NOVACT Job Vacancy: Mashreq Regional Coordinator, Barcelona - Spain

Terms of reference
  • Position: NOVACT’s Mashreq Regional Coordinator
  • Location: Based in Barcelona with regular missions in the Mashreq countries (Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Palestine, among others).
  • Type of contract: Indefinite contract at full time (37,5h/week) as flying expatriate.
  • Wage: 2.600 Euros per month - gross salary - pro rata over 12 payments (including extra payments).
NOVACT is an independent non-profit association with headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Madrid and Cáceres (Spain), Ramallah (Palestine), Tunis (Tunisia), Sahrawi refugee camps in Tindouf (Algeria) and Amman (Jordan).

Our aim is to promote nonviolent actions for social transformation towards the defense of human rights, human security and social justice. The organization's international cooperation projects in the Maghreb and Mashreq regions are combined with political-social advocacy strategies in Catalonia, Spain and the rest of Europe.

We attach great importance to working with social movements and their needs, trying to act as a bridge between social demands and institutions.

We mainstream the gender perspective in all our activities, projects and functioning, and therefore in each of our job offers, the sensitivity and understanding of this vision is fundamental for candidates.

Functions and tasks

The Regional Coordinator of Mashreq (Middle East) will have to coordinate the peacebuilding, development and humanitarian aid projects that NOVACT has in the region. Besides, this person needs to be the head and representative of some of NOVACT offices in Mashreq as well as the spokesperson in front of the donors, the partners, the local administrations and others. Also, he/she will coordinate and ensure the implementation of NOVACT strategy in the region while leading the strategic vision for the mid and long-term.
Finally, this person will be ensuring the quality of the programs implemented, the efficiency of the internal procedures and protocols, the grants management and the agreements (including the supervision of the financial management of projects) and the staff. More specifically, the tasks to develop will be:

