Econusa Foundation Job Vacancy: Communication Director, Jakarta - Indonesian


Communication Director
Job title: Communication Director
Valid from: 10 19 May 2019
Reports to: Executive Director

About EcoNusa
EcoNusa Foundation is Indonesian and Jakarta base a non-profit organization with strong focus in easter Indonesia that aiming to boost up various local initiatives at national and international levels in a bid to provide support to a sustainable and equal management of natural resources in Indonesia focus on Environmental Issue such as Ocean, Forest, Renewable Energy with strong link with community capacity building in the region to perform advocacy, campaign, communication and stakeholder engagement strategy and dialogue among stakeholders to meet natural resources management in sustainable manner while promoting equality, conservation, and transparent values. EcoNusa vision is to become a credible and influential agent of change in support of sustainable environmental development while promoting equality and conservation values. EcoNusa strives for accountability and transparency in a bid to become a credible and influential agent of change to meet the vision and mission for sustainable environment and humanity.

Major Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Carry out the leadership of the Directorate of Communication and Strategic Interaction to achieve the strategic objectives set out in the EcoNusa strategic plan and the responsibility of the directorate.
  • Representing the organization with other parties including the development of partnerships and cooperation at various levels: regional, national and international for the success and progress of programs that are the responsibility of the directorate.
  • Establish operational policies and implementation strategies as a reference for the implementation of the program and work reference for the directorate's team.
  • Initiating concepts, ideas and strategies to improve the performance and progress of the directorate and the progress of EcoNusa in general.
  • Coordinating the Managers they lead to ensure synergy in planning, work implementation, and achievement of the planned targets planned by the directorate.
  • Leading coordination meetings and decision making at its directorate in accordance with the provisions of the EcoNusa SOP.
  • Sign the documents and other documents related to program management at the directorate in accordance with the provisions of the EcoNusa SOP. 
  • Carry out activities related to external parties for the success and progress of the directorate and EcoNusa such as: lobbying, communication, meetings and other activities to develop networks, partnerships and cooperation that do not conflict with vision, mission and values EcoNusa value.
  • Coordinate planning, budgeting and program control and costs in the directorate according to the EcoNusa Strategic Plan.
  • Prepare a proposal according to the offer of cooperation from other parties by ensuring the quality of each proposal made by the directorate.
  • Ensure quality control (quality control) for program planning in the directorate and its implementation.
  • Building teamwork in its directorates and with all other directorates to achieve EcoNusa objectives.
  • Making reports on programs / activities that are the responsibility of the directorate in accordance with the provisions of EcoNusa. 
Skills and abilities
  • Coaching, leading teams and capacity building/development. Strong human relations skills
  • Presentation, communications, and negotiation.
  • Influencing and Networking with partners and stakeholders.
  • Planning, organization, facilitation and coordination.
  • Fluency in spoken and written Bahasa and English.
  • Strong oral and written communication and organizational skills.
  • Candidates should be able to effectively prioritize and execute a large number of activities at once, with minimal supervision.
  • Willingness to travel extensively in the country and internationally 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Communications, or related field, Master’s preferred.
  • A minimum of five years' experience is required in reporting, communications, media relations, public relations . Equivalent combination of education/experience may be considered.
  • An understanding of Microsoft Office Suite and social media platforms is essential.
  • Excellent writing, verbal, editing, presentation and overall communication skills.
  • Demonstrated discipline in project execution 
How to apply: 
  • Please send a resume (maximum 3 pages) and a cover letter to
  • The cover letter should describe personal and professional reasons for applying, and explain the relationship between the candidate´s experience and the position requirements and EcoNusa program focus and expected salary.
Please note: EcoNusa not respond to individual telephone or mail inquiries about this employment opportunity.