GAIN HEALTH Job Consultant: Program Coordinator: Indonesian Post - Harvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition, Surabaya

Job Title: Program Coordinator
Work Location: Surabaya, Indonesia
Type of Contract: Consultant
Travel Required: Frequent / Local
Contact: with subject line PROGRAM COORDINATOR: I-PLAN by 12 February 2018.

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition. GAIN is a Swiss-based international organization with established with the purpose of advancing nutrition outcomes by improving the consumption of nutritious and safe food for all people, especially those most vulnerable to malnutrition. GAIN Indonesia has been operational in the country since 2012 and has received funding to continue and upscale its country programs at least until 2020. Indonesia has a high burden of malnutrition in children and women, and improving the micronutrient status of the population is a cornerstone of national socio-economic development.

As a leader in identifying and delivering solutions to address malnutrition, GAIN seeks to strengthen the value chain for nutritious foods thus making nutritious diets more affordable and accessible for vulnerable populations. To this end, we take a market-based approach, promoting investment in local private enterprises along the value chain.  With our new strategy, we hope to reach a formative, sustainable and scalable solution to food insecurity and malnutrition.


Overall Purpose:

GAIN has developed the Postharvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition (PLAN) to bring together the multitude of public and private sector actors addressing this issue to collectively reduce loss and waste of nutritious foods. PLAN acts as both a global nucleus for coordination, programming, research, knowledge exchange and investment on Postharvest food loss as well as a national hub in emerging markets for business to business (B2B) engagement. Through National and Global Alliances of stakeholders engaged in postharvest loss and waste reduction, GAIN aims to serve as a backbone organization driving for collective impact. One of the activities of the  Alliance is a Business Innovation Challenge to increase local enterprises’ contribution  to technologies and services. After piloting PLAN in Nigeria, GAIN is now setting up an Indonesian Postharvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition (I-PLAN) to specifically reduce losses in fish (such as tongkol) which leads to reduced availability/access to vulnerable populations (pregnant women).

The Program Coordinator will be based in Surabaya and report to the Sr. Program Manager I-PLAN in Jakarta S/he will work closely to support the implementation of I-PLAN and help strategically build a portfolio of activities at targeted locations.  This is expected to be a three years project until 2020.

Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Support Sr. Program Manager to plan, design and oversee the implementation of project activities related to PHL in fish along fresh fish supply chain and giving technical input, socio-economic and market assessments, and the development of planning resources (if needed) based on the needs of targeted locations; 
  • Undertake needs assessment to identify the required PHL improvement (such as. iceboxes etc.) for use by different users (mobile traders i.e. bicycle, motorcycle, handcart vegetables seller), fish market, and road side seller (wholesale) at Fish Landing Site.  
  • Draft technical specifications and bidding documentation, and evaluate proposals, for the ready-made design (if available) of ice boxes for varieties purposes.
  • Liaises with Sr. Program Manager and delivery teams to ensure that all project activities are completed according to the project implementation timeframe and budget
  • If required by the I-PLAN program, s/he will undertake needs assessment to fish processing technology and diversity of locally fish products that required PHL improvement and value addition (such as. Packaging, labelling, certification, etc.) with the target for children 1000 HPK, school child, and pregnant women. 
  • Review all necessary program site expenditure that approved by Sr. Program Manager / Country Director with sound administrative and financial practices.
  • With Sr. Program Manager ensure that Program expenditure is being coded correctly and consistently (i.e. Allocated to correct budget lines)
  • Ensure that approved objectives, outputs (targets) and budgets are reached. Any changes to the program design, objectives, outputs or budget must have prior approval by the Sr. Program Manager.
  • Represents GAIN at events related to I-PLAN at Targeted Location and other places as required.
  • Other project‐related tasks as required from time to time
Innovation, Development and Manufacture Customized Ice Boxes / Fish Display;
  • Assess the feasibility of developing low‐cost iceboxes / fish display from alternative material particularly from locally‐available FRP, materials (wood, iron, acrylic, etc.) within Surabaya or nearby city or districts
  • Explore the availability of the required varieties of iceboxes in Indonesia and the options to design custom‐built iceboxes and fish display to be made by local icebox FRP manufacturers at site location
  • Support I-PLAN Alliance and the Business Innovation Challenge on the innovation of PHL intervention by I-PLAN project
Trainings, Meetings and Technical Guidance and Awareness Materials
  • Design and provide series of trainings activities for varieties vendor of fresh fish including mobile fish traders, fresh fish market and road side fish seller up to consumers
  • In collaboration with selected facilitators (mainly from University, Local DKP and MMAF), develop training materials and deliver training inputs.
  • Provide field‐based training to the users of the FRP (Fiber-reinforced plastic) iceboxes during the pilot phase in the usage, maintenance and repair of the iceboxes
  • Provide technical guidance and advice producers (fishers) and traders about hygiene, food safety and quality containing HACCP, and add value to fresh fish 
  • Develop communication material for awareness, socialization and campaign for PHL improvement awareness based on local issues, and specific target as directed by the program
  • If required, provide technical guidance to current fish products processing and additionally to provide advice on packaging, labeling, certification schemes particularly for local product for local market, with specific main target as directed by the program
I-PLAN Alliance and B2B Engagement   
  • Support to set up local working group or association at targeted location with the aim to tackle PHL based on existing and priority local issues;
  • In collaboration with I-PLAN alliance and under the direction of Sr. Project Manager, s/he will plan, design and oversee the pilot scale of ice boxes and fish display at wet market to improve PHL at selected location; 
  • In collaboration with I-PLAN Alliance, s/he will support Business Innovation Challenges to select proper design of insulated boxes / fish storages / fish display for varieties vendors along the supply chain;
  • Support to establish collaboration and networking with potential financial institution include CSRs for scale-up the model on various type of PHL intervention
  • Support to I-PLAN business to business (B2B) engagement
  • Support to Set up the Business Innovation Hub at targeted location
  • Support and manage stakeholders at targeted location such as Dinas Kesehatan, DKP, Fishing Industry, Civil Society, etc. at targeted location
  • Recruit and support a local association to engage B2B in the alliance both local of global platform once project sunsets
  • Contributes to the design of additional PLAN platforms locally
Monitoring and Evaluation and Reporting
  • Under direction of Sr. Program Manager, s/he will monitor their usage of the iceboxes by different users from technical perspective, performance and provide backstopping
  • Assess the technical and economic viability of the technical interventions from the users’
  • perspective from various PHL interventions and their outcomes, and develop scale up strategies to cover more people in selected site or other areas
  • Assist in monitoring the implementation of I-PLAN activities to identify remaining potential problem areas, and suggest appropriate strategy to I-PLAN alliance and B2B engagement as required
  • Draft and provide technical input to project reports covering overall implemented activities under direction of Sr. Program Manager include Develop and operationalize a sustainability plan for I-PLAN beyond 2020

