World Education Vacancy: Whole School Development, East Java and North Sumatra
Whole School Development
East Java and North Sumatra

World Education/Indonesia (WE/I) is an International Non-Profit Organization and one of implementing partner USAID project, Prioritizing Reform, Innovation and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’s Teachers, Administrators, and Students (USAID PRIORITAS), seeking applicants from Indonesian nationals for 2 (two) positions Provincial Whole School Development Specialist for East Java and North Sumatra.

The USAID project, Prioritizing Reform, Innovation and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’s Teachers, Administrators, and Students (USAID PRIORITAS), will focus on capacity building and quality improvements for teacher training institutions (TTI) and for non-academic, pre-service teacher training providers. USAID PRIORITAS will build the capacity of MONE, MORA national, provincial and district offices together with pre- and in-service teacher training organizations to coordinate, plan and train.

USAID PRIORITAS will support teaching improvement at the primary, and junior secondary level, especially in the following subject areas: early grade reading (EGR), math and science. Student-centered and innovative instructional methodology and approaches will be promoted within the teacher training system and opportunities to see and practice good teaching methodology will be provided for both pre- and in-service teachers through a network of reference schools. In-service teacher training opportunities will also become more systematized through improved human resource planning and budgetary allocations at the local level.

To support these objectives, USAID PRIORITAS will also improve the management and governance of basic education at the school and district level. Building on this work, USAID PRIORITAS will strengthen coordination between the different levels of the education system, focusing on an improved role for the province.

The Provincial Whole School Development Specialist will work within the provincial team and with counterparts from the government at province level to develop the capacity of service providers, including teacher training institutes (TTI), LPMP, LP2KS (Principal In-Service Training Centre) and groups of school supervisors (pengawas) to implement an integrated school-based management approach linking school management, governance, finance, and community participation to teacher training and improvements in teaching, learning, and student performance. He/she will report to Senior Whole School Development.

Scope of Work
  • Under supervision and guidance of Senior Whole School Development Specialist, the Specialist will: 
  • Develop the capacity of service providers, including teacher training institutions, LPMP, LP2KS and groups of school supervisors, to train of schools and communities in the use of the school-based management tools.
  • Work with districts and other project staff to plan and support the implementation of the whole school development program (school management and teacher training) in partner schools and  to disseminate the program to non-partner schools.
  • Work closely with teaching and learning specialists to ensure that school-based management is closely linked to teaching and learning and that school plans are focused on improving student learning outcomes.
  • Work with district and provincial counterparts to help develop policy and practice to implement school-based management to improve student learning outcomes.
  • Working with National Whole School Development Specialist on school level modules review and revision.
  • Helping National team on coordination with MoE and MoRa on School-based Management implementation.
Organizational Arrangements
The Specialist will be a member of the provincial USAID PRIORITAS team and will work in a flexible way to support the achievement of objectives across the project, particularly those relating to school-based management. The Specialist will work within the governance and management team, under coordination of the Senior Whole School Development Specialist (Whole School Development Specialist) but will at the same time work closely with Teaching and Learning Specialists to ensure an integrated approach to whole school development.

Reporting Requirements
The Specialist will report in the first instance to the Senior Whole School Development Specialist. For technical matters, the Specialist may also report to the National Whole School Development Specialist. The Specialist will also meet routine reporting requirements as determined from time to time by the Provincial Coordinator. This may include:
  • Activity or Training Completion Reports following project standards and guidelines.
  • Contributions to brief weekly or bi-weekly activity reports.
  • Assisting in preparing quarterly internal reports and occasional project activity reports to stakeholders including provincial and district technical teams and steering committees.
Qualification Requirements 
  • At least five years of professional experience and demonstrated knowledge of theory and practice relating to management and governance.
  • At least five years of experience in education development.
  • A thorough knowledge of the education sector and familiarity with Indonesian education planning, policies, and protocols.
  • Computer literacy (MicroSoft Office). Ability to use data analysis applications (including Access and SPSS) an advantage.
  • Minimum S1 degree.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills. Ability to work well within a team and to work effectively with government and non-government education stakeholders in the field. 
  • Excellent writing skills in Bahasa Indonesia. Ability to read and write reports in English an advantage.
Application Instructions:
Interested applicants, please submit CV and Cover letter to Rieni Handayani, World Education Indonesia Office Manager, at, by September 17th, at the latest.

Documents should be sent in either .doc or .pdf formats and titled with the applicant’s Surname, First Name, and either CV or Cover Letter separated by an underscore (Ex1:  Handayani_Rieni_CV;  Ex2: Handayani_Rieni_CoverLetter).