Human resources-related tasks:
  • Management of all the expatriate and local staff based in Mashreq (Amman and Ramallah offices).
  • In coordination with the administration department, ensure compliance with NOVACT's internal procedures and the applicable national legislation on recruitment, public tenders, procurement and accounting.
  • Manage administrative and legal issues with National and European authorities related to the obtention of visas of NOVACT staff in the Mashreq, in coordination with the administration department.
  • Ensure all NOVACT staff demonstrates individual and collective responsibilities for safety and security.
  • Ensure compliance with NOVACT Security Protocols and their effective application in the local context.
  • Ensure all NOVACT visitors receive proper safety and security briefings before visits. − Participate in the Mashreq recruitment processes.
Strategizing and fundraising
  • Lead the process to develop national strategic plans for the mid and long-term, keeping the emphasis on the axes of intervention fixed in the strategic plan of NOVACT 2022-2025.
  • Reinforce public position of NOVACT in the region, by establish and maintaining good relationships with relevant – counterparts/departments of the government, International Community members, locally-represented multi/bilateral donors, foundations, think tanks, international and national NGOs, CBOs and other civil society organizations.
  • Establish new partnerships and allies that can contribute to implement NOVACT strategic plan 2022-2025 for the region
  • Identify issues to be addressed to heighten donor and government accountability and maintain a positive image and good visibility for NOVACT amongst these groups.
  • Ensure timely reporting and communications with International Community members, donors, government and other key actors.
  • Develop and support, in coordination with the Mashreq team, operational partnerships with central and local authorities, and NGO partners to ensure effective implementation of NOVACT vision for the region. Support relationship-building/enhancement with UN agencies, international NGOs, and others for the purpose of improving the quality and relevance of information analysis.
  • Oversee execution of the work plan through the various stages of the proposal development process (building partnerships, identifying and pursuing new opportunities, and proposal development), including: actively building partnerships with existing and potential partners; working with the fundraising department to lead on relevant proposal development.
  • Ensure that the projects submitted in the calls are high-quality proposals and are in line with the donors' requirements, as well as NOVACT's strategy for the Mashreq.
  • In coordination with the fundraising department, lead initiatives to raise funds in the countries following NOVACT's strategic plan 2022-2025.
  • In coordination with the fundraising department, follow the tendencies in the matter of finance and programming of donors, including their priorities and the resources allocated linked with NOVACT strategic vision for the Mashreq.
Program management:
  • Ensure the implementation and the achievement of the goals established in the strategic plan NOVACT 2022-2025 and foster the specific priorities detailed.
  • Maintain the preparation of annual work plans and budgets for the program (projects and Amman and Ramallah offices).
  • Assure that Mashreq programs have adequate technical and financial resources to reach their goals.
  • Ensure that NOVACT's projects in the region remain appropriate, according to the local, national and regional context and needs.
  • Assure that programs are completed on time, within budget, and in full compliance with donor and NOVACT policies and requirements.
  • Ensure that the technical staff executes the work according to the established work plan and in compliance with the donors' and NOVACT's regulations.
  • Assure that the planning, the budget and the reporting of the offices of Amman and Ramallah are made in a timely and appropriate way, according to the donors' and NOVACT's requirements.
  • Ensure that project management cycle tasks are performed following high-level quality standards.
  • Participate in and provide support to Global and Regional initiatives aimed at improving standards and coordination between multiple regions of intervention ofNOVACT.
Project implementation:
  • Supervise the implementation of projects and ensure that it is done according to high-level quality standards, comprising the appropriate allocation of the activity resources and the follow-up of the execution.
  • Ensure timely implementation of NOVACT’S project in the region in coordination with concerned country offices and teams.
  • Oversee and ensure the follow-up of the projects to confirm their adequate implementation abiding by the work plan, timetable and budget.
  • Anticipate potential problems and troubles regarding the project implementation and offer solutions, actively taking part in the resolution actions.
  • Ensure all the modifications, adjustments or extensions needed within the projects and that these are fully justified and communicated to the donors.
  • Ensure that the administrative and financial tasks are carried out effectively and according to the protocols.
  • Ensure proper communication of project implementation in collaboration with the communication unit
Financial and administrative management:
  • Ensure the financial viability of the Mashreq program, from the procurement of resources to the completion of projects, monitoring the program's adherence to the budget.
  • Manage the overall office budget and ensure good and transparent management of all resources.
  • Establish an annual cash flow plan to ensure a stable collection of funds for the development of program activities.
  • Ensure compliance with donor procedures and regulations regarding the financial and administrative management of projects.
  • Ensure adequate and timely preparation and monitoring of program and project budgets.
  • Ensure that complete, up to date and accurate financial records are maintained in the offices for all transactions carried out, and that supporting documents are complete and available, with appropriate signatures and tablets, and that the forms and templates used are in accordance with donor procedures.
  • Supervise and support Mashreq NOVACT staff, and monitor that procedures for the most frequent operations are common and respected.
  • Regularly monitor that project costs are in line with plans to detect under- or over-costing and ensure that projects are completed in accordance with the planned budget.
  • Ensure the preparation of project and program financial reports to the highest quality standards and the accuracy of the data contained therein with the coordination and direction of NOVACT HQ finance staff and officers.
  • Ensure overall program and project auditing and financial transparency with the supervision and direction of NOVACT HQ financial and official staff.
Compliance and M&E:
  • Oversee program operations, ensure compliance with NOVACT policies and procedures, as well of donors and local laws.
  • Oversee all internal and external evaluations of projects, program and the offices.
  • Regularly update the NOVACT Program’s Director on the development of the projects and the program.
  • Ensure that all donor contractual conditions are respected, in accordance withNOVACT guidelines and procedures in the financial management of projects.
  • Ensure the delivery of technical and financial reports according to the deadlines and quality standards set by donors and NOVACT.
  • Contribute to the capitalisation of experiences and the dissemination of best practices. − Support implementation of control mechanisms for compliance and quality standardsof implementation, output, and deliverables at regional and country levels.
External representation:
  • Maintain an appropriate image and represent NOVACT's identity and values to partners, donors and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure effective and continuous communication with donors.
  • Represent NOVACT and actively participate in meetings with humanitarian, development and other International organisations in the region.
  • Coordinate the organisation and support the logistical planning of any external field visits.
  • Liaise between NOVACT and other partners in the region.
  • Be the point of contact with headquarters and ensure NOVACT's representation with local partners, I/NGOs, UN agencies, local authorities, government authorities and donors.
  • Reports directly to: Programs’ Director NOVACT
  • Works directly with: Mashreq team of NOVACT.
  • Diploma of upper studies, preferably in social sciences, law, political sciences, international relations, communication or journalism.
  • Working experience of at least 8 years in the management of projects of international cooperation funded by the European Union, the Spanish Cooperation or the United Nations, preferably in matter of human rights and of peacebuilding.
  • Competences in leadership and experience in team management.
  • Experience in financial management of budgets; preparation and justification.
  • Experience in fundraising and creation of strategic relations with new donors.
  • Experience in the project writing for calls and the management of grants. − Perfect knowledge of English and Spanish.
  • Availability to travel an average of one week per month to the region (Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Palestine).
  • Experience of at least 5 years of work in the region and knowledge of the same. − Knowledge of office and other software related.
  • Availability to travel sporadically to other points of the region, like Lebanon. − Problem-solving capacity and work in team.
  • Proactive attitude, flexibility and adaptation to the changes.
  • Commitment with the nonviolent principles like transformative strategies, the defence of the human rights and the global justice.
  • Agreement with the aims and general values that characterise to NOVACT.
The following qualifications are desirable:
  • Knowledge and/or studies in Human rights or Peacebuilding.
  • Experience in investigation and incidence in the field of the peacebuilding. − Knowledge of Catalan and Arabic languages.
  • Experience living in the Mashreq region, specially Jordan, Iraq or Syria. − Handle of Internet and social networks.
  • Class B driving license.
  • Participation in social movements.
  • Presentation of the candidatures
The proposals, including a letter of motivation and CV, will have to be sent by email before the 7th of November to the email address: indicating in the subject of the post «Position Mashreq Coordination».

Closing Date: 07 November 2022

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