Asylum Access Job Vacancy: Community Advocate (Rohingya Community), Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Innovative Human Rights NGO Seeks Community Advocate

About Asylum Access
We are human rights advocates who support forcibly displaced individuals and communities as they reclaim their rights, agency, and power.

Our unique combination of legal empowerment, policy advocacy, and global systems change creates conditions in which refugees can live safely, move freely, work legally, and go to school. Our work transforms the traditional approach of endless humanitarian handouts to a sustainable solution that honors refugees’ freedom, dignity, and autonomy, and equips them to make choices about their own lives.

Asylum Access’ global team and family of local civil society organizations advocate making human rights a reality for refugees throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Our national organizations are led and staffed primarily by community members in those countries, and there is strong mutual trust and respect between us and our clients. On the international stage, we work with established institutions to shift the global system to better uphold and promote refugees’ human rights. We can help catalyze and lead systemic transformation because, uniquely among NGOs in the refugee response sector, we focus exclusively on rights and governance.

Department Description
Asylum Access Malaysia's Community Outreach (CO) Department works on the front lines with refugee communities to inform and empower them to use their knowledge and skills to improve their situation in the country of refuge. Through the Community Legal Empowerment and Protection (CLEP) tools, we build the capacity of our clients to advocate for and exercise their rights and to take full advantage of the services and support that are available to them. The Community Outreach Team also works closely with other service providers for refugees needs, employers on employment disputes, non-governmental organizations and also government stakeholders in resolving refugees disputes. Internally, the CO team facilitates services with other departments at AAM, both by gathering information from community members that will enhance our legal services work as well as by assisting clients who are unable to visit our office.

Position Description
Community Advocate works primarily in steering the Community Outreach strategy  of Asylum Access Malaysia by assisting refugees and asylum seekers by providing information on protection and services available to them, connecting them to AAM services, and contributing to AAM’s broader programmatic work.

The Key Responsibilities of the Community Advocate

Community Outreach and Workshops (30%)
  • Mobilize community and conduct workshops on topics related to Community Legal Empowerment and Protection (CLEP) and complete all tasks related to the workshops.
  • Complete at least one workshop per month, or one every other month, based upon AAM deliverables as well as the community need, under the supervision of the Community Outreach Lead,
  • Establishing and/or maintaining relationships with Community-Based organizations/ Refugee Led Organisations/ Refugee Led Initiatives
  • Establishing and/or maintaining relationships with other service providers and keeping updates on their services;
  • Participate in developing and executing the community outreach strategy of AAM.
Case Work (30%)
  • Identifying highly vulnerable cases in the community and referring them to the relevant team of AAM and/or to other relevant service providers as necessary.
  • Conducting client screening interviews and drafting partner referral submissions for individual cases requiring UNHCR intervention or support;
  • Providing general advice to refugees and asylum seekers on UNHCR processes, Malaysian law, and the human rights
  • Provide information to the refugees and asylum seekers regarding services and options available to them.
  • Keeping client records updated and communicating updates to the clients on a timely basis;
  • To provide accompaniment to clients to service providers and government agencies when need arises
Employment Disputes (15%)
  • Assist employment dispute (ED) case management by conducting screening, exploring options for solutions, and dealing with government authorities, 3 cases quarterly, under the supervision of the Community Outreach Manager and Work Rights Program Officer
Advocacy (10%)
  • Facilitate awareness-raising and engagement in refugee-led advocacy throughout communities such as through the use of community consultations, roundtables, and/or any other relevant activities and tools 
  • Where necessary, conduct information-gathering interviews for advocacy purposes;
  • Participate in meetings and/or any advocacy opportunities with external parties, including NGO partners, UNHCR and government agencies to advocate for refugee rights; 
Administration (15%)
  • Ensure that all digital client files are up to date with all relevant documents recorded;
  • Regularly check AAM work email and work phone and respond to the emails and messages timely;
  • Fill in work logs regularly and promptly;
  • Attend regular check-ins with the supervisor and the team meetings at the designated times/dates
  • Perform any other duties as may be needed and agreed with the Community Outreach Lead and Community Outreach Manager
Reports to: Community Outreach Lead of AAM

Closing Date: 02 May 2024