17 Triggers Job Vacancy: Senior Service Designer - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hi, We’re 17 Triggers!

We're a behavior change lab. We work around the world using design thinking, creative problem solving and human-centered design to help bring creative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Marketing for good causes is what we do. That’s right, 100% good causes. Whether it’s triggering Cambodian farmers to triple their crop yields, Zambian children to finish school, or rural Haitians to buy solar lights and cookstoves, we believe that creative ideas can help make the world a better place. We’ve worked on projects related to health, sanitation, water, education, agriculture/food security, financial inclusion and digital financial services, climate change, family planning, safe migration, child marriage and more.

We are looking for a Senior Service Designer to be based at our head office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Are you smart, open-minded and able to bring in fresh ideas? If you have the skills to create positive impact on a global level and within multiple cultures, we’d love to chat with you! Keep reading to find out more about the position.

The job at a glance
You will lead a multi-talented and diverse design team comprised of between 3-6 people, depending on the project you oversee. You will guide the team to discover the root causes of the problem. When this is found, you will come up with ideas to solve the problem. As ideas start coming to life, you will begin strategizing how to test these ideas with real people on the ground.

Some possible problems to solve could be:
  • Why do rural women stop using improved cookstoves after three months even though they spend their own money to purchase it?
  • Why do doctors re-use contaminated injections which can lead to the spread of HIV in rural villages?
  • Why don’t people renew disaster insurance even though typhoons happen so often?
At 17 Triggers we don’t assume solutions will work, we test them and get feedback directly from end users. We do more than focus group discussions, we create ‘real enough to feel’ prototypes that are tested over several days or weeks - behavioral trials that help us monitor actual human behavior rather than what people say they will do.

When conducting behavioral trials in the past, we have lived undercover in markets, used hidden cameras, conducted simulated sign up tests, and even tested a variety of IVR recordings with different messages, moods and tones. Your job will be to make these experiments run smoothly from start to finish. You will design testing methods that are flexible enough to change course in the field, which requires thinking of new ideas and iterating testing methods quickly. It’s common for our research team to change plans in the field between interviews or even in the car on the way to the next testing site!

In summary, you will work on activities from planning, to researching, to testing, to training local partners, to finally synthesizing findings and presenting scalable recommendations back to the client.

Key roles and responsibilities:

Design Research
  • Lead, design, and plan field research with multicultural teams and clients
  • Conduct qualitative research including literature reviews, expert and user interviews, participatory action research, ethnographic research, in-context observation and human- centered research in general
  • Facilitate and lead on ideation and prototyping methods of solutions for testing
  • Develop field testing methodologies to test designed solutions while demonstrating flexibility and adaptability when changes occur during implementation
  • Lead the implementation of behavioral trials by using iterative methods
  • Develop and train research team on tools to collect data and synthesize information
  • Analyze research findings in the field in order to pivot research directions as necessary
  • Synthesize information and present key strategic recommendations and/or project implications to clients and/or stakeholders that are pragmatic, viable and reflecting the operational realities on the ground
  • Use a range of presentation styles and methods (experiential, verbal, written formats) to deliver succinct and memorable presentations
  • Write and capture project learnings and generate knowledge products for both internal and external audiences
Supervising & Leading Research Teams
  • Collaborate and co-create with client teams and stakeholders through constructive and clear communication
  • Plan and implement varied and appropriate research activities with the research team according to project timelines and milestone dates
  • Ensure the implementation of user-centered testing, learning and iteration to find appropriate solutions for the target audience
  • Provide quality control over all research and strategy activities within a project
  • Introduce new research methods, tools, and techniques to the team and when possible, teach and coach junior team members how to use the new tools
Process Facilitation
  • Design, lead and facilitate participatory workshops and events (eg. seminars, trainings, workshops, learning events)
  • Facilitate customer journey mapping and ideation workshops with small and large groups
  • Assist and lead on internal and external workshops, trainings and other facilitated events
We're looking for:
You are someone with laser focus and speed, capable of finding and solving the root causes. You deliver clear, brief and visual reports rather than long, sophisticated ones. You embrace iteration and can adapt quickly while guiding multicultural teams with different skills and capabilities. If last-minute changes to plans make you think “ok, we can do this differently” rather than “oh no, we’re doomed”, then this is the job for you!
  • You have 10+ years’ experience doing design research and strategy at a research, service design, design thinking or innovation firm, start-ups or advertising agency
  • You have demonstrated experience designing and facilitating workshops/trainings
  • You have a degree in international development, research, anthropology, behavioral economics/sciences, design, business design, innovation leadership, human-centered design, service design, user experience/systems design, etc.
  • You are willing and excited to travel 40% of your time
  • You know how to take charge, rally teams and deliver projects on time
  • You bring in refreshing ideas, have a sense of humor and are fun to be around
  • You have work experience with multilateral or bilateral agencies, NGO-type clients in a developing country
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English.
Bonus! Tell us if:
  • You are fluent in Khmer or French language
  • You have a Masters/graduate degree
  • You have work experience in multiple developing countries (esp. in Asia or Africa)
  • You have experience in curriculum or training design
  • You have experience with financial inclusion, digital financial services and/or financial capabilities
Salary? Benefits? Yep, we got them too.
You will be part of an enthusiastic multidisciplinary team of people from all over the world. Besides the chance to contribute towards strengthening the impact of good causes, we offer some practical benefits as well. While we won’t be able to offer a package that is anywhere near London or New York rates, we can offer you a very comfortable life with us here in Phnom Penh. Our offer starts with:
  • A highly competitive salary package for being based in Cambodia
  • A fantastic global health insurance package which covers 10 outpatient visits, emergency evacuation if necessary, etc.
  • 3 weeks paid leave + 3 weeks paid national holidays
  • Visa and work permit
  • Some relocation expenses (i.e. One way plane ticket, a small baggage allowance of 250USD, plus one week housing allowance until you find a place to live)
  • Home leave after 2 years working with us (one round trip ticket to your home country)

Want to apply?
Check out or full job description HERE and send us the following by 19 April, 2017 at 6pm ICT
  • Write ‘I am your next Frankenstein’ in the subject line
  • Your CV
  • A portfolio or small sample of your best work
  • A 2-3 minute video telling us why you want to work for 17 Triggers. No need to be a fancy video, we really just want to see your personality and hear your answer
Start Date: June 2017 or sooner. This said, we are open to negotiation for the right candidate.