Handicap International Job Consultant: Market Research, NTT - Indonesian

CONSULTANT - Market Researcher

  • Organization: Handicap International Federation - Indonesia 
  • Position: Consultant (individual or a team)
  • Contract: Service Provision / Consultancy Contract
  • Starting date: End of January 2019
  • Tasks: Provide to local authorities and vulnerable groups the accurate assessment and analysis related to economic opportunities and to build a relevant pilot processes for inclusive and sustainable economic development addressing the needs of the vulnerable groups.
Handicap International Federation (HI) has been present in Indonesia since January 2005, when it provided an immediate response to the needs of the tsunami victims.
Progressively shifting towards a development approach, HI is currently working in two provinces of Indonesia: Yogyakarta and Nusa Tenggara Timur provinces.
From the 1st January 2017, the Indonesia program has merged with HI Philippines program.

In Indonesia, HI has supported initiatives promoting human rights of people with disabilities through the empowerment of community based Disabled Peoples' Organizations (DPOs) since 2006. Achievements include contributions of these DPOs to the ratification of the UNCRPD; development of recommendations to government concerning legal reform through a national network of DPOs, raising awareness amongst the general public in several provinces.. In 2015-2018, with the support of the European Union (EU), HI put a particular focus on the participation of excluded groups in the local inclusive development process. Currently, HI is rolling out/implementing the “Building Inclusive Economic Sustainability Growth” project, funded by European Union (May 2018 – November 2021). The project is focusing on social economic inclusion as a participatory mechanism in the society. The Project is implemented in 6 Districts (Alor, Belu, Lembata, Manggarai Barat, Rote, Sumba Barat Daya ) in East Nusa Tenggara Province.

Through this market research, HI aims to provide a better understanding on economic trends, market dynamics, value chain of interest and main economic stakeholders in order to identify livelihoods opportunities (both self and wage employment) for vulnerable groups of the 6 identified districts from NTT.

How to Apply & Requirements 

The application should include the following documents:

The consultant is expected to provide a quotation of the cost of the consultancy including:
  • Application letter + profile (CV) of the applicant
  • Proposed plan
  • Detailed methodology
  • Financial proposition
Files are expected to be not more than 1 MB. 

  • All figures submitted are inclusive of income tax (PPh 21). Tax will be deducted from the figures proposed.

The consultant is expected to provide the planning according to the indicative schedule in the ToR.

The consultant should include in the submission, a cover letter which should contain information relevant to the following requirement as written in the ToR:
  • Relevant academic background or demonstrated experience in development, economics, rural development or any other related areas;
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting a market research
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitating consultations and workshops;
  • Ability to work under pressure and time constraints;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well within a team;
  • Excellent analytical skills;
  • Proven oral and written communication skills;
  • Experience working with people of different cultures;
  • Fluency in conversational Bahasa Indonesia
Applications should be sent by email to: 
Address: procurement@indonesia.hi.org
Subject: Market Research BISEG
Deadline: At the latest Friday, January 11, 2019 at 16.00 (4pm)
Attachment: Cover Letter, Planning, Fee Quotation