Yayasan Alam Sehat Lestari Job Vacancy: Director – Borneo, Kayong Utara - West Kalimantan

Alam Sehat Lestari Job Vacancies 2022
  • Job Title: Director – Borneo
  • Reports to: Board of Directors / Executive Director
  • Duration: At least 24 months commitment, yearly contract, 3-month probation
  • Location: Sukadana, Kab. Kayong Utara, West Kalimantan
  • Salary and benefits: Competitive Salary, BPJS, housing, lunch at working days
  • Start Date: 1 January 2023
About Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI)

ASRI seeks an experienced and passionate leader to accelerate our growth and meet the urgency of the climate and nature crises. In a business-as-usual scenario, global temperatures will rise at least 1.5 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial averages by 2030, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Without immediate action to prevent this rise, Earth and its diverse ecosystems will face irreversible, negative impacts by mid-century.

ASRI has a unique and disruptive, 15-year-old, scientifically proven, and scalable solution that can make Indonesia a leader in the world’s efforts to cool the planet. ASRI is an award-winning, Indonesian, planetary health nonprofit reversing deforestation of tropical rainforests to curb the climate crisis and nature’s collapse. ASRI does this by investing in the climate-critical expertise of Indigenous, traditional, and local communities living in and around Indonesia’s tropical rainforests: because they are the true experts in knowing how to protect and expand rainforests, thereby cooling our planet.

The remarkable 10-year impact of collaboration between National government, local government, and ASRI’s pioneering approach surrounding the area of Gunung Palung National Park was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA (Jones et al, PNAS, 2020). In summary, between 2007-2017, ASRI’s investment into community-designed solutions designed through Radical Listening has contributed to the reduction of the number of households reliant on logging for their livelihood by 90%, and allowed 21,000 hectares of secondary forest to regrow (meaning critical habitat expansion for biodiversity and for the thriving of some 2,500 critically endangered Bornean Orangutans which live in this forest).

There were also extraordinary health benefits to the community of 120,000 people in ASRI’s clinic’s catchment area, including a 67% reduction in infant mortality and significant declines over time in diagnosed cases of malaria, TB, neglected tropical diseases, and diabetes. These results gave ASRI the confidence to expand the use of its Radical listening approach beside communities near Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park (since 2018) and Papua (assessments underway).

ASRI, now 15 years old, has grown significantly: more than doubling its income and expense profiles since 2017 ($1M+ annual budget) and growing its workforce by 50% since 2017 (100 staff). ASRI has more than doubled the number of its institutional donors from North America and Europe since 2017.

ASRI is on a path of rapid growth, and today demands leadership maturation and professionalization in all categories of its work in Indonesia. The Director for ASRI Borneo is the final responsible for strategic leadership and oversight of the ASRI Borneo program. It is a multifaceted role, with final responsibility for:
  • Strategy development
  • Senior representation, strategic partnerships, and government relations
  • Financial planning, analysis, and management; including the internal financial controls for compliance
  • Management of high-quality programs and service delivery for impact
  • Talent development and human resources management (including safety and security)
  • Fundraising, marketing, and communications to sustain quality programs
  • Advocacy

Willingness to adopt ASRI’s value:
  • Dignity
  • Ability to work in harmony
  • Integrity
  • Equality
  • Willingness to listen
  • Togetherness
  • Being a good example
Strategy development and leadership
  • With your Board of Director, lead the development of and execute a high-quality, ambitious Strategic Plan for ASRI’s Planetary Health impact in Borneo
  • With your leadership team and stakeholders, lead the development of, execute and oversee high-quality, ambitious, multi-year action plans and budgets to accomplish Strategic Planning goals
Fundraising, marketing, and communications
  • Strengthen the financial sustainability and longevity of ASRI programs and operations through creative fundraising and resource development strategies and execution.
  • Lead and oversee the grants acquisition and management effort for ASRI in Borneo, ensuring long-term health of the programs and achievement of program targets agreed- upon in grants
  • Foster and manage strong relationships with ASRI’s international institutional donors.
  • Work closely and uniquely with international funders and partners like Health In Harmony.
Financial planning, analysis, and management
  • Ensure compliant, transparent, and optimal allocation of ASRI’s financial, human, and physical assets and resources.
  • Install adequate internal financial controls in a complex environment (involving international donors and multiple sources of revenue including grants, individuals, corporations, and earned revenue) to protect ASRI’s assets and ensure they are used according to organizational principles and donor terms and conditions.
  • Ensure ASRI’s planned growth is adequately and responsibly financed
Senior representation, strategic partnerships, and government relations
  • Raise ASRI’s profile and reputation among government authorities, other non-profits, and for-profit corporations throughout Indonesia and beyond.
  • Ensure ASRI is recognized by stakeholders (government authorities, donors, other non-profits, media, etc) as a pioneer in radical listening and planetary health, and a rare example in the world of a planetary health system.
  • Network and advocate for uptake by others of the ASRI model and ASRI’s planetary health learning.
  • Foster and manage strong relationships with ASRI’s international partners and donors, like Health In Harmony, the Planetary Health Alliance, and others.
Program management
  • Oversee quality planetary health programming in Borneo according to community-designed solutions. Ensure timely monitoring of impact and its reporting to all stakeholders.
  • Leverage both successes and failures for learning
Talent development and human resources management (including safety and security).
  • Oversee the recruitment, orientation, and performance of senior staff and development of middle management and junior staff; demonstrating healthy engagement, strong senior management team, a culture of innovation, and effective talent management
  • Indonesian national
  • Strong visioning, strategic planning, and implementation abilities. Effective under pressure. Results-oriented and proactive with the ability to multi-task
  • 8+ years of senior management experience in an international development organization or setting
  • Proven record of strong management skills with complex programs and a large number of diverse staff
  • Experience in the management of large institutional grants preferred
  • Proven experience in health care, conservation, and/or business management preferred
  • Outstanding Bahasa Indonesian oral and written communication skills are a must as well as a strong command of English
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and grow a nationally and internationally impactful agency or business by attracting local and international resources and building partnerships
  • Demonstrated high-level interpersonal and cross-cultural skills including the ability to build collaborative relationships internally and externally with sensitivity to culture, ethnic, social, and political issues
  • Ability to pragmatically solve problems, and plan a course of action using analytical, conceptual, strategic, and forward-thinking abilities. High Emotional Intelligence.
  • Demonstrated technical expertise in the nexus of organizational mission – radical listening – fundraising – program delivery – budgeting – impact
  • Strong people management skills: an eye for talent; developing and motivating others; managing change; conflict resolution; initiative and flexibility
  • A readiness to exit the silos you’ve been working inside of during your career in order to operationalize humanity’s interdependence with nature, and vice versa
Application Process:

Please send a cover letter, motivation letter, and resume/CV to: hrd@alamsehatlestari.org , cc:  febri@alamsehatlestari.org and niniekwidiandriany@alamsehatlestari.org by October 29, 2022. Please use the Director – Borneo in the subject line. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to contact all applicants, but we will contact you soon if you are chosen for an interview.