CDRM & CDS HKBP Job Vacancy: Field Coordinator for Nias - North Sumatera

The Center for Disaster Risk Management and Community Development Studies (CDRM&CDS) is a department of HKBP Nommensen University. CDRM&CDS is located in Simalingkar, Medan. The programs are focused on disaster risk management and capacity building of the communities. The CDRM&CDS has 3 field projects: Nias, Pakpak (North Sumatera) and Mentawai (West Sumatera). CDRM&CDS is seeking for following position:

Job Title: Field Coordinator
Based: Gunung Sitoli - Nias
Report to: Program Manager

The Field Coordinator (FC) will manage, supervise and administer the CDRM activities through Empowerment approach in Nias including: strategic project development and management, PME system, resource mobilization, human resource development and management, financial management, management of logistics, general admin, partnership and network.  The FC will be based in Gunung Sitoli but will be required to undertake periodic supervision and coordination visits within Nias Island. The FC will work in a team with all Nias staff and other program coordination staff in program department, finance,administration and HR department, and the Executive Director in Medan.

Following are the major responsibilities:
  • Make sure the project is strategically designed and managed in sustainable manner
  • Ensure any PME system is functioned with a proper data, report and document are prepared and submitted as deadline
  • Make sure annual resource mobilization is developed and shared with all concern staff and communities.
  • Make sure respective field project having the right people with right job to produce qualify of work with supportive environment within CDRM&CDS policies and procedures
  • Overall look the effectiveness and efficiency of managing the financial matter withinCDRM&CDS policies and procedures
  • Make sure process of managing logistic and procurement are implemented smoothly, transparently and adhered to CDRM&CDS policies and procedures
  • Make sure administrative management is smoothly arranged
  • Make sure network is developed and maintained at all levels
Level of Responsibility & Authority
  • To sign all project correspondence and all requisition forms from the project.
  • To be a signatory to the CDRM&CDS Nias project account.
  • Presenting his/her recommendations on the discipline and the promotion of staff to the Executive Director through Program Manager for his/her final decision (or his/her designate)
  • To authorize all local purchases within the project area and payments according to Operation Manual.

Technical skills & Experiences:
  • At least 4 years of experience with development and/or emergency work in a development field.
  • Fluent spoken and written English language skills. Basic computer literacy.
  • At least two years experience in staff development and supervision.
  • At least two years experience in budget control and monitoring.
Desirable qualifications:
  • Formal qualifications in social and development studies are desirable (At least Bachelor degree or above)
  • Willingness to travel to remote project areas.
  • Cultural sensitivity, team spirit and an attitude of service. Motivation to assist most vulnerable people in the rural areas to improve their standard of living

Closing date of application
20 January 2017

CDRM&CDS is equal opportunity employer with respect to gender, ethnicity and religion. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Interested candidates are advised to send their CV and application to or

Porlak Nommensen
Jalan Bunga Rampai 5
Simalingkar B, Medan.

CDRM&CDS encourages qualified candidates to apply regardless of gender, race, and religion. All practices and procedures reflect CDRM&CDS’s commitment to implement its work based on Child Protection Policy.