MSI - CEGAH Job Consultant to Develop SIMPeL Version 3, Jakarta - Indonesian

Terms of Reference

Position: Consultant to Develop SIMPeL version 3
Required Task: 16
Languages Required: English & Bahasa Indonesia
Duration of Contract: 50 days
Working Period: January 2019May 2019 

Ombudsman Republic of Indonesia (ORI) as a state agency tasked to monitor the public service delivery by any public service providers both by government agencies and state-owned companies, ORI is also tasked to receive and proceed public compliant particularly on the maladministration practices in the public service deliveries then provide recommendation to the respected agencies. With large numbers of complaint they used to received annually, since 2013, ORI under USAID support developed a case management system namley SIMPeL (Sistem Informasi Manajemen Penyelesaian Laporan). This system was formed as an application to manage the report processing system within the institution, and has been extensively used nationwide, so able to collect and sync the complaints data among national and regional offices. The system allow ORI to proceed the complaints, monitor progress of cases within central and regional offices, analize trend of complaints and completion rates.

In the following year, ORI also expand the SIMPeL application and developed a stand-alone version 2 that is dedicated to serve as a channel to receive public complaints via online channels. However, the version 1.0 and version 2.0 are unintegrated yet, and they are not yet connected to LAPOR -the national public complaint handling application. Therefore, ORI is keen to integrate these two versions of SIMPeL and also integrate SIMPeL with LAPOR! as a national complaint handling application. The SIMPeL integration with LAPOR is necessity, since each complaint that filed to LAPOR! that hasn’t been resolved by the respective government agency within 60 days can be forwarded to ORI for further processing through mediation or more investigation. A recommendation could be produced by ORI in this regard, and the respective agency is bound to implement it. 

USAID CEGAH will provide a support to ORI to develop SIMPeL version 3.0 which integrate the version 1.0 and 2.0 and integrate it with LAPOR. In this regard, USAID CEGAH will seek a service of IT consultant to assist ORI for this integration, and also asses and provide recommendations for future enhancement of SIMPeL application. The selected consultant is required to work from Ombudsman RI office for 3 days in a week.

Recommendations to improve the ORI’s case management system application to improve ORI’s capacity as a public services oversight institution.
Scope of Work:
Ten (10) days for:
  • Assess and review the existing CMS’s of ORI’s  and also ORI’s SOPs on complaint handling.
  • Assess and review the existing LAPOR! application as part to integrate LAPOR! with SIMPeL Application.
  • Meeting with ORI, KemePAN, KSP and other related stakeholders to identify the needs to improve ORI’s case management system application with LAPOR! application.
Ten 10) days for:
  • Drafting initial assessment and recommendations on:
    • Roadmap of SIMPeL in terms of systems, procedure, and technical requirements to enable it meet with ORI requirements.
    • Recommendation for modification of SIMPeL to enable it connects to LAPOR
    • Recommendation for improvement of SIMPeL to make it more transparent and accessible for the complainer.
  • Presenting findings and initial recommendations to the ORI, and USAID CEGAH for approval.
Twenty Five (25) days for:    
  •  Develop SIMPeL version 3.0 based on approved recommendations which include the integration of those 2 versions of SIMPeL, integrating it with LAPOR, adjust it to comply to ORI’s SOP and some additional faetures (no more that an anticipated new features).
  •  Conduct UAT involving ORI’s central and regional offices.
  • Refine the application based on findings during the UAT.
  • Develop technical document and user manual of the SIMPeL version 3.0
 Five (5) days for:
  • Presentation on the final SIMPeL version 3.0 to ORI and USAID CEGAH
  • Deliver the source code, final technical document and user manual to ORI.
  •  Assessment and Evaluation of the current Roadmap of  SIMPeL
  • Recommendation to refine the SIMPeL application
  • Recommendation to modify the CMS based on the assessment and improvement of the CMS
  • Final SIMPeL version 3.0 application and it’s source code.
  • Technical document and user manual.
  • Final report
  • Professional IT expert with at least 5 years experience in CHS Consultancy Services
  • Demonstrated good knowledge, experience in developing an application, delivering application products in regard to complaint handling system/case management system is preferred.
  • Experience in working with government preferred.
Application should include a CV  and contact information by January 29, 2019 at the latest. Please send applications to  Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

MSI is an EEO/AA/ADA Veterans Employer