Key Organizational Relationships
  • Works closely with the Sr. Program Manager under the direction of the Technical Director in the Jakarta office to ensure robust program development and delivery.
  • Works closely with Program Manager Head of Field Office Surabaya to enable a food systems approach to promote dietary diversity, and incorporate lessons learned into program planning for the whole organization.
  • Act as I-PLAN GAIN Focal Point in East Java province, ensure the communication with relevant stakeholder is coordinate and communicate with line management and in line with program objective and maintain GAIN reputation. 
  • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with other institutions involved in the program by ensuring appropriate representation of GAIN in particular at provincial and district office(s). This should include regular contact to ensure they are fully and appropriately involved in the Program.
  • Maintain close contacts and engagement with relevant networks of civil society organizations, media, and other relevant stakeholders in district, provincial or national as required.
  • Facilitate and provide the opportunities for counterpart staff and agencies to be aware of and learn from the implementation of all aspects of the Program.
  • Undertake all areas of responsibility in a professional manner and in a way that enhances the reputation of the Program and the reputation of GAIN

Job Requirements

Competences (Skills and Attributes):
  • Professional knowledge and experience related to food technology, postharvest loss and waste and food safety that is acquired through professional or academic qualification and/or significant practical experience in marine fresh and processed fish product,
  • Background in fisheries with good knowledge of post‐harvest fisheries and experience of working on a fisheries development project
  • Experience in handling PHF interventions at the community level  
  • Proven ability to prioritize, multi-task and to work well under pressure to meet deadlines,
  • Proven ability to operate within the corporate and public sectors to effectively liaise with private companies, development agencies and governments in multiple cultures.
  • Experience in application of participatory monitoring and evaluation methodologies
  • Strong communication skills, oral and written, in English and Indonesian. Effective communicator in multicultural, multi-lingual environments,
  • Flexible, goal oriented and willingness and ability to travel in challenging environments,
  • Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English along with good translation skills
  • IT literate with excellent MS Office skills including advanced Word, Excel and PowerPoint,

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in developing and managing fisheries/agribusiness projects within a development or commercial context, including delivery experience in the field, with a particular focus in postharvest loss food waste of nutritious foods in fish,
  • Experiences on FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) and Icing Technology for cooling fish along supply chain, covering design, manufacture, the usage, maintenance and repair
  • Experience working with private sector partners or within an fisheries or food business in a relevant role,

  • Bachelor or Master degree preferred in Fisheries or a suitable equivalent

Other Requirements
  • Indonesian citizenship preferred
  • Willingness to travel up to 20% (local and national)
  • If interested, please submit your cover letter and CV to with subject line PROGRAM COORDINATOR: I-PLAN by COB 12 February 2018.