Muslim Hands International Job Vacancy: Finance Officer, Jakarta - Indonesian

The Finance Officer will provide: technical and specialist services to effectively and efficiently manage financial resources, undertake cash flow assessments and produce financial forecasts.

The incumbent is also expected to collaborate with MH HQ programme and finance teams and other country offices in the region to ensure uniform application of financial regulations and controls and exchange expertise. He/she will also be required to conduct financial analysis and keep abreast of financial regulations by donors and the government of Republic of Indonesia that may affect the work of MH Indonesia in relation to its obligations in maintaining sound financial management system and anti-fraud measures.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:
Under direct supervision of the Country Manager and in collaboration with MH HQ Programme and Finance Team, the Finance Manager will be responsible to:

  • Provide effective and accurate financial resources management, accountancy and book keeping services
  • Ensure that appropriate financial regulations and controls aligned with financial rules and regulations applicable to INGOs and MH policies are in place and in use at all times.
  • Ensure accurate financial records are maintained as per the financial and regulatory obligations in both automated accounting and files are maintained and updated regularly
  • Produce and submit financial statements and other financial reports as per MH UK, the regulatory and relevant donor requirements
  • Ensure that all financial reporting obligations are met in relation to submissions for funding, for grant aid, for contracts and any other initiatives.
  • Ensure close monitoring of the projects and programme finances and other implementing partners
  • Support the Country Manager and programme team in the provision of information cost estimation and submission of financial proposals/bids.
  • Provide quality technical advice to the Country Manager, operation and programme teams on the proper allocation of resources.
  • Prepare and review detailed budgets and financial reports. Act as cheque signatory for and authorise expenditure up to limits stipulated in MH policies and financial management manual.
  • Facilitate and respond to both internal and external audit queries and ensure adherence to audit recommendations and take corrective measures accordingly
Ensure effective and accurate financial resources management and oversight, focusing on achievement of the following results:
  • Financial analysis and oversight for all resources managed by MH Indonesia and provision of high-quality accountancy and technical advice to the country team, in managing financial resources;
  • Proper planning, expenditure tracking of financial resources in accordance with MH rules and regulations, donor requirements in addition to government ones;
  • Maintain internal controls over all financial processes;
  • Ensure an efficient financial flow process;
  • Put in place a reporting system for internal needs and external queries on financial matters;
  • Ensure an effective information flow between country office finance, responsible donor representatives and MH HQ.
  • Facilitate annual audits of country operations, projects and programmes as required by the MH HQ and relevant donors and ensure the external auditors have all relevant information;
  • Follow-up on audit reports to ensure that gaps in audit reports are closed;
  • Monitor the financial performance of supply management systems/ procurement;
  • Undertake cost estimates for different activities according to the needs of the country office programme and operation portfolio;
  • Develop, track and report to management financial key performance indicators;
Ensure that appropriate financial regulations and controls are in place and in use at all times with focus on following results:
  • In collaboration with MH UK Finance team propose or fine tune financial procedures: e.g. receipts, payments, disbursements, bookkeeping and archiving procedures for MH Indonesia
  • Ensure that financial procedures in place comply with the financial/accounting and procurement requirement of MH HQ, donors as well as the government;
  • Continuous analysis and monitoring of the financial situation, presentation of forecasts for the projects;
  • Oversight for the transparency of the financial processes in utilizing funds and compliance with MH financial guidelines in addition to government ones applicable to INGOs;
  • Provision of guidance and capacity building to operation and programme staff and implementing partners on financial management and international financial reporting standards (IFRS/IPSAS) where applicable
  • Prepare projects quarterly reports, monthly cash flow and annual cash flow forecasts, and statement of sources and uses of funds in compliance finance policies, rules and regulations;
  • Prepare and submit other financial reports including financial statements to be submitted to MH UK, donors and government counterparts.
  • Serve as focal point for financial information/ data and lead the preparation of response to external requests including those of internal and external auditors for information on financial matters;
  • Elaboration and implementation of cost saving and reduction strategies;
  • Routinely monitors financial exception reports for unusual activities, transactions, and investigates anomalies or unusual transactions. Inform supervisors of the results of the investigation when satisfactory answers are not obtained;
Ensure that all financial reporting obligations are met in relation to submissions for funding, for grant aid, for contracts and any other initiatives, focusing achieving the following results:
  • Management of all financial resources through planning, monitoring and controlling of the resources in accordance with MH rules and regulations and applicable laws;
  • Preparation and monitoring of projects’ budgets in automated accounting system and files;
  • Elaboration of proper mechanisms to eliminate deficiencies in budget management;
  • Ensuring that advance payments and direct payments for vendors are properly reviewed and made on a timely basis, as well as ensuring that payment information is properly recorded into the system on a timely basis;
  • Ensuring that contributions from the donors are properly transferred to MH accounts on a timely basis and separate records maintained;
  • Submission of financial reports to donors on a timely and quality basis;
  • Maintain and regularly update and reconcile accounts including bank statements
  • Complying with the internal expenditures control system, which ensures that, purchase requests, requisitions and vouchers processed are matched and completed, transactions are correctly recorded and posted onto the system
  • Ensure timely corrective actions on inaccurate or incompletion transactions, including checking purchase requests and vouchers with budget, budget check errors, match exceptions, unapproved vouchers.
  • Provide timely response to HQ requests to resolve financial oversight and data issues;
  • Control of Accounts Receivables for the projects and follow up with partners on contributions.
  • Timely preparation of monthly cash flow forecast for use by the Country Manager, operation and programme teams in liaison with responsible partners.
  • Harmonize reporting and accounting practices including budgeting and financial key performance indicators;
  • Where applicable monitor sub-recipients of funds as to the accuracy of financial information and safeguards to eliminate fraud;
Functional Competencies
  • Ability to contribute in strategic planning results-based management and reporting
  • Ability to formulate and manage budgets, manage contributions and investments, manage transactions, conduct financial analysis, reporting and cost-recovery
  • Comprehensive knowledge of designing financial controls, and application of automated advance accounting systems including QuickBooks, Oracle etc.
  • Excellent IT skills, knowledge of database and web-based financial management system
  • Ability to implement new systems and affect staff behavioural/ attitudinal change
  • Builds strong relationships with clients, focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to feedback
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude
  • Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills (fluency in English is mandatory)
  • Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities
Required Skills and Experience
Bachelor degree in Finance, Business Administration, Public Administration, Economy. Accounting and Finance Training and Certification is required. Masters in Finance/Business Administration will be highly given preference

