Wildlife Conservation Society Job Vacancy: Senior Forest Program Manager, Indonesia

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) works in over 60 countries to save wildlife and wild places through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature. WCS has worked in Indonesia for over 20 years supporting the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in conserving Indonesia’s biodiversity in several priority landscapes. WCS works closely with relevant government agencies, local communities, schools and universities, and the private sector.

The WCS Indonesia Program (WCS-IP) is structured under five core thematic programs: Forests; Marine; Wildlife Trade and Policy; One Health; and, Rights and Communities. Within this, the Forests Program is being implemented in the five WCS-IP priority Landscapes (Leuser, Bukit Barisan Selatan, Way Kambas, Bogani Nani and Rote Island), with core activities including protected area strengthening and wildlife management, a Sustainable Landscapes program that is addressing the two main drivers of deforestation – infrastructure development and smallholder farmland expansion – and a Bogor-based Conservation Evidence Unit, which provides support in data analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and national level policy reforms.

Leading the Forest Program, the Senior Program Manager will perform three main roles: i) Program Management; ii) Cross-cutting program support; and, iii) Program development and partner engagement. The Senior Manager is responsible for setting the Program strategic direction and ensuring a progressive approach to transform threatened forested landscapes into Nature’s Strongholds.


Program Management
Overall management of the Forests Program, with a primary duty being the line management of the managers and senior coordinators who are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Program, such as planning, implementation, M&E, reporting, partner liaison, administration and finance, recruitment and providing capacity building and technical support to WCS staff and partners to ensure that all Program targets and deliverables are met. There are several key tasks, namely,
  • Supervision of the WCS-IP priority landscape programs in Sumatra, Sulawesi and Rote Island – overseeing protected area/ecosystem essential area/Forest Management Unit strengthening (including METT, SMART-RBM and the Integrated Prevention Model/IPM), forest-edge community assistance (including human-wildlife conflict mitigation and good animal husbandry practices), recovery of priority species and applied research to inform conservation decision making, including spatial, economic development and green growth planning at the district and provincial level, as needed.
  • Supervision of the Sustainable Landscape program – ensuring the delivery of WCS-IP’s infrastructure support (facilitation of the National Advisory Team, policy reform, provincial and district level technical assistance, and trainings) and Forest First approach (a collective responsibility private sector partnership for removing deforestation risk from major commodity supply chains in Lampung-coffee, Aceh-oil palm and North Sulawesi-coconuts), with key technical assistance from the Senior Forests and Climate Advisor.
  • Supervision of the Conservation Evidence Unit – to compile, analyse and evaluate project performance, from which to inform the strategic direction of the Forests Program and MoEF policy development, and oversee the publication of three peer-reviewed scientific journal articles using data generated from the projects.
  • Project sustainability – to identify areas for increased and diversified funding that removes the dependency on external sources of donor funding. This could include budget tagging, village funds and ecological fiscal transfer schemes, which operate at different levels (village, district and provincial), but all hold high potential.
Cross-cutting program support
  • Be an active member of several WCS-IP initiatives,
  • IPM – for terrestrial and marine.
  • APRIL collaboration – for SMART and IPM development.
  • Sustainable financing assessment.
  • Science Unit development, including the Research Fellowship Program, National Research Hub and the development of Way Canguk, Ketambe and Binereun research stations to conduct time-critical applied research.
  • Key country strategy themes – Peer-to-Peer, Leadership and Gender Equity and Social Inclusion.
  • Participating in relevant national working groups.
Program development and partner engagement
  • Develop project proposals and concept notes with the Country Director, Deputy Country Director and Regional Director.
  • Generate and critique fresh thinking into WCS-IP’s way of work, such as climate change adaption planning and technical assistance in Rote Island, Protected Areas ‘Centres of Excellence’ (e.g. Gunung Leuser-Lorentz) and a Protected Area and Biodiversity Fund.
  • Liaise, establish and/or maintain good working relationships and/or strategic partnerships with key stakeholders from government, academia, NGOs, private sector and donors to support WCS-IP overall operation. This include managing several key donor relationships.
  • Work with the Communications Team to develop timely communication pieces, such as popular, stories, press releases and newspaper articles, which bring attention to conservation issues that are important to WCS-IP’s work and give appropriate recognition to our partners.
  • Be a Senior Management Team (SMT) member and actively participate in monthly meetings to support the ongoing improvement of WCS-IP operations.
When you are interested on the above position and consider that you possess the necessary qualification, please submit your application consisting of updated curriculum vitae and a cover letter explaining your interest towards this work and/or this organization to idrecruitment@wcs.org

Please fill the subject column of the e-mail in this format "Senior Forest Program Manager_(name)"

Deadline: December 21st, 2022