Princeton University Job Vacancy: Fung Global Fellows Program - Princeton, NJ, USA

Fung Global Fellows Program

Princeton University
is pleased to announce the call for applications to the Fung Global Fellows Program at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS). Each year the program selects scholars from around the world to be in residence at Princeton for an academic year and to engage in research and discussion around a common theme. The number of candidates hired will depend on the qualifications of the overall applicant pools. Candidates will be considered in two categories: (1) Postdoctoral research associates who received their doctorate from an institution outside of the United States and who, at the time of application, do not hold a tenure-track faculty appointment; (2) Early-career scholars employed outside the United States who have a faculty appointment, a professional research appointment, or are an established independent scholar in the designated theme of the program. Early-career scholars will be appointed at the rank of Visiting Research Scholar.

During the academic year 2021-22, the Fung Global Fellows Program theme will be "Sustainable Futures." We welcome applicants from all disciplinary and inter-disciplinary fields- humanities, social science, natural science, engineering, technology, law, architecture - to examine varied notions and workable practices of sustainability. We define sustainability expansively. What does economics teach us about inclusive growth, equality of opportunity, minimizing negative externalities, and the costs of low growth for job creation and skill acquisition? How can countries, individually and collectively, leverage ecological sciences and engineering to scale energy sources that are both sustainable and practical, encourage environmentally sound consumption patterns, promote resource renewal, and protect biodiversity? What would sustainable global integration look like, and how would countries get there? How is understanding the behavior of complex systems crucial to sustainability? How can architecture and engineering build residences, workplaces, cities, and exurbs in smarter ways? What can countries learn from sociology about supporting family structures, kin networks, and community institutions? How might information science and technology render virtual public spheres civil while keeping them open, and promote a sense of shared truth? How can societies use political science to improve governance, raise political participation, and manage a wide diversity of views that healthy societies must have? Above all, how can countries create and propagate consensus narratives of sustainability that balance interests?

Applications are due on November 16, 2020 (11:59pm EST). All candidates must reside outside the United States. To be eligible, post-doctoral applicants must have completed all requirements for their Ph.D. September 1, 2021, but cannot have more than two years of postdoctoral experience prior to the start of the appointment, September 1, 2021. If a postdoctoral candidate has turned in a final draft of their dissertation but not yet completed their Ph.D. before the start date, they may be temporarily appointed as a Senior Research Assistant with a 10% reduction in salary. Upon providing verification of their Ph.D. degree, they would then be promoted in rank and salary. Early-career scholars must have received their Ph.D. or equivalent no earlier than September 1, 2011. Fellowships will be awarded on the strength of a candidate's proposed research project, the relationship of the project to the program theme, the candidate's scholarly record, and the ability to contribute to the intellectual life of the program.

Postdoctoral scholars may apply at: CLICK HERE

Early-career scholars may apply at: CLICK HERE

This position is subject to the University's background check policy. For more information on eligibility requirements and the application process, see CLICK HERE.

Closing Date: 16/11/2020