Director, Global Human Resources - Care Canada, Ottawa

Closing date:  26 Oct 2011

Summary: The International Operations (IO) unit of CARE Canada is entrusted with the mission of guiding and monitoring CARE Canada lead Country Offices in establishing an efficient and effective operational platform including but not limited to human resources, financial, administrative process and technical infrastructure that would enable effective program and project delivery to the targeted population.

The goal of the International Operations (IO) Unit is to ensure effective and efficient support and oversight to the Country Offices (COs) where CARE Canada is a Lead Member. This includes engaging with CARE International (CI) in strategic discussions on standards, cost recovery and other measures, to ensure effective CO management, and to maintain and strengthen CARE’s ability to program internationally.

CARE Canada is the Lead Member in CARE International for Chad, Cuba, Indonesia, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Global Human Resources Director will work with the above six country offices to provide necessary oversight to key human resources areas and extend and coordinate technical and professional support to ensure overall effectiveness, efficiency, integrity, legal compliance and consistency of their domestic human resource operations and practices.

Through frequent on-site visits, and readily accessible internet communication, the Director will provide ongoing advisory and coaching services and will work with CO human resource staff to establish, develop, further enhance or troubleshoot their human resource programs. The position will also serve as a periodic interlocutor between country offices and CARE Canada's Human Resource Unit in Ottawa, sharing information gathered during field visits, enabling a more effective and regular information flow between offices and enhanced career pathing opportunities between national and international staff.

Responsibilities: Job responsibility # 1 (Estimated % of time 12%) Country offices workforce planning, talent acquisition and management: • Train COs on workforce planning techniques. Assist in developing an annual workforce plan that would reflect the needs of the current program portfolio and resizing/restructuring plans to accommodate a growing/shrinking portfolio; • Regularly review the performance of the COs against the approved annual workforce plan; study and approve needed changes in close consultation and coordination with relevant staff and departments in COs and Ottawa; • Engage in CO restructuring exercises as needed to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and financial viability; • Liaise with CC's Human Resource Department on plans for talent management and roll out of related activities; • Review and provide input to CO talent management plans; maintain an updated inventory of program, HR and other expertise; • Develop COs plans for talented employees attraction, retention and development; set targets for staff development for each CO; • Design and implement a leadership development program; • Identify cross-CO placement opportunities.

Job responsibility # 2 (Estimated % of time 12%) National staff development and capacity building: • Coordinate and provide annual HR Manager's training which provides technical training and content applicable to meet the ongoing training needs of the COs; • Enhance access to HR global resources; • Engage with COs leadership and HR Managers and their staff to establish annual training plans for the HR team in close coordination with Ottawa HR; • Provide coaching, mentoring, professional advice and support to HR Managers in COs, and assist in building their professional network; • Identify and coordinate staff training in key generic knowledge and skills areas, focusing on COs senior managers (Project managers and above); • Create a platform for exchanging experiences between COs in the different programmatic and managerial areas; • Monitor access and use of CARE Academy or other online learning forums to provide CO staff with relevant training; • Coordinate HQ / COs TDYs and staff development opportunities; • Promote performance based and accountability culture among staff and COs SMT.

Job responsibility # 3 (Estimated % of time 15%) Assess, enhance and harmonize national staff HR policies and practices among COs and across CI: • Conduct regular HR audits on general human resource policies and practices, including terms and conditions of employment, and performance management; ensure policies are compliant with local employment legislation and standards; • Ensure consistency, quality, efficiency and integrity of HR Systems and practices in COs, providing technical assistance as needed; • Regularly review and enhance the COs JDs, job classification, grading and pay scale system; • Engage in the CI effort to harmonize HR policies and practices, participate in relevant forums, meetings and work groups on subject; • Coordinate and liaise closely with the HR unit on cross-cutting themes and issues relating to harmonization of CI HR.

Job responsibility # 4 (Estimated % of time 15%) Coordinate the implementation of HRIS, CareersUnited and other systems in CC managed COs: • Liaise with Ottawa HR Unit in the implementation of the hardware/software aspects of the HRIS and other system; • Assist the COs in identifying key data that should be housed; • Provide advice on the design and implementation of key HR reports; • Assist with troubleshooting of arising issues with project i.e. HRIS…etc.

Job responsibility # 5 (Estimated % of time 15%) Monitor and measure the success of ongoing Industrial/Employee relations and practices at the COs; • Coordinate an annual employee satisfaction survey, analyzing, reporting results and assist COs in developing and executing an action plan that would address the findings / recommendations; • Monitor the state of employee general welfare and health at the CO through interaction with CO HR Managers and other senior staff; • Ensure that regular communication channels are operating at the CO level by monitoring the level of communication between management and staff; • Monitor the results of COs exit interview surveys for departing senior staff; • Monitor incidents that arise from the CARE Line mechanism, intervene as required and as appropriate.

Job responsibility # 6 (Estimated % of time 6%) In coordination with the COs and Ottawa HR, organize senior CO staff induction/orientation program: • Update the design of the orientation modules as required; • Provide the content orientation for GHR and General IO as required. • Liaise with the Unit Administration Officer in ensuring logistics associated with orientation are well executed; • Coordinate and prepare relevant departments to ensure common goals are addressed the benefit and use of time is maximized;

Job Responsibility #7 (Estimated % of time 25%) Risk identification, management and general GHR unit reporting; • Maintain an up-to-date HR related risk register, monitoring and mitigation plans, • Establish, promote, monitor and report COs HR legal compliance code of practice; • Provide regular unit and board reports as required by management and organization governance; • Maintain an ongoing communication with COs through Field mission reports (following each field mission to a CO), HR Scorecard analysis reports; annual Employee Satisfaction Survey reports and analysis per country office, CO Metrics Year to Year Report & Analysis…etc.

Key relationships / Contacts:
Internal HQ: • Fellow International operations Directors => Coordination of IO Activities amongst COs, review appropriate staffing structure of the relevant units, • VP Human Resources => Liaison and communication flow between COs and HR Unit • Directors in International Programs Unit => Staffing matters pertaining to their programs in the CC COs
Internal International Operations: • Country offices senior staff (CDs, ACDs and HR managers => Consistency of policy and career path purposes, implementation of CC HR standards in CO, Provision of technical advice and support for program implementation.

Internal CARE International: • CARE International Member HR Specialists=> Liaison and communication of HR related policies and training activities for efficiency and harmonization,
External: • Consultants and service providers in Canada and at COs level.

Working Conditions: • Location: Preferably Ottawa, possibly hosted in one of CARE Canada COs in Africa (Kenya, Zambia or Zimbabwe) • Expected percentage of time traveling: up to 50% of the time • Special conditions: Depending upon location of role, irregular work schedules to accommodate time differences and constituency availability during the day may be required.

Education: University Degree in Human Resources, Social Sciences or related discipline. Acquired academic and technical knowledge of HR practices and systems.

Experience: • 7 years experience with international country offices in HR related capacity.
Desired Traits: • HR Certificate or formal certification. • 3 years of international assignment in a Country Office overseeing HR sector. • Former experience as an HR consultant to a variety of clients with an ability to impart a wide span of technical knowledge and aptitudes in multiple HR disciplines. • Good communication skills, ability to work under stress, and problem solving skills and positive attitude,

Language Skills: English - Fluent French - Fluent Spanish - Fluent
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