Management Sciences for Health Vacancy: Director of Finance and Operations, Antananarivo

The Finance and Operations Director oversees the overall financial and operations functions as well as office management duties of the MSH office in Madagascar under the supervision of the Project Director. S/He is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of technical efforts and field activities by ensuring accounting, administrative, management and operational support to facilitate the implementation of program activities. The Finance and Operations Director ensures that financial management, personnel, administrative and contractual operations systems are conducted according to USAID rules and regulations as well as MSH policies, standard operating procedures and good business practices. S/he supervises administrative staff and provides management support to the technical assistance team to facilitate the implementation of program activities.

The Finance and Operations Director safeguards the assets (financial and physical) of MSH and USAID against fraud, loss or misuse. He or she ensures that any money expended in the field is done in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, MSH Policy, and any cost principles imposed by MSH and USAID. He or she must demonstrate the ability to use sound business judgment in assuring that all costs are reasonable and necessary for the completion of the office projects and MSH’s mission.

  1. Oversee $4m Grants program supporting 12 NGOs with Community Health Workers in 510 communities.
  2. Supervise and manage a Country Operations Management Unit (COMU) of 21 staff including direct reports. Undertake performance planning and management of PPRDs, staff development, identify training and capacity building needs.
  3. Serve on the Madagascar Country Leadership Team and participate in all meetings with USAID, host government, local partners, and other organizations as needed as well as internal joint operations and shared program discussions.
  4. Support MSH/HQ in finalizing registration process and office start up activities to include: liaise with local lawyer to ensure that registration process is moving forward, support in identification of local payroll firm, and other related activities as required.
  5. Set up efficient and effective system of field offices that work with local partners and NGO and provide outreach to the community health system in targeted districts. Ensure effective and regular communications and coordination with field-based staff and activities.
  6. Advise partners and local NGOs on administrative, finance, and HR issues in view of compliance and best practices. Provide technical assistance in the development of the financial management capacity of local NGOs to receive direct funding from USAID.
  7. Ensure that the office’s internal management, budgeting, procurement, financial subcontracting, granting and personnel systems operate smoothly and are consistent with USAID and MSH policies, rules, and procedures with close coordination with the country Operations Support Team.
  8. Prepare and/or supervise the timely and complete preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports in accordance with MSH policies and guidelines and project deliverables to the Project Director(s), and corporate office as well as to USAID.
  9. Maintain regular communications with all members of MIKOLO in-country team and MSH home office Project Support Team (PST) and ensure that timely and complete financial support is provided.
  10. Coordinate with the Senior Operations Officer and the country Operations Support Team (OST) to support the areas of Contracts, Human Resources, Procurement, Accounting, Security, and Information Systems.
  11. Coordinate security efforts and provide security information and briefings to STTA and visitors. Liaise with MSH Security Advisor in Medford.
  12. Oversee the transfer and disbursement funds, including issuing checks and vouchers, to fulfill obligations incurred by MSH within the guidelines of MSH and USAID finance and administration policy.
  13. Manage monitoring, analysis and reporting of actual and accrued expenditures against program budgets for accurate project pipelines, estimates of upcoming cash needs and overall efficient and effective financial management of the project.
  14. Exercise independent discretion and judgment in continually exploring opportunities for cost-cutting, cost-sharing and rational use of the project’s resources, and advise the Project Director accordingly.
  15. Prepare a monthly request for funds, based on cash flow projections, to ensure the project has all necessary funds for operations.
  16. In consultation with Project Director, approve all local and regional purchases as per established authorization levels, and maintain tracking and documentation systems that will facilitate future processing, payment and audit requirements.
  17. Provide financial oversight for financial and contractual mechanisms related to technical assistance activities to meet MSH’s management reporting requirements and facilitate the successful implementation of the project. Coordinate execution of internal/external financial, operations and program reviews or audits, and ensure timely follow up to review or audit conclusions and recommendations. Provide an audit interface between MSH Corporate Accounting, external audit firms, internal auditors, donor auditors, and the country Operations Support Team.
  18. Maintain current standing with all mandated local tax and benefits registrations and requirements, including submission of payments and reports.
  19. Oversee the preparation and submission of payroll information and tracking of staff benefits and allowances (accrual of leave, pension plan, medical benefits, housing, transportation, meals allowances and miscellaneous allowance) etc., in conjunction with Human Resources.
  20. Ensure project advances are issued and cleared in accordance with MSH’s policies and procedures.
  21. Manage bank accounts and field advance accounts reconciliation each month.
  22. Ensure all financial transactions are recorded into an approved MSH Field Expense Accounting System, and submit timely reports each month.
  23. Ensure thorough documentation of all field financial transactions.
  24. Ensure that all paid invoices agree with supporting documentation, including price quotes, purchase orders and shipping receipts.
  25. Establish and apply internal systems for obtaining purchase approvals and use of assets ensuring the adequate application of internal controls.
  26. Oversee local procurement and execute all approved payments for local vendors, contractors and consultants for goods and services received, in accordance with the laws and regulations of Madagascar, and MSH and USAID regulations.
  27. With the Project Director, lead the preparation and management of country project budgets and pipeline expenditures.
  28. Ensure inventories and controls over project office fixed assets, such as furnishings, and computer equipment are maintained.
  29. Oversee support staff in coordinating appointments, preparing/disseminating materials, translating and formatting letters, technical documents, reports and presentations.
  30. In the absence of a contracted local accounting firm, oversee processing of local payroll and benefits and administer benefits plan.
  31. Perform other duties as assigned.
  1. A minimum of Masters-level degree in public administration, financing, economics, accounting, or a related field.
  2. A minimum of 10 years’ experience in financial and grants management, with a minimum of 5 years direct international work experience in developing countries with senior-level responsibility for administration and finance managing awards of similar size.
  3. Proven expertise in finance, accounting and auditing, including automated financial systems, as well as results-oriented grants management.
  4. Proven expertise in financial planning, monitoring of grant compliance and management and the establishment of internal controls.
  5. Demonstrated strong management, coordination, teamwork, and planning skills, with proven ability to function effectively with multiple host-country counterparts in both the public and NGO sectors.
  6. Strong leadership, analytical and organizational skills; demonstrated by ability to work both independently and within a team, assess priorities, and manage a variety of activities with attention to detail.
  7. Strong verbal and written French and English communications skills.
  8. Work experience with projects supported by international organizations.
  9. Computer skills including proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite applications (Excel spreadsheets, word processing, and electronic mail along with data entry experience).
  10. Demonstrated translation/interpretation skills and relevant experience.
  11. Ability to work independently, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.
  12. Experience with organizing workshops and training courses, preparing and monitoring budgets.
  13. Experience developing and interpreting standard financial reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow) and creation of journal entries preferred.
Management Sciences for Health is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship, physical or mental handicap, or status as a disabled or Vietnam Era veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.

How to apply:
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Deadline: 30 Apr 2014