Red Nose Foundation Job Vacancy: Educational Psychologist - Indonesian

Educational Psychologist

Red Nose Foundation
Red Nose Foundation’s mission is to support the educational and personal development of children living in underprivileged circumstances, and to promote the empowerment of youth through arts while assisting them to become positive contributors to society.

Red Nose Foundation strives to be the pioneering force behind creative education advocacy and rehabilitation. Red Nose Foundation offers a safe place for children to explore, experiment and be educated.

Red Nose Foundation currently works with 300 children offering over 75 hours of education and arts classes each week. Since 2008, Red Nose Foundation programming has affected over 75,000 children across Indonesia.

We are looking for an EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST to be part of our team.

Position Available: Educational Psychologist
Contract Duration: 3 years
Reporting Supervisor: Program Director
Application Deadline: October 31, 2016


  • Master's degree in Educational Psychology/ Development Psychology/ Guidance and Counselling with GPA at least 3.5 (4.00 scale)
  • At least 1 year experience as school psychologist or school counsellor, preferably at Elementary and Junior High Level.
  • Love working with children, youth, and parents, particularly underprivileged children and youth.
  • Possess knowledge and experience of giving counselling to children/youth/adults through individual or group counselling.
  • Possess knowledge and experience of leading a seminar or workshop related to education and child/youth development to adults and children.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Creative, detailed, and outgoing person.
  • Computer skills including the ability to operate Microsoft office and emails.
  • Excellent English speaking and written skills.
  • The working hours will be on shift, applicant must be willing to work 50 hours per week including weekends and evening shift.

Job Description
The Educational Psychologist will work closely with the Program Director and Artistic Director to ensure that all Red Nose programs are in accordance with children and youth psychological development and needs. The person will be the expert on child and youth psychological wellbeing, who will work in parallel with the Education Supervisor and Art Supervisor, as well as with all teachers, to ensure children/youth needs are put as the first priority in designing and implementing daily teaching and learning. He/she will provide counselling service to students and parents to support the teaching and learning process in all education and art classes in Red Nose.


  • Assessment and Interpretation: identifies and assesses the learning, development, and adjustment characteristics and needs of individuals and groups, as well as, the environmental factors that affect learning and adjustment. Uses assessment data about the student and his/her environment(s) in developing appropriate interventions and programs.
  • Direct Interventions for Students: provides interventions to students to support the teaching process and to maximise learning and adjustment, trough individual or group counselling, direct or indirect intervention
  • Consultation and Training: provides consultation to parents, teachers, other field personnel, and community agencies to enhance the learning and adjustment of students.
  • Program Development: assists in the planning, development, and evaluation of programs to meet identified learning and adjustment needs.
  • Psychology Program Implementation: Delivers a planned and coordinated program of psychological services, including seminars, workshops, or class sessions.
  • Professional Practice and Development: Applies ethics and standards of professional practice in the delivery of education psychological services and observes relevant laws and policies that govern practice. Participates in professional organisations and continually seeks to improve professional knowledge and skill.
  • Communication and Relationship Skills: Communicates effectively with students, teachers, parents, and all staff.
  • Others: be responsible for the center’s library, creates and executes fun and creative library programs that will help to improve students’ interest in reading and learning in general. 
How to Apply

  • Please send updated CV and cover letter by email to
  • Application without text in the body of email will not be processed.