Waxman Strategies Job Consultant: Senior Advisor, Jakarta - Indonesian

Waxman Strategies is accepting applications for a Senior Advisor, Indonesia Consultant.

We are seeking talented, driven candidates who can lead our communications, advocacy, and government relations work to protect Indonesia’s forests, wildlife, and indigenous communities, and help shift Indonesia from fossil fuels to clean energy. This is a  part-time consulting role, with potential to expand to full-time in the future. We welcome applications from consulting firms and individuals.

Waxman Strategies, a mission-driven consulting firm led by former Congressman Henry Waxman, uses advocacy, communications and campaigns to help shape policies, advance causes, and build movements around the world. We have extensive experience working in Indonesia to help protect Indonesia’s natural resources. We have played a leading role in campaigns that have secured strong forest protection and human rights policies from the world’s largest palm oil, rubber, chocolate, and other commodity agriculture companies. Much of our work in this area is in partnership with Mighty Earth, a global environmental non-profit organization. We also advise philanthropies, non-profit organizations, and clean tech companies on policy, communications, and campaigns.

We are seeking candidates who can bring expertise in Indonesia in communications, government relations, and advocacy. If you have experience in any of these areas, please apply. We are open to hiring additional consulting support if needed.

Waxman Strategies’ priorities in Indonesia include:
  • Influencing private sector companies to protect forests, peatlands, wildlife, and local communities.
  • Building support for government action to protect Indonesia’s environment.
  • Challenging environmentally destructive infrastructure projects, and channeling investment toward more sustainable development strategies.
  • Running campaigns that move Indonesia toward 100% clean energy and carbon neutrality.
Responsibilities include:
  • Developing media and communications strategies.
  • Leading media outreach to Indonesian print, broadcast, and online media outlets.
  • Advising on digital engagement strategies in Indonesia.
  • Engaging with senior level government officials.
  • Engaging and negotiating with CEOs and senior executives of Indonesian companies to adopt improved private sector environmental practices.
  • Reaching out to and working with Indonesian civil society organizations.
  • Developing strategies for international and Indonesian philanthropies, governments, non-profit organizations, and clean tech companies to play a role in winning key environmental protections.
  • Influencing private sector companies — in palm oil, timber, rubber, cocoa, and other agriculture and extractive industries — to adopt practices which protect forests, peatlands, wildlife, and local communities.
  • Regularly coordinating with Waxman staff and providing strategic advice on the direction of our campaign work in Indonesia.
Who you are:
  • You have a minimum of five years of experience in communications and/or advocacy work.
  • You have a strong network of contacts in Indonesia.
  • You are passionate about environmental issues such as climate change, protecting tropical rainforests, and clean energy.
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • You enjoy building relationships and spending time talking with CEOs, clients, civil society organizations, and others.
  • You have experience developing campaign strategy and figuring out how to move decision makers.
  • You enjoy writing and can take complex information and create materials and reports.
  • You are fluent or proficient in Bahasa Indonesian and proficient in English.
Details: The consulting role is based in Indonesia and will involve regular travel.

Application Deadline: Please submit applications by February 15, 2019. We encourage early submissions as applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Please include a thoughtful cover letter which speaks to our mission and demonstrates your writing abilities. Also, let us know where you heard about the job.

Compensation and benefits: Compensation is highly competitive and we can discuss your rates and expectations for compensation early in the interview process.