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Case Study Research Consultant

Company Overview
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Project Overview and Role
The Government of Indonesia partners with the Government of Australia on an initiative to boost smallholder farmers incomes: The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Rural Economic Development (AIP-Rural).
AIP-Rural is a program with 4 projects: PRISMA (agricultural development), TIRTA (irrigation), SAFIRA (value chain finance) and ARISA (applied agriculture research). It follows a Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach and will contribute to a 30%, or more, increase in net incomes for 300,000 smallholder farming households by December 2018. It works in a range of sub-sectors in collaboration with farmers, businesses, government and civil society partners to increase the competitiveness of farm businesses through (i) increased productivity; (ii) improved business practices; (iii) a growing share of an expanding market; and (iv) the continuous adoption of innovations. The project works in five (5) provinces in Eastern Indonesia: East Java, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur, West Papua and Papua.
Indonesia is one of the largest maize producer in South East Asia. Most of the maize production is contributed from East Java province with around 1,900,000 maize farmers. A quarter of that number are Madurese farmers. With more than 100,000 Ha of harvested area for maize crop, it is undoubted that Madura has a great potential in producing maize. Unfortunately, the productivity of maize farmers in Madura only reach 2 tons/Ha. This number is low compared to the average national maize productivity that can reach up to 4.8 tons/Ha.
Through our survey and research, we found that that Madurese farmers still use local maize seed which leads to low productivity. We believe that our intervention can improve farmer's competitiveness by promoting the production of hybrid maize and shifting Madurese farmer's mindset in producing maize from subsistence farming into agri-business purpose. PRISMA is collaborating with a private company who produce hybrid maize seed and local District Agricultural Office (DAGRIO) to boost Madurese maize farmer's yield and income.
The Intervention with DAGRIO Sumenep begun in 2016 and will end at the end of this year. The Intervention was to introduce hybrid maize seeds to farmers in Madura as the hybrid seeds will increase their productivity. The Intervention was executed in two phases. First phase, we reshuffled the maize subsidy recipient so the maize subsidy would target new area with new farmers. Second phase, we have "Kemitraan Project" that involve Bank, Seeds Company, and Offtaker. We want to document this project from the process up to the failure and the success of the execution. The output will be a case study that can be used for our next project, external presentation, and learnings.
The purpose of the consultancy is to support PRISMA in creating case study of one of PRISMA's Maize Intervention in Madura, East Java, as well as evaluating PRISMA, Department of Agricultural Office (DAGRIO) Sumenep, and the private partner program activities in Madura. The assessment will be conducted in qualitative approach. The following describes further of the consultancy objectives:
Under the direction of the PRISMA Maize East Java Team, the Consultant is expected to deliver areas of work as outlined below:
  • Develop research design and tools.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews and FGDs with relevant stakeholder (maize off-takers, DAGRIO, seeds companies, and farmers etc.) for qualitative study.
  • Conduct insight analysis from the in-depth interviews and FGDs.
  • Write Maize Sumenep Case Study Report.
  • Present findings from the research to PRISMA team.
  • Documenting the process and outcome of maize intervention in Madura, East Java, including its failure and success of the execution. The result of the assessment will be delivered to PRISMA in a form of case study.
The case study is expected to cover:
  • Partnership process between PRISMA, involved private sectors, and Sumenep DAGRIO
  • Key factors of running a successful partnership with the government.
  • Positive and negative feedbacks from stakeholders on the partnership
  • Success story from the farmers
  • Process evaluation and idea of improvement
  • Benchmark with other close loop financing system
  • Benchmark with other GoI intervention in PRISMA
  • Possible opportunities for future partnership with Sumenep DAGRIO
  • The dynamics of supporting functions, such as business turn over from local traders, input retailers, and labor.
  • Stakeholders incentives and profit after partnership program
  • SOPs execution failure and success
Essential skills and experience:
  • Master Degree in economics, business, agriculture, sociology, psychology, or other related discipline with at least 5 years of experience in qualitative research and assessment.
  • Or, Undergraduate Degree in economics, business, agriculture, sociology, psychology, or other related discipline with at least 10 years of experience in qualitative research and assessment.
  • Ability to conduct comprehensive qualitative researches.
  • A strong record in producing research/survey report in English and Bahasa.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Computer literate in Microsoft applications and other relevant computer applications particularly programs to support data entry (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, SPSS, etc.).
  • Ability to work independently and as a member of a team.
  • Professional presentation and communication skills both in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Liaising with multi stakeholders.
Read the full details and how to apply here: Palladium - Case Study Research Consultant

Closing Date: 12 July 2018