ACTED Job Vacancy: DRR & Agro Project Manager - Rakhine, Myanmar

Since 1993, as an international non-governmental organization, ACTED has been committed to immediate humanitarian relief to support those in urgent need and protect people’s dignity, while co-creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential.

ACTED endeavors to respond to humanitarian crises and build resilience; promote inclusive and sustainable growth; co-construct effective governance and support the building of civil society worldwide by investing in people and their potential.

We go the last kilometer: ACTED’s mission is to save lives and support people in meeting their needs in hard to reach areas. ACTED develops and implements programs that target the most vulnerable amongst populations that have suffered from conflict, natural disaster, or socio-economic hardship. ACTED’s approach looks beyond the immediate emergency towards opportunities for longer term livelihoods reconstruction and sustainable development.

With a budget of 190 million EUR in 2015, ACTED is active in 35 countries and implements more than 495 projects a year reaching over11 million beneficiaries with 400 international staff and 4,300 national staff.

Country Profile (2015)

Number of projects 10
Number of areas 6
Number of national staff 32
Annual budget (EUR) 1.45 Million Euros

Number of offices 5
Number of international staff 4

Position context and key challenges:
Since 2008, ACTED’s has supported Nargis affected communities in their longer term livelihood recovery by providing technical training to farmers and fishermen, distributing livestock and poultry, providing vocational training, introducing aquaculture systems, assets replacement, rehabilitating community infrastructure and ensuring affected families have an access to a safe habitat.

In 2011, government-led liberalizing reforms in key sectors (labor, finance, media and administration) spurred new opportunities for Myanmar. In this evolving context, ACTED continues its support to cyclone-affected communities in the Delta while also broadening its focus to additional geographic and thematic needs. In Labutta, special focus was placed on supporting the most vulnerable households facing persistent challenges in food security. ACTED expanded the scope of its activities to the Dry Zone, one of the poorest regions of the country, addressing chronic food insecurity and restoring sustainable livelihoods through agricultural production and home gardening.

In 2012, ACTED diversifies and scales up its assistance in Myanmar. The mission focuses on issues of food security, economic development of vulnerable communities and response to any emergency related situation, both natural (community-based disaster preparedness) and man-made (humanitarian crisis in Kachin State). It also supports civil society actors to enhance their capacity to influence key policy areas, particularly those related to women and gender considerations.

To this end, ACTED has already started a country wide program aiming at strengthening the economic rights of women. Additionally, teams have started an intervention to support communities and local authorities in Southern Yangon region to be prepared to natural disasters. ACTED also continues its support towards food security and sustainable livelihoods in the Dry Zone. Furthermore, ACTED undertook an assessment mission to identify the support it can provide to conflict affected communities and IDPs in Kachin State.

Key roles and responsibilities
  • Overall implementation of the project and its cycle (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, reporting) according to project documents;
  • Ensuring that technical quality and standards are considered and respected during programme implementation;
  • Ensuring quality control, analysis of added-value and impact, identification and capitalization on best practices and lessons learnt.
  • Advising on, and assisting with, the review and assessment of project impacts and design of modifications to project component activities in the light of such assessments;
  • Ensuring external representation of ACTED in relevant sectors, vis-à-vis country and local authorities, other project stakeholders, donors and partners.
  • Ensuring effective management of, and liaison between, National Project Supervisors and project tams, and IPs’ project staff for the smooth operation of the project;
  • Managing and supporting project staff, prepare and follow work plans with each National Project
  • Supervisor, ensure a positive working environment and good team dynamics, contribute to the recruitment of project staff, undertake regular appraisals of directly supervised colleagues, ensure capacity building among staff in relevant sectors, oversee staff security by ensuring that security procedures are known and respected by each staff.
  • Contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization, notably through the application of ACTED’s mandate, ethics, values and stand-point with regard to other actors.
  • Ensure that the project is implemented in accordance with the priorities of the Hyogo Framework of Action as well as Regional DRR strategies and ACTED’s DRM and resilience guidelines.
Required qualifications and technical competencies
  • Masters Degree (or equivalent) in development cooperation, natural sciences, hydrology, and/or related fields.
  • A minimum of 5 years working experience in managing humanitarian and/or development projects. Previous experience in working with ECHO (notably DIPECHO projects) and previous working experience in Central Asia are definite advantages.
  • Proven previous international experience in managing and designing DRR projects.
  • Proven in-depth knowledge of international best practices in DRR/DRM, and familiarity with INRM, CCA and CB approaches; and good knowledge of international DRR frameworks (i.e. Hyogo Framework of Action).
  • Previous experience in stakeholder engagement, communicating with local authorities, private sector, NGOs, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage and motivate people in a complex environment and achieve set goals under time pressure; to reveal self-confidence combined with sensitivity to gender and culture.
  • Strong resource mobilization, communication and negotiation skills.
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken). Knowledge of Russian highly desirable.
  • Computer proficiency (MS Office package, internet).
  • Salary defined by the ACTED salary grid; educational level, expertise, hardship, security, and performance are considered for pay bonus
  • Additional monthly living allowance
  • Free food and lodging provided at the organisation’s guesthouse/or housing allowance (depending on contract length and country of assignment)
  • Transportation costs covered, including additional return ticket + luggage allowance
  • Provision of medical, life, and repatriation insurance + retirement package
Please send your application including cover letter, CV and references to under Ref: DRRAGRO/MYA/SA

Closing Date: 20 November 2016