Greenpeace Southeast Asia Job Vacancies: Regional Climate and Energy Campaign Coordinator - Bangkok, Jakarta & Manila

The Regional Climate & Energy Campaign Coordinator serves as the Team Leader for Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Climate and Energy team, overseeing and spearheading the strategic development, planning and implementation of Climate and Energy campaign in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

This is a full time position based in Southeast Asia working on climate change and energy issues, as well as working in countries within or outside the region as required.

This is a full-time position based in either Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila

Key Duties
In conjunction with the Strategy and Analysis Director and regional Country Directors, develop a work plan in line with both short and long term goals for an action-led Climate and Energy campaign based on regional objectives and taking into account priorities of the global programme.

The Regional Climate and Energy Campaign Coordinator will take a strategic role in the campaign team to implement the regional work program agreed between GPSEA, GPI and other NROs in support of the energy priorities and strategies. This entails leadership in the work around identified ‘regional targets’, pioneering engagement and lobby, as well as action against major regional political and financial institutions responsible for the identified target/s.

Specifically the Campaigner will:
  • Participate in campaign discussion and planning regarding strategic issues and event planning within GPSEA, with other Greenpeace national/regional offices (NROs) and with Greenpeace International (GPI). This will include both written and verbal discussion as well as attendance at specific meetings.
  • Take the lead in the development of Climate and Energy campaign strategies and tactics developed to achieve goals and objectives, regional and national project and funding proposals where relevant.
  • Participate in regular progress reviews and evaluations of Climate and Energy campaign projects.
  • Keep Strategy and Analysis Director informed of activities in the campaign (including preparation of reports and work plans) and recommend changes in tactics or strategies if necessary.
  • Co-ordinate information flow within the campaign and other departments and to GPI’s Climate and Energy campaign, other GPI departments and other NROs and relevant regional NGOs.
  • Organize and oversee the work of short-term contractors where appropriate.
  • Identify relevant regional opportunities for political and economic work in conjunction with the Regional Political Advisor.
Assist the Strategy and Analysis Director in designing the regional Climate and Energy campaign program and implement strategies to mobilize various stakeholders in the region and the general public about campaign issues and goals;
  • Maintain a working knowledge of technical information and be able to present the information to a variety of audiences within and outside Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of political, legislative, regulatory and economic frameworks relevant to the campaign.
  • Engage in critical national and regional political and other for a relevant to the campaign.
  • Build alliances and/or support relationships with relevant affected groups, grassroots organizations, academic and professional groups, labour, NGOs and others in the region as identified in strategic planning.
  • Prepare fact sheets and other campaign information for use within the region.
  • Work with the press officer in preparing press releases and assist in planning media strategies.
  • Act as spokesperson for the campaign within the region.
  • Develop pro-active relationships with national and regional media to increase campaign outreach.
  • Represent Greenpeace and the campaign at relevant national and regional public events, activist meetings/groups, and gatherings of political decision makers, local citizens and other affected communities.
Direct, organize and participate in non-violent direct action to support and advance campaign goals.

Respond to and engage in internal as well as pressing external regional challenges as determined by the campaign team through the Strategy and Analysis Director beyond his/her normal issue/campaign area as circumstances do require.

Help manage and oversee the budget of the campaign (which includes preparation and consolidation of bi-monthly budget requests).

Perform other job-related duties as requested or assigned by Campaigns Director and/or Executive Director.

Educational Background & Fundamental Qualifications
  • Level of Education: Bachelor Arts or Science degree, or equivalent experience working on Climate and Energy issues
  • Work Experience: At least 8 years of campaigning experience in the Southeast Asia region, 3 in a managerial position 
  • Leadership, management and communication abilities, commensurate with the need to lead & manage cross functional, cross cultural and multi lingual teams through the planning and implementation processes. This is to include demonstrated commitment to consultation processes and team delegation.
Competencies and Skills
Organizational Competencies
  • Goal Orientation: Adopts a strong orientation toward achieving goals and results orientation; holds high expectations for self and others.
  • Strategic Perspective and Global Orientation: Demonstrates a broad-based view of business issues, events and activities and has an understanding of their wider implications and long-term impact. Experience on organizational strategy planning and development. Understanding of, and commitment to, environmental and peace issues, and commitment to the values and mission of Greenpeace worldwide 
  • Interpersonal Relationship: Demonstrate an active concern for people and their needs and the ability to build key stakeholder relationships. Ability to negotiate and resolve conflict. Excellent networking skills and the ability to communicate with a wide range of organizations and communities.
  • Knowledge sharing: The ability to use and contribute to knowledge bases in the organization developing and sharing leading practices
  • Innovation: Comfortable in fast-changing environments; being willing to take risks and to consider new and untested approaches.
Functional Skills
  • Excellent networking skills and the ability to communicate with a wide range of organizations and communities.
  • Knowledge of regional and international political and financial institutions with a particular focus on those involved in energy issues.
  • An ability to analyse regional energy trends and to plan campaigns to move Governments and international institutions towards a focus on renewable energy solutions.
  • Excellent strategic skills in analysing, planning strategies for the Climate and Energy campaign in the Southeast Asia and more broadly in the region and demonstrated experience in these areas.
  • Excellent lobbying and networking skills and a knowledge of the regional NGO movement.
  • Knowledge of the environmental and social impacts of Climate Change and the science behind it.
  • Excellent spoken and written English.
  • Demonstrated experience in an environmental/activist organization (work on climate and energy issues is preferred).
  • Proven ability to work both independently and in close coordination with a team.
  • Proven experience in directing a project from conception to completion.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with people from different cultures and regions in a way which avoids conflict and promotes cooperative ways of working.
  • Commitment to non-violent direct action as a means of affecting changes.
Preferred skills:
  • A preference for good communication skills one of more regional SEA languages other than English.
  • Preferred skills include experience in key program areas: public speaking, activist training, strategic planning and organizing people around an issue.
  • Experience in climate and energy issues.
Specific Work Environment
  • This position requires the employee to have a flexible approach and the ability to adapt and work in different and challenging work and cultural environments, which may include flexible arrangements working in challenging field and frontline work environments.
  • Commitment to non-violent direct action as a means of affecting change
  • Willingness to work beyond normal working hours
  • Willingness to travel
Deadline of application: December 12, 2017
Interested candidates are invited to write Letter of Introduction, explaining why you are qualified for the position and why you want to work for Greenpeace, fill-up the attached Application Form and email to: