Hivos Southeast Asia Job Vacancy: Communication Consultant Open Contracting, Jakarta - Indonesian

Hivos is an international development organisation that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. Founded in 1968 and inspired by humanist values, Hivos works in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East at a local, regional and global level, together with local civil society organisations in developing countries to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world. Through smart projects in the right places, Hivos opposes discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. The Southeast Asia Hub is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, with offices in the Philippines, and Timor-Leste. Hivos Southeast Asia Hub currently works with approximately 69 partners, under two clusters, OPEN and GREEN, and is active in networking, lobbying and exchanging knowledge and expertise.

For its Hivos seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of:
  • Title: Communication and Knowledge Management Consultant for Open Contracting Program 
  • Duty Station: Jakarta, Indonesia 
  • Duration: 11 (eleven) month from February to December 2019, with total maximum 20 working days per month
  • Report to: Programme Manager Open Contracting
Hivos and ARTICLE 19 are currently implementing the Civic Engagement for Open Contracting programme that supports independent journalists, activists, businesses and civic watchdog organizations in their efforts to use contracting data and public revenue flows for public scrutiny, advocacy campaigns and translate it into meaningful information for citizens. It aims to have the Government of Indoonesia both at the national and subnational level initiate access to information reform to improve local conditions for efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of public contracting as well as to create/improve mechanisms for oversight authorities to respond to and act upon public feedback related to public contracting.

The Open Contracting programme will end in June 2020. The project requires support to garner stories from partners as a part of knowledge management strategy as well as to conduct outreach to a broader audience as a part of communication and campaign strategy.

In Indonesia, Open Contracting programme work as an ecosystem and closely work with 4 organizations at the national level and 3 organizations at the subnational level. Hivos also actively involved in the lobby and advocacy at the international level through multiple networks.

As one of the strategy of open contracting, Hivos works through evidence-based advocacy to promote transparency in public procurement practices. This would require data collection and narrative stories from local communities. The consultant will work closely with Communication Officer Hivos South East Asia who will ensure communication products are in line with Hivos communication guidelines and share Hivos values of humanity.

Responsibilities and Deliverables
  • For communication support 
    • To produce stories from various sources with human interest perspective
    • To disseminate stories into multiple microsites, blogs, and media (online and/or offline)
    • To produce online communication products and maintain the distribution from Hivos and partners for broader audience (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc)
    • To monitor communication strategy and its products from partners are well disseminated
    • To supervise the production of other communication materials (ie. videographic, etc);
  • For campaign support
    • To prepare press releases on national day (i.e. Anti-Corruption day, Right to Know day, National Health Day, National Education Day, etc)
    • To coordinate with journalists on citizen journalism and investigative journalism for broader audience (translate into infographic, and English)
    • To prepare opinion blogposts on the thematic issue of Open Contracting
  • For knowledge management support
    • To provide coaching clinic/training for partners on storytelling on human interest perspectives 
    • To supervise and/or translate communication and campaign products for broader audience;
    • To ensure inclusivity in each communication/campaign materials through content and structure of the products
  • Requirements 
    • We are seeking Individuals or organizations with the following qualities:
      • A minimum of 3 (three) years experience with similar position;
      • Excellent communication skills and ability to create a team spirit in the office
      • Experience in transparency issue is an advantage
      • Ability to work independently and take initiatives, but also a team worker
      • Knowledge of major software applications (Excel, Word)
      • Have experience working with journalists
      • Active, dynamic, have willingness and eagerness to learn new ideas;
      • Able to travel as required
      • Excellent command of English
  • How to Apply 
    • Interested parties must submit a Curriculum Vitae ( maximum 3 pages), Writing sample in English, and Press release in Indonesian/English (optional)  to by 25 January 2019 , 12.00 PM Jakarta Time with email subject: Communication Consultant Open Contracting