Consultant for Capitalization of Work on Child Protection - Tirana

Terre des hommes Fondation Albania is recruiting a consultant for the capitalization of its work 'Learning from our Experiences' to develop a Child Protection Safety Net.

As the current CPSN project is coming to an end, this exercise will be conducted not only to provide feedback on Tdh interventions in Albania to Tdh and its donors but also to inform local Albanian stakeholders and to serve as a learning point for various organizations involved in developing child protection systems.

This learning exercise which will contribute to ‘critically learn from and interpret our experiences’ , should 1. Help to give a sense and bring about some analysis of the lessons learned through the implementation of these consecutive projects in an organized manner, the evolution of strategies chosen, in order to understand the factors of success that can be capitalized and replicated; 2. Provide specific recommendations for policy-makers and other stakeholders for further consolidation of the Child Protection System in Albania.

Through this work, specific lessons learned, elements of success and practice learning will be capitalized in an organized manner and disseminated to other institutions and stakeholders working in the child protection field to contribute to a collective learning process drawn from Tdh experiences and improve the practice of others and strategic recommendations for consolidating the existing child protection system will be made available to all actors to inform future developments.

Specific objectives of this learning exercise:
• To critically review if and how the CPSN project has met its expected results, particularly in the context of moving away from an issue-based approach to a system-building approach (based on a critical reflection of what really happened comparing to the initial objectives); • To illustrate the added value of Tdh intervention in the protection of children in Albania through its different types of strategies and approaches; • To identify the elements of success and challenges in Tdh practices in Albania through a reflective work with partners and beneficiaries; • To draw lessons learned and good practices from Tdh intervention in order to share with other stakeholders and institutions; • To provide recommendations for future interventions in Albania in order to consolidate the child protection system.

How to apply: 
Interested applicants should submit the following documents: 1. A CV 2. A working plan with pricing 3. Methodology of the work 4. Letter of interest 5. Demonstrated similar work conducted The deadline of the submission of the above-mentioned documents is on 2nd of November 2012 at 20:00 p.m in the address: . Only the applicants who are shortlisted will be contacted.