World Policy Institute Job Vacancy: Project Manager - Bolivia, United States

Project Manager for the Living Well Collaborative (New York/Bolivia)

This World Policy Institute position provides a highly-motivated individual with the opportunity, as Project Manager, to manage and oversee a variety of initiatives and activities related to the work of Senior Fellow William Powers and the project he leads: the Living Well Collaborative. The project’s focus in 2017 will include research, Bolivia-based activities, outreach and networking with key allies with a special focus on Europe, creation and implementation of a strategic communications strategy and cultivating diverse funder relations for further grant development.

This highly competitive position gives a talented and self-directed professional the opportunity to gain practical experience working with an author and activist, national speaker, and policy analyst.

Specifically, the Project Manager will be responsible for the overall delivery and supervision of the 2017 activities related to the project The Living Well Collaborative: Build resilience, nourish local economies and cultures and foster sustainable well-being, a project of the World Policy Institute, led by William Powers, Senior Fellow, World Policy Institute.

This two-year project (November 2016 to Oct 2018) intends to deepen local actions and capacities while creating strong linkages between global allies and local Bolivian efforts. It builds off of the successful Suma Qamaña project (2014-2016) which fostered the practical application of the indigenous Andean concept of “living well” – connecting north and south through action, research and writing.

The Project Manager can work remotely from any location with high-speed internet/Skype, or they can choose to join the Bolivia-based headquarters in Samaipata, Bolivia where office space and internet would be provided.

The Manager will be responsible for a range of specific outputs directly related to the project deliverables noted in the project proposal. The Manager will oversee and be aided by the support of a New York WPI intern.

All tasks require creativity, resourcefulness, strong communication skills and superb attention to detail.

Specific responsibilities include:

Providing STRATEGIC leadership on:
  • Creation and monitoring of a Master Management Plan 2017 and corresponding timeline that aligns all project deliverables with clear responsibility lines.
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive donor strategy and outreach plan.
  • Creation of LWC Advisory Committee.
  • Design and implementation of a Strategic Communications Plan.
Overseeing completion of CONCRETE tasks (with support from WPI intern) including, but not exclusive to:
  • Supervise translation, final editing, and publication placement (in Spanish and English) of relevant studies, op-eds and articles in U.S., European and Latin American publications.
  • Research and coordination of two outreach trips in 2017 by William Powers – one to Europe and one to the U.S. 
  • Development and implementation of innovative communications strategy 
  • Implementation of donor and funding strategy
  • Oversight of financial aspect of project, ensuring adherence to proposal and budget commitments.
  • Draft final narrative and financial report.
Lead efficient Team Coordination, including:
  • Supervision of and guidance to WPI intern on relevant tasks.
  • Maintain contact and clear communication with institutional point-person at WPI to ensure compliance with guidelines on interns, as well as financial and reporting requirements.
  • Coordinate with WPI development coordinator.
  • Clear communication and coordination with project leader including regular reports on project advancement.
  • First and foremost: A strong leader, in thought and action, who is entrepreneurial in nature and able to deliver high-quality work very independently in a highly autonomous environment with little supervision.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral).
  • Native English speaker (or total fluency)
  • Long-term thinker who can move strategically, linking immediate tasks to overall future vision.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, including via phone and in-person with donors and top allies.
  • Good intra-team communicator and ‘team player.’
  • Ability and desire to complete assignments on time and with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Willingness to accept constructive feedback and guidance. 
  • Interest in and experience with environmental and post-development issues (preferred).
  • Good with social media and newsletter development (preferred, or intern assists here).
  • Previous experience in communications and outreach (preferred)
  • Strong knowledge of Spanish, both written and oral (preferred, not required if not Bolivia-based)
  • REQUIRED: 5 years’ experience managing projects
  • REQUIRED: B.A. degree or equivalent; M.A. in relevant area (preferred).
To start immediately through October 1, 2017: 25 hours per week minimum. Extension for second-year of project dependent on track-record and accomplishments in first 6-months, and on confirmation of project funding.

Based on qualifications. If based outside of Bolivia, additional stipend for cost of living may be applied.

Please send a CV and a cover letter explaining why you are ideal for this position to Ben Jennings ( by April 3rd, 2017.