ADRA Indonesia Job Consultant for Project Evaluation Anti - Stigma II - Kaimana District, West Papua

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Project Evaluation

Anti-Stigma II - Kaimana District, West Papua

Yayasan ADRA Indonesia is a humanitarian organization and belongs to the worldwide ADRA network, comprised of more than 120 supporting and implementing country offices. The mission of the agency is to serve humanity thus all may live as God intended. ADRA Indonesia aims to build a positive working environment through Justice, Compassion and Love as its main values. ADRA Indonesia has been working in Indonesia since 1981 and registered as a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 1991. ADRA’s five core sectors include livelihood, mother and child health, WASH and has more than 20 years of experience on disaster response across Indonesia.

ADRA Indonesia has been operating in Kaimana, West Papua since 2020 to reduce stigma and discrimination toward people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) through a-20-month project called Anti-Stigma II Project. It is a continuation of Anti-Stigma I project implemented by ADRA Indonesia in Manokwari, West Papua.

As Anti-Stigma II Project is completing its intervention activities, ADRA is calling for a final project evaluation to measure the performance and effectiveness of the project and to gain lessons to learn for the next project in needed region of Indonesia.

The overall goal of the Anti-Stigma project is to increase number of people being tested for HIV and receiving continuous HIV-STD comprehensive care.

There are 2 outcomes of the project: (1) Community Health Centre (CHC)s are capable to initiate ART; (2) Peer support group contribute to reduce lost to follow up.

The purpose of this evaluation is to measure the performance and effectiveness of the project cycle and the projected opportunities for the replication of the project in needed Indonesia regions. The overall objective of the evaluation is to identify the extent of achievement of the project during the 20-months implementation.

This evaluation is part of the program for social betterment, social accountability and social inquiry. Project final evaluation specifically aims:
  • To visit project sites and to make interview project beneficiaries, project staff and other project stakeholders involved in the project to assess the project achievements.
  • To evaluate the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the project increasing community participation to reduce stigma and discrimination toward PLHIV.
  • To provide a comprehensive and summary report of field findings with lessons, best practices, gaps and recommendation to enhance the quality of the next project.
The evaluation will focus on qualitative assessments to provide a comprehensive context on the quantitative outcomes. The final evaluation includes the following activities: (1) Data collection through desk review and (2) Field data collection, including testimonies, life stories; (3) Data analysis and reporting, these activities should include feedbacks from the key stakeholders on initial findings.

The evaluation activities should start in November 28, 2022 and the duration of project evaluation should not more than 3 weeks.

In accordance with the final schedule of activities, the evaluator will prepare the report for submission to ADRA Indonesia. The report will provide:
  • A review and analysis of the project phases from its planning stages until completion and comparative explanation on stated project goal and outcomes with actual accomplishments, and examination of the reason for such performances.
  • Case studies and data on lessons learned and best practices arising out of the project.
  • Observation on how the PLHIV, health workers and community trained and participate to achieve the project targets.
  • Observations on the facilitating and constraining factors, as well as the relevant processes that took place, and recommendation how to address constraints and capitalize on strengths.
  • Observation on the appropriateness of strategies and approaches used to achieve objectives.
  • Observation of the government’s readiness and capacity to take over of the project once ADRA Indonesia phase out.
  • Minimum Bachelor degree or Master degree in Social studies or Public Health
  • Minimum experience 5 (five) years as or above
  • Familiar with HIV issues  (especially in remote area will be an advantage)
  • Fluent in writing and speaking English
The evaluator will provide one electronic draft evaluation report and photos for review and two original print-outs and electronic copies of the final evaluation report. The draft and final reports should be submitted in MS Word and not PDF.

Deadline to submit your full proposal is November 21, 2022. Only short listed of applicants will be invited for interview.

Please submit your proposal (along with CV and organization profile) by email to: and mark your e-mail subject: “Anti-Stigma II Project Evaluator”