#MYANMAR - Yangon University Topographic Survey Based in Yangon

Turquoise Mountain is seeking a partner who can implement a topographic survey of Yangon University in Yangon, Myanmar.


Turquoise Mountain is a non-profit, non-governmental organization specializing in urban regeneration, business development, and education in traditional arts and architecture. Since 2006 Turquoise Mountain has been working in Kabul, Afghanistan. It has cleared 30,000 cubic meters of rubbish from the streets, repaired 65 historic buildings, created a primary school and a clinic, and installed water, electricity and sanitation through the historic traditional craft neighbourhood of Murad Khane. It has created the internationally-accredited Institute for Afghan Arts & Architecture, training the next generation of craftsmen and women in woodwork, jewellery and gem cutting, calligraphy and miniature painting, and ceramics. Finally, it has sold over 3,000,000 USD in traditional crafts internationally to support the craft industry. Turquoise Mountain is now extending its projects to Yangon, Myanmar, where it will work to support the restoration of historic buildings in the city.


The topographic survey is to commence in August 2014. The time needed for the survey is to be discussed.
The area of the University to be surveyed is approximately 150 acres, and the survey team will provide two fixed points within the campus as reference points for future additional surveys. Units of measurement will be feet and inches. The results will be submitted as a single Autocad file, with separate element layers, as detailed below. The 1932 plan of the University will be included as a separate layer within this file. The same document should also be made available in layered PDF format. A drawn scale, north-point and graphic key should be provided, together with the date of the survey.

The survey will include the following elements:
1 Buildings : 
all of the existing buildings will be shown in outline only.

2 Grounds : 
Contours will be shown at intervals of every foot. All roads, kerbs and pathways will be shown. Roads for vehicular traffic will be differentiated from pedestrian paths by using separate layers. The pavement edge around the perimeter of the site will constitute the outer boundary of the survey.

3 Surface water drainage : 
The site has a complex system of storm drains, both around individual buildings and across the site. The channels should be carefully plotted, including around buildings, and an indication provided of the direction of the flow of water. The main collector drains should have invert levels provided.

4 Septic tanks / waste:
It is not clear whether the site has an independent piped waste disposal network with manholes and inspection chambers, or whether septic waste is distributed to subsurface tanks. The survey should include as much information as possible about either of the above.

5 Water : 
All incoming mains water supply pipes, large diameter distribution pipes, and all subsidiary pumping stations, should be marked. All water towers should be included, with an indication of the tank height provided, and a note if they are in operation or not. An indication of the sector / number of buildings that each water tower supplies should be given.

6 Electricity : 
Electrical substations and distribution boxes should be included, along with all overhead lines and pylons.

7 Fences : 
The site has many different types of fence. The original fences should appear on the same drawing layer as the original buildings in the compound, while new fences should have a separate layer.

8. Trees : 
Mature trees, with a trunk diameter of 2.5 feet / 75cm or more should be included in a separate layer.

Following the commencement of work on site the partner will provide Turquoise Mountain with a preliminary PDF review file two weeks after beginning the survey. This does not need to cover the whole site, only a section of it, as its purpose will be to check that all the required data is being collected and presented in the requested format.

How to apply:

Please send project outline, budget, and business profile to contact@turquoisemountain.org
Further information on Turquoise Mountain can be found at www.turquoisemountain.org

Closing Date : 18 Jun 2014