Filantropi Indonesia Job Vacancy: Executive Director, Jakarta


Job Description

Executive Director – Filantropi Indonesia


About Filantropi Indonesia
Filantropi Indonesia is an independent, non-profit association with over 150 members of prominent individuals & organizations working in the Indonesian philanthropy sector, including family and corporate foundations, academic and research institutes, as well as locally based civil society organizations. Established in 2007 and currently led by a high-profile governing board, Filantropi Indonesia is well connected on all levels of development actors including the government, business, media, and grassroots organizations. We are also been a part of a global philanthropy network for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), called the SDG Philanthropy Platform since 2015. Since its inception, Filantropi Indonesia has played its role as a bridge, a facilitator, and a guide for all philanthropy actors in their development. We take pride in our members and their work, our extended network both locally and globally, as well as our partners in furthering our mission.

Filantropi Indonesia is currently on a transition period with exciting new targets and goals to strengthen the country’s philanthropy ecosystem. We aim to create new leaders of philanthropy who will become trailblazers and create changes through innovative and impactful programs. We are looking for a visionary leader to lead the management team in achieving the outcomes set out in our new strategic plan.


General Description
We are looking for a new Executive Director to lead our small yet effective team under the guidance and supervision of Filantropi Indonesia’s newly elected Board. This position is a key part of Filantropi Indonesia’s strategic planning implementation to evolve and adapt the organization’s culture and practices in response to today’s and future challenges. This is an excellent opportunity for the Executive Director to help lead and shape this transition so that Filantropi Indonesia can meet its mission and transform the organization’s processes, systems, and policies. This position also provides overall strategic and operational responsibility for staff, programs, and the execution of our mission.

Other key duties include fundraising, marketing, and networking. This position reports directly to the Executive Board.