Kemitraan Partnership Job Vacancy: Junior Project Officer (Livelihood), Pekalongan - Indonesia

Position Information
  • Job code title: Junior Project Officer (Livelihood)
  • Department: SGS
  • Report to: Team Leader AF Pekalongan 
  • Duty Post: Pekalongan 
Organizational Context
The coastline area northern of Central Java (Pantura) is severely affected by climate change. An area covering of 3 Regencies comprising of Pekalongan, Batang, Demak and 2 municipalities of Pekalongan City and Semarang City are the area where the impact of climate change in the form of sea level rise are visible.

The coastal sub-districts of the municipality of Pekalongan are one of the most affected by climate change impact, which destroyes not only the livelihood source of the affected community but also the social-cultural aspects of the city. Tidal flood and permanently deepening inundation of the coastal settlement areas of Pekalongan City makes it difficult for the coastal community there to organise or generate alternative livelihood, such as fishponds. Lost of livelihood source force the men to seek for other income alternative, while women are burdened both with domestic activities and income generating activity to support the households. This thus increases women vulnerability caused by the double responsibility they have to carry over their shoulders.

At community level in the affected kelurahan, concerns about health issues arise caused by inundation that also affects houses, leading to destruction of the individual sanitation system. Water born disease has been identified infecting the population in the affected areas. Since the occurrence of frequent tidal flooding and inundation covers a vast areas of coastal settlement, individual support to improve sanitation condition of the community is almost impossible. Urgent collective solution  is one option to rapidly overcome the issue.

In partnership the municipality of Pekalongan, KEMITRAAN has develop a project to increase the resilience and improve the adaptation capacity of Pekalongan City’s community towards climate change impact. This project is funded by the Adaptation Fund (AF) under the oversight of its Designated Authority, which is the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK). The activities under this 3-year-project range from strengthening coastal protection, improvement of community’s sanitation, promotion of alternative livelihood and improvement of the city’s climate change adaptation policy implementation.

To support the activities on-site in Pekalongan City, KEMITRAAN therefore is seeking for a potential Junior Project Officer with specific technical skills on livelihood which will help with the technical implementation of the project.  Under the guidance and direct supervision of the Team Leader of the Project and collaboration with the Project Officer, the Junior Project Officer (livelihood) is responsible for facilitating and mobilizing community members at targeted villages and other stakeholders to be involved on initiating and enhancing sustainable livelihood to ensure program targets and quality of achievement. She/He will build close collaboration with the relevant staff and experts, livelihood specialist within the project, coordination and relationship building with key stakeholders, including local governments on site to develop methodologies and materials for planning and implementing programs relating to the livelihood sector as well as intensive assistance to the target communities to improve the community’s standard of welfare through sustainable ecotourism, sustainable fisheries, urban farming or other potential sustainable economic activities.

The role is including but not limited to: develop livelihood concept, implementation, engagement strategy with community and partners, monitoring activity implementation, ToR development of activities, documentation of project outputs, development technical report, assist communication and coordination with partners, and other project related activities.

Function / Key Resuls Expected

Summary of Key Functions:
  • Coordination of Project-Related Activities
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Coordination and Relations
  • Administration
Impact of Results

The key results of the assignment will give positive impacts for strategic programme implementation, including:
  • Successful and more substantively accountable program implementation.
  • Good communication and facilitation to key stakeholders that led to KEMITRAAN perceived as trusted working partner.
  • Opportunities for developing and implementing longer term governance programmes under the cooperation between KEMITRAAN, related government institutions, and the Adaptation Fund.

Organization Competencies:
  • Demonstrates integrity by modelling professional values and ethical standards
  • Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the Partnership
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Serve and promote the vision, mission, values, and strategic goals of KEMITRAAN.
  • Upholding sustainable development with the principle of paying attention to the impacts and risks to both the environment and the community receiving the program.
  • Plan, prioritize, and deliver tasks on time.
  • Participate effectively in team based, information-sharing environment, collaborating and cooperating with others.
Functional Competencies:

People Skills
  • Sets clear performance goals and standards; execute responsibilities accordingly.
  • Capacity and ability to initiate (when required) and maintain relationship with necessary stakeholders at the national, local, and grass-root level.
Result Orientation
  • Plan and produce quality result to meet established goals.
Innovation and judgement
  • Contribute creative, practical ideas and approaches to deal with challenging situations.
  • Strives for quality client-centered services (internal/external).
  • Innovation and marketing new approaches
  • Enhancing processes or products, generates new ideas and proposes new, more effective ways of doing things; Documents and analyses innovative strategies/best practices/new approaches.
  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills both in Bahasa Indonesia and in English.
Recruitment Qualifications
  • Education: Bachelor Degree in development, economics, social sciences or related field.
  • Experience: 2-3 year experience in technical competencies in sub-sectors relevant to livelihoods programming e.g. sustainable fisheries, ecotourism, urban farming, waste management circular financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, rural development, local economic development, poverty reduction, agriculture, and training, etc.
  • Experience in facilitating the economic inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups and managing and advising on development processes in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders and involving in developing at least one comprehensive strategic plan for livelihoods support
To apply for this position please submit your CV and other supporting documents as required using this link CLICK HERE no later than February 17, 2022.

Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.