Yayasan Konservasi Indonesia Job Vacancy: Coral Reef and Surf Conservation Officer, Bali - Denpasar

Konservasi Indonesia is a national foundation established to support sustainable development in the country. We are the main partner of Conservation International in Indonesia.

We envision a healthy and prosperous Indonesia where biodiversity is valued and preserved. With offices and project sites across Indonesia, we promote a sustainable landscape-seascape approach and establish partnerships with multiple stakeholders across sectors and jurisdictions to deliver lasting impacts for people and nature in Indonesia.

As we are constantly expanding, we are currently hiring to fill the following position for our office in Bali: Coral Reef and Surf Conservation Officer (Code: CRSC-O)

Konservasi Indonesia is looking for an enthusiastic candidate to work closely with government agencies and key stakeholders to implement the Surf Conservation Partnership initiative in Indonesia. Indonesia is home to Southeast Asia’s most extensive coral reefs and has been identified as one of the world’s greatest biodiversity resources. Various initiatives have been undertaken to protect and sustainably use coral reefs including locally marine managed areas (LMMA) which still need support to succeed. One form of support in coral reef management is combining it with surfing tourism and surf-protected area networks (SPAN). Surf Protected Area Networks are a new approach to marine and coastal conservation that combines legal protection of ecosystems and sustainable community development in areas where high-quality surfing waves and priority marine ecosystems overlap. The Surf Protected Area Network approach is being pursued in Indonesia under the Surf Conservation Partnership (SCP), which is a partnership between Conservation International and Save The Waves Coalition. The SCP has a global goal by the end of 2025 to work with local surfing communities to conserve 1 million hectares of nearshore marine and coastal habitat in locations where great surfing waves overlap with globally important marine and coastal biodiversity.

The SCP in Indonesia is working with the government, partner NGOs and local communities to create a Surf Protected Area Network in Indonesia. Surf Protected Area is a general term that describes a protected area that protects surfing waves and surrounding ecosystems and resources. To be legally established they include a range of possible designations, such as establishing community-based natural resources regulations in Locally Managed Marine Areas to establishing Provincial Marine Protected Areas. To support the creation of this national network of Surf Protected Areas, the SCP will undertake several key activities:
  • Work with national, provincial, and local governments to socialize and advance this approach as a meaningful conservation tool,
  • Conduct Surfonomics studies in key locations to identify the contribution that surfing areas make to local economies to help demonstrate the value and importance of protecting these areas,
  • Facilitate stakeholder groups to establish and manage Surf Protected Areas,
  • Support the establishment of sustainable surf and marine tourism initiatives and community sustainable enterprises,
  • Raise the capacity of local community members to participate in surf-protected areas including with a focus on youth, women, and girls, and other activities as relevant.
As part of implementing SCP activities in Indonesia, this position will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the project, “Securing the Long-term Conservation of Biologically Diverse and Resilient Coral Reefs in Indonesia”. This project, which has been funded by the United States National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is part of the effort to create a network of protected areas with surfing communities in Indonesia focusing on Morotai.


Technical and Policy Support
  • Oversee and implement the NOAA-funded project, “Securing the Long-term Conservation of Biologically Diverse and Resilient Coral Reefs in Indonesia”.
  • Support the integration of national act no. 6 the year 2014 about villages into the locally managed marine area (LMMA) development and other legal umbrellas for Surf Protected Area and LMMA network establishment.
  • Develop coral reef conservation and resilience strategy and model for small islands
  • Support integration of terrestrial and marine conservation areas into planning frameworks to mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts at the village level. Where needed, work with relevant agencies and other stakeholders to develop or update the national system on vulnerability index data for the information system.
  • Support local stakeholders in focal geographies including government and communities to develop sustainable tourism guidelines and regulations as part of their effort to develop Surf Protected Areas.
  • Support community members in focal geographies to develop sustainable tourism enterprises and other sustainable economic development opportunities to support their long-term participation in conservation activities.
Stakeholder Liaison and Government Engagement
  • Coordinate with local government (village to province), partner NGOs, local communities, and other key stakeholders to improve and expand Surf Protected Area and LMMA establishment and implementation.
  • Communications on the Surf Conservation Partnership and LMMA Networks.
  • Work with KI personnel to identify appropriate materials and mechanisms to support improved reporting and communications.
  • Produce technical material for infographic and presentation deck for support communication and outreach
  • This position does not supervise staff. Duties are performed under general supervision.
  • This person will be responsible for establishing constructive relationships with the government, local community, and other NGOs
  • The successful candidate will work closely with local government from the provincial to village level and coordinate with KI colleagues across the organization
  • A degree in ocean science and/or natural resources management-related science with a minimum of 3+ years of professional experience.
  • Good knowledge of coral reef conservation, including community-based conservation
  • Experience in developing sustainable tourism and community-based economic enterprises as an element of natural resource conservation.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in cross-cultural situations with a wide range of people, including businesses, government, non-governmental organizations, and local communities
  • Proven track record in writing/editing
  • An advance in English (Speaking, Reading, and Writing);
  • Computer literate in word, graphic software, excel, power point and statistical software
  • Good communication skills and development network
  • Has experience in research, analysis, and development
  • Skills in marine activities (especially surfing, snorkeling, and diving)
  • The position will be based in Bali and may require travel to working sites with limited amenities
  • Ability to work well with remote supervision and coordination.
Please send your current resume and cover letter (no more than 4 pages) to: indonesia.hrd@konservasi-id.org

Please fill the “subject” column of the e-mail with this format: <CRSC-O> - <your name>

The closing date for the application is Dec 6, 2022

(Only short-listed candidates will be notified).