Head of Iraq Program - International Commission on Missing Persons, Baghdad, Iraq

Vacancy Background
The successful candidate will be the senior ICMP representative in Iraq.  Liaison and effective interaction with external partners, as well as with ICMP headquarters in Sarajevo, is of the utmost importance.  The successful candidate will demonstrate outstanding communication, management and diplomatic skills, in particular when dealing with in-country partners, the Iraqi Government, Iraqi civil society organisations, the diplomatic community and representatives of domestic and international media.  The successful candidate will report to ICMP headquarters and be responsible for the management and development of ICMP programs in Iraq, international and national program staff, as well as for ensuring adequate reporting.

 1. General 

•Contribute to the identification of the key issues underpinning the resolution of the missing persons problem in Iraq; 

•Engage in a policy dialogue with Iraqi representatives, regional government representatives, the international community, including international and other organizations, emphasizing the human rights and rule of law dimensions of the missing persons issue;
•Guide the implementation and development of ICMP programs, allocate resources and ensure outcomes as set forth in program descriptions;
•Stay attuned to initiatives and work undertaken by others on the missing persons issue;
•Provide advice and briefings to ICMP directors as appropriate. 

2. Management and supervision 

•Ensure effective support for working groups, committees or other cooperative mechanism that contribute to the work of ICMP;

•Facilitate, as appropriate, the participation of national government representatives, other international organizations, as well as civil society, technical experts or other partners and stakeholders;
•Lead and manage the staff of programs in Iraq, providing guidance on the aims, direction and timing of their work;
•Ensure the quality, relevance and regularity of reports;
•Implement and maintain arrangements to ensure efficient communications with headquarters, as well as with external partners; 
•Supervise budget management;
•Coordinate security provision with security providers.

3. Representation 

•Represent ICMP at the local and international levels;

•Build cooperative relationships internally and externally. 


•Advanced university degree, or equivalent in political science, sociology, law, or another relevant discipline;
•At least ten years of relevant work experience in an international organization, government institution or relevant international non-governmental organization;
•A good understanding of human rights and public administration law, including international institutional law;
•Facility to deal with projects involving substantial scientific/technical components, conducted by ICMP subject matter experts;
•Strong political judgment and cultural sensitivity;
•Demonstrated ability to implement complex work programmes through a multidisciplinary team in co-operation with national and international partners;
•Demonstrated resilience to hardship.


•Ability to build effective relationships with government representatives and technical experts at the national and international levels;

•Ability to communicate adequately with high-level government officials, including the diplomatic community;
•Excellent knowledge of English, knowledge of Arabic or Kurdish would be an asset.

Job Email id: application(at)ic-mp.org