Expertise France Job Vacancy: Program Coordinator - Air Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) in ASEAN, Jakarta - Indonesia

The position combines a strategic component with a strong operational focus, as the Coordinator will be responsible for both the strategic steering of the programme and its implementation, in collaboration with EF HQ.

The coordinator will be part of the Coordination and ManagementTteam, which will also include a Program Assistant that he / she will have to hire and manage. The coordinator will have the following responsibilities:

Program strategic steering:
  • During the program launch phase, specify with ASEAN and AFD the operational approach of the project: technical and budgetary planification, program governance and monitoring tools;
  • Ensure a good level of coordination with ASEAN and the beneficiaires (strategic alignment, beneficiaries identification and mobilization), to achieve the program activities;
  • Identify the potential synergies with the first part of the AQIP, as well as with programs led by other divisions or partners of ASEAN;
  • Identify the short term expertise needs to support the Coordination and Management Team to achieve the program activities.
Program operational management:
  • Hire the Program Assistant, define his / her operational objectives, set up his / her workplan, manage and support him / her.
  • Mobilize the short term expertise needs to support the Coordination and Management Team to achieve the program activities: draft Terms of References, analyze offers and select relevant experts, monitor and evaluate experts activities and ensure a high level of quality;
  • Support short-term experts under his / her supervision, both during the diagnosis and the implementation phases, and ensure the pace of the delivery as well as the quality of the delivrables and activities;
  • Represent the project to all partners (institutional, technical and financial);
  • Oversee the logistics associated with the realization of activities (events, training, conferences, study tours, etc.);
  • Initiate and coordinate activities related to communication and visibility of this strategical cooperation program between ASEAN and AFD;
  • Ensure the program monitoring and evaluation