG assistance
  • Number of businesses engaged in extensive land-use practices, especially palm oil, developing green business practices and sharing them widely with others in their industry with USG assistance.
  • Amount of investment leveraged in USD from private and public sources for biodiversity conservation and/or climate change as a result of USG assistance
  • Public opinion and behaviors changed to support targeted terrestrial and marine biodiversity conservation and low carbon development issues as a result of advocacy campaigns developed and implemented with USG support.
  • Model(s) for successful low emissions development and forest conservation developed and shared at all levels of government and with other key stakeholders with USG assistance.

The Encroachment Mitigation and Forest Conservation Specialist will lead BIJAK Technical Component 3 by designing and managing a work plan aimed at reinforcing management capacity, collaboration and coordination to reduce conservation area encroachment and protecting essential ecosystem areas outside of conservation areas (including Area Penggunaan Lain).

The targeted outcomes for this component include the following:
  • Harmonized and improved data on encroachments at selected conservation areas,
  • Improved engagement with key stakeholders for encroachment resolution,
  • Enactment of regulatory changes and implementation of encroachment resolution action plans,
  • Improved collaboration and monitoring for essential ecosystem areas protection and management,
  • Improved policies for essential ecosystem areas protection and management, and
  • Improved capacity on the management of essential ecosystem area data.
Specific Tasks and Responsibilities
In this capacity, the Encroachment Mitigation and Forest Conservation Specialist will advise and support the Chief of Party (COP) and Technical Theme 1 (TT1) Coordinator in the development and implementation of a comprehensive works for promoting encroachment resolution and forest conservation strategies, which includes reforms to both the regulatory environment and industry best practices, to promote conservation-oriented best practices in Indonesian land-based activities, with a focus on the palm oil sector (but also including extractive industries and smallholder farming). In planning and executing this strategy, the specialist must collaborate with and build upon the efforts of a host of other GOI, USG, local communities and private sector activities and initiatives. The specialist will furnish leadership to concerned BIJAK staff, subcontractors and grantees and provide day-to-day direction of all BIJAK activities related to encroachment mitigation and protection of essential ecosystem outside conservation areas, including  non-state forest (area penggunaan lain).

The Encroachment Mitigation and Forest Conservation Specialist will oversee the Component 3 Associate, and coordinate closely with BIJAK Grants/Special Activities Team for the implementation of Component 3 activities.

Specific tasks will include:
  • Leading the design and strategic direction of the Component 3 work plan. Coordinating the project planning, activity implementation, and reporting for Component 3; ensuring all plans are well executed.
  • Managing engagement with various stakeholders, including the Multi-stakeholder Encroachment Task Force team under the Directorate General of Ecosystem and Natural Resources Conservation (KSDAE), to ensure a well-coordinated approach to conservation area encroachments.
  • Demonstrating technical leadership in managing BIJAK’s efforts to identify encroachment characteristics, develop typologies, and formulate recommendations to resolve existing conservation area encroachments and preventing the further encroachment. 
  • Coordinating with BPEE to apply a systematic and data-driven approach to identify and map indicative area as essential ecosystem across Indonesia and provide inputs and recommendations for regulation development and revision.
  • Overseeing and ensuring the successful implementation of grants, letters of collaboration, and subcontracts with program partners.
  • Monitoring and reporting on partners’ performance and providing input into BIJAK’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan.  Contributing to project efforts to assess and report on impact including but not limited to providing verification records to the M&E team, and contributing to M&E-led evaluations and assessments, and preparing sections of the quarterly, annual, and final reports, preparing presentations, success stories and newsletter articles, and other means of communication.
  • Coordinating with BIJAK’s Communications Team to support the project’s and its partners’ communication and outreach efforts, for example on dealing with media, preparing printed and electronic publications, preparing opinion articles, and publicity materials for events.
  • Providing inputs to TT1 Coordinator and other Component Leaders to foster synergies, cross-learning, and collaboration across the BIJAK program portfolio.
  • Supervising the Component 3 Associate, short-term experts, and subcontractors or grantees assisting the assigned portfolio.
  • Contributing technical leadership to enhance BIJAK’s overall performance through participation in regular and occasional meetings, discussions, presentations, and knowledge sharing.
  • Performing other duties as specified by the Project TT1 Coordinator and Chief of Party.

The Specialist must meet the following qualifications:
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience working on environmental or land use issues, including the engagement with local government, private sector and small-scale agriculture activities (smallholder); this experience should include engagement with the palm oil industry in Indonesia.
  • Advanced degree in forestry, or related field
  • Demonstrated knowledge of high conservation value (HCV) and high carbon stock stock (HCS) areas, conservation area management, environmental impact assessments as well as strategic environmental assessment approaches.
  • Strong understanding of how to affect change through the policy environment, conservation partnerships, national level strategic planning, private-public partnerships, and various forms of private sector and smallholder engagements to encourage best practices and reducing encroachment.
  • Excellent written and spoken English and fluent Indonesian
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Must have an understanding and appreciation for Indonesia’s environmental challenges and ways in which the private sector can help address them.
Please send your application letter and resume to by 17 November 2018 at the latest.

Early submission of qualified CVs will be prioritized and only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.