  • At least 3 years of experience in accounting, booking keeping and financial management with INGOs, NGOs, Civil Society of which at least 1 years of experience of working with international organizations. Experience of working with international public organizations such as UN, USAID, and DFID will be highly desirable.
  • Extensive experience in accounting, book keeping, financial management, financial forecasting and reporting in compliance with IFRS/ IPSAS.
  • Certified Chartered Accountant will be highly desirable
  • Comprehensive knowledge of and practical experience of running and managing automated accounting and financial management system.
  • Hands on experience in designing and maintaining financial controls
  • Strong knowledge of database packages and spreadsheet;
  • Experience in handling of web based management systems and PMIS;
  • Experience in grants and contract management, and substantive knowledge of major donors and IP financial policies will be highly desirable.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English required
  • Fluency in written and spoken official languages in Indonesia
  • Knowledge other international languages will be desirable
Application Notes:
We are an equal opportunity employer; therefore, we encourage both male and females to apply for this position.

Given we receive large number of applications, we will only contact shortlisted applicants. Please do not contact us while the applications are being reviewed and processed

Please send your curriculum vitae along with a covering letter to mentioning the Job title within the subject line.

Please ensure that all applications are sent by 09:00 GMT on the 14th Dec 2017. Successful candidates will be contacted shortly after the closing date.

* **This is a national position, only nationals and/or residents with work permit need apply***