Alliance for Financial Inclusion Job Vacancy: Senior Manager, Strategy and Organizational Development - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Senior Manager, Strategy and Organizational Development

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) has rapidly evolved in the eight years since its inception. Not only has it emerged as the leading platform for financial sector policymakers and regulators in developing and emerging economies, it has successfully transitioned to a member-owned, independent international organization delivering concrete results.

With more than 100 member institutions from more than 90 countries, and covering more than 90% of the worlds unbanked, AFI provides its members with tools and resources to develop, share, and implement cutting-edge financial inclusion policies. AFI is run by a Management Unit head quartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that provides a portfolio of value-added services for members to facilitate knowledge exchange and drive smart policy reform.

The transition to an independent organization offers the opportunity of scaling up services, deepening membership relations and enhancing AFI’s long-term sustainability.

Independence must be pursued in a way that preserves the unique culture and character of the network which has made AFI a productive and highly attractive forum for substantive mutual learning and sharing, and candid dialogue among peers. While the overall vision and mission remains the same, strategic and organizational capacity in AFI needs to be strengthened and broadened in order to manage the transition from a “subsidized service” to a “pay for service” model successfully, while ensuring a professional delivery of high-quality and technically sound services to members on a continuing basis.

Overall Job Description
The Senior Manager, Strategy and Organizational Development provides vision, direction and leadership in strategy and organizational development of AFI. He/she must demonstrate a high level of responsibility, capacity to work independently, and personal drive and organization. The position will involve working directly with senior level officials from AFI’s membership, managing relationships with key stakeholders and ensuring delivery of key outputs in a timely manner.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
The Senior Manager, Strategy and Organizational Development is responsible for:

  • Capturing and prioritizing AFI strategic business requirements and providing recommendations and support to the Executive Director
  • Working with the broader team to define the AFI business strategies and building plans that meet the needs of the member and partner audiences, including recommendations on the internal AFI process improvements
  • Moderating internal strategy formulation processes (overall and functional strategies) with the Executive Team and the Management Team
  • Leading cross –team AFI organizational development projects, transformational initiatives and innovations
  • Oversee preparation of AFI Annual Report
  • Facilitate discussions with and contributions from the AFI Advisory Group
Specifically, the position will cover:
  • AFI Strategy
    • Provide strategic and innovative guidance for :
  • AFI’s annual planning process and reporting
  • AFI’s overall medium and long-term institutional development path
    • Review and develop AFI’s Theory of Change and overall plan of activities
    • Contribute to the design and implementation of key business planning activities (e.g. budget forecasting, strategic planning, performance planning, KPI setting etc.) and facilitate the strategic planning process with both the Executive and the Management Teams
    • Work with AFI staff to identify, validate, and document AFI strategic objectives through workshops, interviews and research
    • Ensure links to key strategic business processes provide a direct line of sight to operational processes (e.g. Strategic Planning quarterly reviews to budget allocation / forecasting)
    • Monitor implementation of AFI Strategic Plan, summarize and provide targeted recommendations at each review
    • Develop and implement a process for strategic planning including development, sanctions, communication, monitoring and evaluation
    • Coordinate annual and quarterly reporting with input from all teams
  • AFI Organizational Development
    • Conceptualize global network organizing strategies and management approaches
    • Elaborate and implement proposals to capture lessons learnt and facilitate the learning of staff and members (AFI as Learning Organization)
    • Establish a Young Professional Network (e.g. based on academics from AFI member institutions) and an AFI-Alumni Service in order to keep members attracted towards AFI’s goals
    • Develop internal organizational structures that can best deliver AFI strategy effectively
    • Build an AFI performance culture that is aligned to the vision, mission and strategy of the organization. In this regard, working closely with HCM Department to identify and develop future leadership and technical capability necessary to fulfill desired and sustainable organizational results.
    • Provide conceptual input to the further evolution of the AFI business model with particular focus on the creation of income-generating activities which are in alignment with AFI’s ownership structure (e.g. the Online Training Service)
    • Effectively facilitating the Knowledge Management within the network of policymakers and within the Management Unit
Working Relations
The Senior Manager, Strategy and Organizational Development shall:
  • Be directly accountable and report to the Executive Director;
  • Be a member of the Management Team;
  • Liaise and work closely with the other Management Team members;
  • Act as the Secretary for the AFI Advisory Group
The candidate will have an advanced degree in, Public Policy, political sciences, law, economics, finance, business or related fields. An excellent academic record is a plus. A minimum of seven years’ progressive responsibility in areas of strategy and organizational development. Work experience in fields relevant to the position such as strategy planning and network management is required.

Competencies and skills demonstrated
  • Project management and strategic planning skills
  • Strong analytical & problem-solving skills of the highest standard
  • Strategic mindset and realistic in goal setting
  • Ability to drive, connect and influence without direct authority
  • Strong management skills including the ability to manage resources economically
  • Inspiring leadership and self-starter
  • Natural networker able to create a friendly atmosphere
  • Takes a team approach to planning; plans from the bottom up and creates high levels of involvement and consultation
  • Strong team player, consensus builder and effective decision maker
  • Encourages and supports healthy, constructive and robust debate and differences of opinion on strategy
  • Sets realistic standards of performance and clearly communicates them.
  • Solicits information regularly from others and creates adequate feedback “channels”
  • Polished interpersonal and communication skills
  • Sound knowledge of socio-economic conditions in several countries
  • Fosters support and motivates colleagues whilst simultaneously manage several projects
  • Ability to influence and coordinate teams in a multicultural work environment without direct managerial responsibility
  • Possesses an open communication style and can easily interact with officials at all levels of government and private sector to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community
Proficiency in English, with a working knowledge of French and/or Spanish a definitive advantage.

How to Apply
Interested applicants please send your CV and Cover Letter to on or before 31 August 2017. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.