DAI International Job Vacancy: Country Liaison, Jakarta - Indonesian

Title: Country Liaison – Indonesia
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
LOE: 150 days, approximately March 1, 2019 – February 28, 2020
Reports to: MWRP Chief of Party

To support MWRP (Municipal Waste Recycling Project), the DIG team continues to identify and work with key stakeholders in the plastic waste stream (notably NGOs, private sector, municipal government representatives, environmental advocates, service providers, academics, etc.). DIG has developed an understanding of the problems and opportunities related to plastic waste entering the environment, as well as current waste management practices, and the roles of local government and of beneficiaries. Ongoing activities will seek to identify potential grantees by understanding the local context, solutions that have emerged, and engage people in the sector while visiting relevant sites. With the APS issued and initial grants awarded, DIG needs ongoing intermittent support to liaise with active and potential grantees and stakeholders.

Specific tasks include:
  • Provide logistical and administrative support to DIG in advance of and during travel in Indonesia, including to set-up meetings and organize local transportation, in coordination with DIG or DIG visitors;
  • Assist DIG with pre-grant award activities including communicating with selected Apparently Successful grantees, facilitating responses to inquiries related to the APS announcement, liaising with local MWRP board advisors, and for related activities as directed by DAI or DIG representatives.
  • After grants have been awarded, provide ongoing project management (assistance and oversight of grantees and their projects) in Indonesia, in coordination with Bryan Winston.
  • Serve as local point person on-the-ground to questions from DIG, DAI, or USAID.. Provide technical feedback to DIG and DAI representatives on environmental, MSWM, recycling, and M&E topics, in coordination with technical supervisors.
  • Visit the grantees on a quarterly basis for monitoring and evaluation, in coordination with Henri Disselkoen. Discuss the checklist of questions/checks with each Henri and Bryan.
  • Call the national project managers of all MWRP projects on a monthly basis, regularly on a fixed day and time (between Monday-Wednesday), on progress made in the projects, milestones, bottlenecks, and concerns, or on events to come, etc, in coordination with technical supervisors.
  • Send each month to technical supervisors by Wednesday COB local time: (i) progress bullets of MWRP grantees, and (ii) relevant news articles (e.g. new regulations of plastics, government crises, etc), in coordination with technical supervisors.
  • Review incoming applications and concept notes.

  • As directed for travel: Agenda for DIG travelers, with names, titles, addresses, and contact details; support DIG to procure logistics services.
  • Monthly report detailing tasks completed and updates on all grantees and Indonesia affairs, as applicable.
  • Grants management or M&E and Environmental assessment reports for each grantee as requested.

Minimum General Qualifications:
  • University Degree required. Degree in environmental studies, business administration, or other related field preferred.. Master’s degree preferred.
  • Minimum three years of experience providing management oversight support, preferably for an international organization or donor-funded project.
  • Knowledge of municipal services, solid waste management, and/or recycling.

Interested applicants are invited to send a complete application to Molly_Davies@dai.com before February 28, 2019. We regret that we are unable to acknowledge receipt of all applications and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.