CNV Internationaal Foundation Job Vacancy: Communication Specialist, Jakarta - Indonesian

CNV Internationaal Foundation is a civil society organisation, connected to the National Confederation of Christian Trade Unions (CNV) in the Netherlands. CNV Internationaal has worked with trade unions in developing countries since its establishment in 1967. Together with its partner organisations, CNV Internationaal protects and promotes workers’ rights by means of a consultative and coherent model, based on Christian social traditions. Social dialogue, trade union pluralism and workers’ individual responsibility are key values. CNV Internationaal’s mission is to contribute to Decent Work in developing countries by strengthening the position of workers in the formal and informal economy. CNV Internationaal focuses on social dialogue, labour rights in supply chains and youth employability.

CNV Internatioaal with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs develope program the Trade Union Co-financing Programme (TUCP). The programs  identifies three long-term outcomes:
  • Strengthening social dialogue,
  • Improving labour rights in supply chains and
  • Increasing youth employability.
In Indonesia, CNV Internationaal works with Konferederasi Serikat Buruh Sejahtera Indonesia (KSBSI)  develope program the Trade Union Co-financing Programme (TUCP) that focussing on strengthening social dialogue and Improving  labour rights in the supply chains in  Indonesia.

On the social dialog program, CNV Internationaal and KSBSI applied specific advocacy strategies to help meet the preconditions for social dialogue and to influence negotiation in the process. The advocacy strategies that focus on constructive arguments, joint learning, cooperation and persuasion.

And on  labour rights prgram, CNV and KSBSI are focused to improve labour rights especially on  low wage workers in private sector supply chains (formal and informal workers), to organise and bargain collectively, to decent wages, to safe and respectful working conditions, to gender equity and to freedom from workplace discrimination.

In order to support the program, CNV Internationaal requires communication Specialist as consultant who will assist KSBSI in increasing information coverage and advocacy both to the central government, local government, companies and relevant stakeholders and public.

The Consultant will develop and support the implementation a communications and advocacy strategy and action plan to enhance public information and outreach of development cooperation projects within CNV and KSBSI. He/She will formulate KSBSI  communications and outreach strategy geared to:
  • Advocate for key governance-related development issues, raise awareness, influence public opinion,
  • Maximize media outreach and contribute to the mobilization of strategic support for governance initiatives,
  • Scale-up, document and make visible achievements and results.
Under the guidance and direct supervision of the CNV International project team, and KSBSI team leader, the  Consultant will perform the following responsibility:
  • Oversee and engage with project teams in the development of strategic communications and outreach plans and campaigns to strengthen the visibility of the project activities, achievements and results;
  • Design, formulate and lead the implementation of the communications and outreach strategy, including the analysis of requirements and formulation of specific proposals to enhance strategic communications and boost media presence around key developmental issues supportive of KSBSI Positioning.
  • Advise on and support the organization of publicity/outreach for the project, knowledge-sharing events and promotional opportunities;
  • Contribute to identifying new and creative ways to enhance visibility and outreach of project deliverable and results.
  • Contribute to enhancing KSBSI  media and online presence and information dissemination by upgrading the quality and use of existing media/information systems (webpage, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, press releases, articles, video documentaries, etc.);
  • Support project events (launches, field visits, ceremonies, etc.) with a view to issue actionable recommendations to improve event management, outreach and advocacy around key development dimensions
  • Preferably advanced degree in one or more of the following disciplines: Mass Communications; Development Communication; Organizational Communications, Journalism, or other relevant fields.
  • A minimum of 8 years of experience with a proven professional record in in strategic communications planning, advertising, developing, designing, production and publishing/dissemination/airing of communication products using various media, and organizing, and producing major events of regional or international nature;
  • Experience at the national or international level in public relations, communications or advocacy would be desirable but not a requirement;
  • Prior experience to the work of the International Organizations or development issues is an advantage
  • General understanding of labor rights context
How to apply
Please email your CV and Cover Letter with Subject: CS-Your Name to, before April 4th, 2019.

Only selected candidates will be contacted.